ATLANTA (WAOK)- Words like “devastating” and “troubling” are being used to describe the results of an investigation into cheating on standardized tests in Georgia. The results of the investigation were released today by Governor Nathan Deal.  You can read the entire 800 page report below.

Among the disturbing findings:

Cheating occurred in the majority of Atlanta Public Schools

Cheating may have occurred over a 10 year period

Former Atlanta Superintendent Beverly Hall knew-or should have known about the cheating

As many as 178 educators including more than 3 dozen principals were involved in the CRCT cheating scandal

Governor Deal said the results of the report should be taken seriously and there may be more consequences for those involved.

The CRCT cheating investigation was initiated after the AJC asked questions about huge gains in tests scores on the 2009 CRCT.

Some city officials and parents are calling for Dr. Beverly Hall to be prosecuted if she knew about the cheating scandal and to pay back cash incentives she was awarded for improving test scores during her tenure as Atlanta School Superintendent. Hall retired from the job on June 30 the day the CRCT report was delivered to Governor Deal.

Here is more info on the CRCT Report

Here is the entire report:  Part1  Part2  Part3  Part4

Mayor Kasim Reed also released the following statement on the CRCT cheating report:

“Today is a dark day for the Atlanta Public School  system. The State of Georgia’s  investigation into allegations of widespread cheating on the CRCT test confirms our worst fears.  There is no doubt that systemic cheating    occurred on a widespread basis in the school system.

Further, there is no question that a complete failure of  leadership in the AtlantaPublic School system hurt thousands of children who were promoted to the next grade without meeting basic academic standards.

I am grateful to former Governor SonnyPerdue and Governor Nathan Deal for their leadership on this issue and for bringing the grave problems facing the AtlantaPublic School system to light. The investigators followed the facts, regardless of where they led. I would also like to commend Atlanta’s press corps, especially The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, for its service to the public by providing  comprehensive, investigative reporting on the test score discrepancies.

I am confident that Interim Superintendent ErrolDavis, former Chancellor of the University System of Georgia, and Board of Education Chairwoman Brenda Muhammad and Vice-Chairman Reuben McDaniel will take decisive action and lead the system in a manner that resolves the problems uncovered in the investigation and work to ensure that this never happens again.

The Atlanta Public School system can and will recover from this painful chapter in its history.  The system has the support of teachers and educators who are principled and committed to  serving the city’s students. The system has the support of thousands of parents who are deeply invested in what happens in the classroom and the academic achievement of their children.  And Superintendent Davis, Chairwoman Muhammad  and Vice-Chairman McDaniel have my full support and that of the entire City of Atlanta as they begin to move the school district forward.”

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  1. Clearhead says:

    Hey, Geprgoa teachers !! You got it all wrong: It’s supposed to be us stupid little brats that cheat. Not you stupid BIG brats.

    1. concernedparent says:

      The Georgia Supreme Court has also ruled that Charter schools are unconstitutional in Georgia. Very sad indeed.

    2. Grace Park - Emory college student says:


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      1. Ernaldo T says:

        Black people read? I’m sure…………

      2. Gnarly says:

        Read? Are you kidding they cannot read! That ain’t gonna happen

    3. Larry Davis says:

      Superintendent Beverly Hall needs to be indicted and sent to prison. This shows you how far our teachers have fallen. Where’s the phony teachers unions. My wife was an outstanding teacher but these people are criminals.

  2. Alfred Hussein Neuman says:

    Leave Hall alone before someone plays the race card. There were those of us who raised issues in the past about her miracle turn-around of these schools, only to be brushed aside as racists. Atlanta has once of the worst school systems in the nation (still) because of the leaders, teachers and parents.

    1. Mark Matis says:

      Hey, Hotlanta can’t BEGIN to compare to the corruption and incompetence of the DC schools. But I’m sure they’re willing to give it the ol’ college try. For da homeys, ya know!

    2. Roberto says:

      And it just ain’t the schools, either.

    3. Irv says:

      And Alfred, don’t forget the “entitlement” attitude.

