This has been a great week as we discussed the Casey Anthony Trial, The CRCT scandal, and well as education reform, Listen in to join the conversation…







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  1. Sarah says:

    Love the show and all the diversity of the callers, keep up the fight Derrick and call out all the names of the people instigating the takeover of APS…Nathan Deal, Mark Elkhart and SACS are all in on this deal, maybe even Kasim Reed might be on the take…Why not keep this school district unaccredited, put all these Republican political appointees in place, and make your gangsta move all at the expense of these children…This is all about the money in APS, approximately 2 billion dollars for them to play around with…

  2. Truth says:

    Black children in the Atlanta Public School system would not have been shafted for so many years if the majority of them came from families headed by black men who are happily married to their mothers. When a black child has an intelligent, moral, educated and stable loving mother and father in the home they are equipped to fight the battles their way.

    Sitting back complaining about Nathan Deal will accomplish nothing.
    NATHAN DEAL NEEDS TO BE EXPOSED LIKE EDDIE LONG. Deal is a lying cheating criminal running your state.

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