A proposed ban on public smoking may be sending tempers flaring in DeKalb County. The DeKalb County Board of Health suggests that smoking should be banned in places including parks, bars, and strip clubs. Business owners are concerned because they believe people won’t spend as much time in these places, if they can’t smoke. The Board of Health has three point two million dollars in federal funding for anti-smoking initiatives. Read more about the possible ban in the  AJC .

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  1. Bob says:

    Many small working class neighborhood “adult only” bars are forced to ignore many currently existing bans to stay in business. Johnson and Johnson, the makers of Chantix and Nicoderm, is now finding it necessary to give new money to it’s many tax exempt political action committees (PACs) to hire even MORE lobbyists for more enforcement measures. If more enforcement is needed, they themselves admit that the statement that their bans are good for business is obviously another myth. There’s even a hint that THEY, the originators of the ban frenzy, might be considering amending their many bans. Many are wondering how much more oppression people will stand for.

    Here is their “Smokeless States Program”


    Here are their tax exempt political action committees (PACs);


    And the new enforcement grant money;


    1. moni says:

      thanks for info!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Sarah says:

    I don’t smoke and I don’t want to be around smokers killing me with their toxic high…Most of these people will live a long fruithless life, but we the public who are subjected to their second hand smoke, will become ill developing asthma, bronchial disease or lung cancer because of these insipid idiots…

    1. Moni says:

      Sarah: if u are a sickly person with the illness you described, then you need to take yourself out of area. If you are being infected ‘toxic high’, worry more about the Chem-trails that look like clouds, Fluoride in your toothpaste, hormones in the food that are giving 10yr old girls 36D. My family happens to live to 110 with out a problem smoking, and eating pork and JD & JW. I think you should take this up with the ‘ toxic companies’ and ask why they are so desperate to keep customers that they put in the toxic additives to keep people hooked like Crake…. Just like any other drug in this country ask yourself, who is making money from “The Insipid Idiots”…. Doubt they are of the Negro Race….

      1. Troll Reporter says:

        Great posts Moni & Bob! We need more intelligent posters on this board.

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