  3. jnsesq says:

    And Atlanta’s become a dark city. Look around: Detroit, Newark, Chicago, Philadelphia… Behold the future, “Hotlanta.” Residents, take note.

    Howzat LBJ Great Society workin’ for y’all after almost 50 years? Guess it must be Bush’s fault.

    1. Malcom says:

      You are right, people better wake up and realize this society that liberals are trying to force everyone to exist in, just isn’t working.

    2. Sormzeye says:

      You can probably add Honolulu to your list. This is how we ended up with that knucklehead in the Oval Office!

      1. george says:

        That knucklehead went to Punahou, which is one of the snobbiest, stuffiest, best performing private schools in the country. It’s very expensive and very hard to get into.

    3. NHLady says:

      LBJ caused major damage to our country. He enacted Medicare, Medicaid, Food Stamps, Welfare and the Immigration Act of 1965 (with the help of Ted “swimmer” Kennedy.). He created the Welfarian – apparently it’s a new ethnic group that can trace its roots to 1965 Wahsginton DC

  4. clam fist says:

    Atlanta school systems produce some of the stupidest. Adults. No surpise they had to cheat.

    1. dam says:

      You must have graduated at the top of your class in the APS.

  5. jnsesq says:

    And a PS: “178 educators”??? HA! Not from the “English” I’ve heard on the streets…

  6. JB Stoner says:

    Too late about the race card. Take a look at those in authority in the Atlanta Public Schools and City government – majority are black! Beverly Hall and her subordinates should be arrested for theft – stealing from the tax payers. Be glad you don’t live in Atlanta – what a joke

    1. Vince says:

      It was BECAUSE of their race that they got away with it for so long.

      1. girlnextdoor says:

        I think is it much more about progressive liberals and the teachers unions that have a stranglehold on public education. This can happen anywhere. My husband and I thank our lucky stars that we are able to do without a lot of “extras” and somehow make the monthly payment for priivate (Catholic) school. I would hate to have to send my only child to public school, especially here in crazy California.

    2. W says:

      How about stealing the kids future. That has to be even more heinous than ripping off the taxpayers.

      1. Flippy says:

        Future? As stupid as they will become, or already are thanks to the Atlanta school administrators, they have a birght future in the Democratic party, or as Atlanta teachers themselves.

  7. bob alou says:

    What do you expect from the second part of “Those who can do and those who can’t teach.” If you give the unionized teachers an incentive to make more for higher scores on a test then they will find a way to do so. The teachers get an A in creativity and an F in citizenship. First take them all to court to recover their salaries for the time period they were involved, then fire them and take away their teaching credentials and let every other state know about them too so they can’t go somewhere else and infect the new system.

    1. Vince says:

      Amen. Absolutely right. That’s why it will never happen.

    2. John Principe says:

      I totally agree with recovering their salaries. No one in any position of power is going to do this though.

      1. Desi Erasmus says:

        Sounds cool, and how about extending that to the banksters at the TBTF banks who got a multi-hundred billion bailout at taxpayer expense, and went merrily handing out bonuses for their performance which brought the US financial system to its knees and whacked our economy hard?

        Both prosecutions should be pressed hard, but which set of gangsters do you suppose did the most damage, and which ones will be pursued hardest?

  8. Jimbo says:

    You can add Atlanta public schools. clayton county schools, dekalb coutny schools together. Guess what they all have in common?

    1. SunShine says:

      A. Demacrats
      B. Liberals
      C. Colored Folks
      D. All the above

      1. BitterClingerMan says:

        Ding, ding, ding, ding … we have a winner – SunShine!

    2. Mark says:

      They have the lowest scores in the State. That there is never money for kids or programs but Dekalb County can alter building plans so every member gets their own office with new funiture instead of having to share an office. Forget about how much it cost, just build it. We are in a horrible Catch22 here in GA. Good teachers are threatened by their piers and students. Good students are also threated by teachers and piers for achieving too much. I’ve tutored in Dekalb schools and it’s heartbreaking when in sixth grade, 8 girls had dreams of getting pregnant in High School so they can have a baby that will love them. At 6th grade level they have a better understanding of how the welfare system works and use it to their advantage than basic english or math. But that’s all they know of the world, that’s their highest dream and that is truely sad. Good teachers are ususally assigned the problem students who are constantly suspended for fighting and then they get the blame went their class scores are the lowest in the school. Then they are force to do what ever it takes to keep their job or get fired which means; GOOD LUCk finding ANY job teaching ANY where.

