ATLANTA (WAOK)-A Clayton County mother is upset and says her son was strip searched after being falsely accused of having marijuana. Angela Dawson says now her son is suffering from mental anguish.

Dawson says a school administrator strip searched her then-12-year-old son in front of other Eddie White Academy students. Ex-Clayton County Sheriff’s Deputy Ricky Redding lost his job after the incident. Dawson family attorney, Gerry Weber, revealed the 12-year-old’s T-shirt was the only item of clothing he was not forced to remove when then-Assistant Principal Tyrus McDowell strip searched him and three other students in February.

Marijuana was found on the three other students but none was found on Dawson’s son. In fact, Attorney Weber says even before Dawson’s son was searched one of the other students changed his story and told school officials the young man did not have the drug in his possession.  A document in the Sheriff’s Office investigation file suggests McDowell told some of the students, including Dawson’s son, to pull their underwear away from their body in a flapping motion to check their private parts for drugs.

According to Clayton County Superintendent Edward Heatley,  McDowell has resigned.

  1. Sarah says:

    Why was this child’s parents not notified before this search was done on him? I see a big lawsuit payout, and some people loosing their jobs over this incident because they forgot to make a few phone calls and notify this underage child’s parents before treating him like a criminal…

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