      1. H. M. Fanon says:

        I hope the students you are tutoring will learn how to spell peers somewhere else.

      2. H. M. Fanon says:

        Mark, forgive me. I am a spelling freak and I wrote that reply before I read your whole comment. Bless you for trying to help and I again I beg forgiveness. This is one problem with these website — we sound off before we think!!

      3. H. M. Fanon says:

        Point demonstrated!! I left off the S in websites!!

      4. Huey says:

        You misspelled the word “truly” also. Don’t worry you will be given the white male privilege free pass. Currently Dominique Strauss-Kahn and Casey Anthony are using it. Just wait a few days Mark.

      5. Colum says:

        Casey Anthony is a white male? That’s one ugly dude.

      6. Archy Cary says:

        You forgot the comma after “days.”

      7. Sandy says:

        If you ar a teacher then you should know the difference between a peer, a person or thing of same value, quality, rank, ability,etc.and a pier, a structure built over water and supported by pillars or piles. Just helping you out!

      8. Colum says:

        Sandy, you wrote: “…If you ar a teacher…”

        Here, I’m loaning you one of my extra “e’s”. You might want to go talk to the instructor who was supposed to teach you about proofreading before you lay your grammatical wonderment on other people.

        Be sure to insert a space between “etc.and a pier” while you’re at it. Thanks for explaining what a pier was. I’m sure millions of people have been wondering.

        As you say, just helping you out!

  9. WayneBear says:

    “Hall retired from the job on June 30 the day the CRCT report was delivered to Governor Deal.”

    How convenient for this terrible person… can her retirement be revolked? Can her pension be put in a fund to help all the thousands of children she mentally molested? To not have basic reading skills is a sin and a crime. May she be judged harshly for the extreme harm she has caused!

  10. Larry Killen says:

    Every teacher that particpated, every administrator that was involved should be fired, without pay or benefits (including retirement) and should be in jail right now, awaiting trial.

    1. Mike Selman says:

      I wanted to say this myself. but the damage they have caused countless hundreds of children requires much more punishment than what you suggest. Fortunately the God of our country is more forgiving that the thousands of parents who thought they were being responsible but now it is way too late.

  11. Tommy T says:

    Impressive! Another example of a government institution failing the public and themselves. 178 educators? Heads need to roll based on that number alone. Want to do something positive for your kids future? Enroll them into a private school.

  12. TJG says:

    They did it…for the children.

  13. PacRim Jim says:

    I no longer recognize this country.
    When I went through the educational system–what seems like a century ago–teachers strove to educate students. They were proud of their profession.
    Now it’s just a scam, a sinecure.
    America will pay a price for this criminal behavior, and I’m afraid that it will be the loss of America’s future.

  14. NYGino says:

    Anybody remember the controversy about the “Bell Curve” or has the guts to bring it up? You’re going to be branded a racist anyway so you might as well face facts.

    1. bertrand says:

      It is becoming apparent that being branded a ‘racist’ doesn’t mean squat anymore. I am of the opinion that it is about freakin’ time. Us ‘cracker’s are branded as being inherently racist until proven otherwise, so what’s the point of walking on egg shells and bowing to politically correct BS anyway?

      1. Davis says:

        I am a white male professional who entered into the teaching profession and now work in a minority school. My kids just scored 93% proficient or advanced on the state Algebra I exam (96% of my kids at this school passed the test, half of them scored advanced). They were majority black. The problem is that many of these kids have never been told they could make it, have never been expected to make it. When shown they could be something, they rise to the challenge and score big. We did not cheat. We did not have to. You can check the cameras, the answer sheets, what ever you like. Minorities can knock the ball out of the park if only they can believe in themselves (and we believe in them). I defy anyone to challenge the scores of MY kids.

        Oh, and here are the practice tests lest anyone here claim OUR tests are easy. They are not.

      2. Sisley says:

        Davis I wonder how people posting on this site would be able to successfully pass the exam? (+:

      3. bflat879 says:

        I have always believed what you say and the absolute shame, in this particular case, is the people who should have believed in these children failed them. I would love to see more people like you, put in charge of teachers of minority students because they need to be held to a higher standard. The responsibility of teaching minority children is great and the rewards of success even greater. The problem is these people took pride in false success and deserve the disdain they are about to receive.

        Thank you for believing in these children and thank you for the extra effort you put in to achieve the results you did.

      4. Bartf says:

        Davis, I believe your comments to be true. I have felt, and said, for some time now that the greatest enemies of the minorities are their own “spokemen” and “activists” such as Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, etc. THEY are the ones who are basically telling the African-Americans that they are incapable of achieving without affirmative action, entitlements, etc. What a betrayal of their own people. They are really saying “You are not smart enough to achieve academically without both the entrance and academic achievement standards being lowered. You cannot achieve in a career path without your company being forced to promote you above those who are better qualified, etc. etc.” They insult every African-American by telling them that ….”Yes, you ARE inferior! But thanks to ME, you will be given status and success as a GIFT!”.

      5. Barb says:

        Wish we had more teachers like you.

      6. Paul says:

        Oh Davis you poor deluded soul, you still actually believe that most educators and politicians want these kids to succeed don’t you? That’s so adorably quaint. Fact of the matter is the Democrat’s political machinery relies on the existence of a permanent, growing, functionally illiterate underclass to keep turning out on election day in order to maintain their power and the teachers’ unions in every major Democratically controlled urban center are more than willing to keep churning out the dependent class in exchange for obscenely generous wages and benefits. If you keep bragging about your success with these kids someone as the Department of Edjumacation might get wind an you could get an unpleasant call from your union and/or school system administrators.

    2. NHLady says:

      I remember the controversy and I happen to agree with the Bell Curve. It continues to prove true over and over again.

  15. David Bsulee says:

    Too bad that all of the teachers will be protected by their Union and Nobody will take the fall for this

    1. mark says:

      That’s right! The Teacher’s Union will protect them and has already given their endorsement to President Obama even before the Republicans have a candidate. Georgia has the second lowest test scores in the nation and if you exclude the District of Columbia, the largest concentration of Federal Workers in the nation. Look at the Atlanta Metro Area which includes the City of Atlanta, Dekalb and Clayton County. The latter lost its accreditation, and the two former ones are just a hair’s breadth from losing theirs. NO WHERE else in the country is this happening! I’ll tell you the four words they all fear! Voucher System! And Charter School! It has been proven that when Charter Schools are allowed to open in the worst testing areas; after a year there, students outperform their peers in public schools. Most by two to three grade levels. An though this helps the children, the Teachers Union does everything in its power to block or dismantle them.

      1. warren jones says:

        I’m pretty sure Mark is black.

    2. Lancelot says:

      I fear you are right. People in the public school system, police, or any other govt establishment rarely are ever pay for their crimes, and the top govt lawmakers exempt themselves from most of the laws they pass for all of us…

    3. diane says:

      I’ll bet most of these teachers are liberals, therefore its OK to cheat because liberals are above the law.

  16. Curmudgeon10 says:

    Do you now understand why the NEA, and the Obama regime want to rewrite No Child Left Behind? Because that law depends heavily on standardized testing, and no amount of programs, class room size reductions, or miracles are going to lift a lot of these kids into the competent level. So the only alternative is cheating.

    The educational establishment KNOWS all this. That is why they so fiercely resist teacher evals based on student progress.

    1. j says:

      Execpt for the states that do make it like Iowa, Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota, Montana, Etc.

      1. Hazel Burke says:

        Maine …don’t forget Maine…they get fewer and fewer though.

    2. ChasB says:

      You said it! It’s not about money, we’ve spent plenty. It’s all about teachers unions.. How much more do we need to see?

    3. Daveoutthere says:

      The only alternative is cheating? Are you serious? You are going to blame the standards here for the ‘educators’ decision to cheat?

      You are typical of the problem. You are willing to blame the system for the irresponsible choices made by those in the system. The system does not dictate the choice to cheat. The corrupt and lazy individuals CHOSE to cheat.

      You have just characterized the ‘progressive’ mindset in nutshell. It is never the individual’s bad choice that is the problem….it’s always the ‘system’.

      But try and cheat or mitigate your taxes….and the progressives will be all over you for that CHOICE.

  17. Kevin says:

    How do I reech theese keeds! Eric Cartmenez

    1. LA Doc says:

      Awesome dude! I was waiting for someone to post this.

  18. kulak says:

    I know who can turn Atlanta’s frown upside-down.

    Michael Vick!

  19. TJG says:

    This problem will be solved by dumbing down the test enough so that even a community organizer could pass it.

    1. Daveoutthere says:

      We have dumbed down the presidency to that level….why not a middle school test?

      1. bob says:

        there is no closing the achievement gap

  20. Hazel Burke says:

    Why does this always seem to happen with only the colored children? They always seem to be the only ones who need things such as community centers.

    1. Daveoutthere says:

      The truth? You can’t handle the truth on this one……the reason is because 75% of their fathers are deadbeat dads who don’t raise them.

      That’s why. It is politcally incorrect to blame the troubles of black folks on anything but racism….I know. But, anyone who wants to solve the problem need not look past the simple fact just stated.

    2. the the sad truth says:

      We let them. Take a walk downtown white lady and pray you make it back to your home. That is what letting thugs rule our gov gets you. Buy a gun and ammo and protect yourself.

      1. the sad truth says:

        All the wanna do the right thing white people that live in the communities that surround this urban hell send their kids to private school. When their home gets broke into or they get robbed raped or worse they cant understand it.

  21. ChasB says:

    Ah,those good public servants! Don’t you love the teachers union? Tell me again why they feel they should get special treatment….Great example of why public sector unions should be disbanded. They cry because they need more money while the students can’t read….The writing is on the wall folks, it’s easy to read..Time to get the unions out and take back our schools.

  22. tightwad says:

    Where is Lester Maddox when you need him?

  23. FormerTeach says:

    You can bet Hall and her cronies who also “retired” before this hit the fan are going to get their FULL benefits and pensions. They’re laughing all the way to the bank.

  24. smoo says:

    Hey Mark, loo lik u got som of dat englis frum dekalb county…Pier / Peer?

  25. Cuttimer says:

    Georgians should thank their governors for trying to stop this corruption that apparently pervades this system. I hope there will be followup with serious consequences for all involved.

    1. Paula Stein says:

      Our governor broke his neck to get out of Congress to avoid further investigation on HIS OWN CORRUPTION. Nathan Deal daughter and son in law are NO LONGER IN DEBT FOR MILLIONS since his election.

      Every dog has his day. Nathan will be held accountable for his fraud too.

  26. Robert says:

    While wrong, this is what you get when you centralize everything. Schools should be local (Period). You hold out these giant carrots and threaten defunding through tests–that are largely meaningless…this is what you reap.

  27. Chicaga Eightsixty says:

    Welll, looks like teachers have joined the ranks of union thugs. Thanks, NEA and AFT, for your ethics. And you wonder why the world is against public unions. Fire ’em all.

  28. Hank Warren says:

    Useless, over-paid public workers, yet another violation of our rights. Add it to the list of gov’t violations of our rights:
    They violate the 1st Amendment by placing protesters in cages, banning books like “America Deceived II” and censoring the internet.
    They violate the 2nd Amendment by confiscating guns.
    They violate the 4th and 5th Amendment by molesting airline passengers.
    They violate the entire Constitution by starting undeclared wars for foreign countries.
    Impeach Obama, vote for Ron Paul.
    (Last link of Banned Book):

  29. SHAKKA says:


    Nathan “David Duke” Deal…

    the same cracka ran out of Washington under threat of “federal indictment”…

    the very same cracka that was FIVE million dollars in debt, 2.5 of that in default…

    the very same cracka that had the nerve to sit there shut mouth as his croony, “Bubba” Purdue swindled the state into a TWENTY-NINE MILLION dollar land deal on property that wasn’t even worth half that much…

    GOT the nerve to talk about integrity…

    and you got all these monkey azz rednecks in here swinging from limbs like a bunch of wild banshees…but the bytches don’t have no jobs…

    why? because their brethren folks too busy stealing and they too stupid too recognize…

    if white folks policed themselves the way they try and police the world…America wouldn’t be phucked up and in the decline that it is in today…

    YOU NEED TO KNOW, with all the publicity on this cheating…it’s a white man somewhere running out a door with a bag full of money…

    GOT the nerve to talk about integrity…

    1. Scott says:

      It’s always the “white man”

    2. Charles says:

      Uh, pardon me, SHAKKA, but you sound like a RAAACIST!!

    3. Bradley says:

      Wow….. Where do I start with the rebuttal? Actually, it’s a waste of time. Carry on with whatever it is that you do.

    4. Jim M says:

      Thanks! I was wondering how this would become the white man’s fault.

    5. eastbeachdude says:

      It’s best that SHAKKA ZULU keep his/her mouth shut and be thought an IGNORANT FOOL, than leave comments like these and remove all doubt! Obviously a product of the Atlanta “Skhool” System.

      1. Gloria Brinson Todd says:

        This is par for the course for Shakka. He loves to talk out of an orifice other than his mouth. If you want pure comedy just read his posts about black women dating white men. He is one of the most ignorant people on this site. His laugh dog is Porsha the maid.

    6. Southern Man says:

      Who you calling a monkey, monkey?

    7. StaticKlingon says:

      Da “Man” be keepin’ us po folk down fo so long, we be thankin’ it’s up!
      We gots to cheet cuz ain’t no othah way to get over fo us po downtrodden folk.
      It be the white man fault I tell ya. Bin that way all along, and ya’ll knows it the troof.

    8. Shakka is a crybaby liar says:


  30. J.V. says:

    “…a dark day…” – doesn’t sound P.C. Maybe the mayor needs to be sent to a re-education camp for a couple of weeks to get his language P.C.’d to speak in public..

  31. Scott says:

    Liberals have to hide their failures. For the life of me I don’t understand how people can believe in the liberal philosophy and ecomomics. Look at the cities were they have tried this, just look. Liberals have turned great American cities into governmnet run plantations.

  32. Patricia says:

    As a teacher in Iowa, I am not surprised about this cheating. It would be so easy to do…Too much is riding on these test scores. Oust the union and put comptetion into education. These kids are not dumb.

    1. Icarus Barnabus says:

      School choice, vouchers, competition. Done. Fixed. And the teacher’s can go back to school and learn to read er reed and write. er….right….er….rite….er. Anyway…one of those…I have one of their teachers coaching er…kohching…er koecheeng me on this. She sed I bitter not mayk a mistrake…er missteak…er…goof.

  33. Frank says:

    Shakka is hosting a Atlanta APS cheating party. Items to bring:

    malt liquor
    pigs feet
    al sharpton tee shirt
    obama 2012 bumper stickers

    1. Icarus Barnabus says:

      Don’t forget some bonus pay and maybe some shiny stars to put on the door for outstanding work. I love the shirt idea. YOu might toss in a Jesse Jackson Tee shirt….being that he’s America’s family man of family men.

  34. Frank says:

    PS – Shakka is teaching Ebonics in the Atlanta Public School system and has won teacher of the year

    1. Icarus Barnabus says:

      Is that funny or what? Do you suppose if I give $37 and erase her name I could be teacher of the year……better yet….TEACHER OF THE DECADE! ta da.

    2. Deborah says:


  35. Sad world says:

    Typical, did you guys see the beatings in Milwakee, that’s is what is on the horizon for us . The uneducated taking and beating up the upper class, and the DOJ will over look all us this in the name of Equallity….sad world!

    1. Bertrand says:

      Take note if any of these “wildings”, or whatever you call them, occur in states that allow people to arm themselves. I’m not saying that these citizens should shoot first and ask questions later… but it is a huge deterrent if there is a possibilty that their potential victim might turn the tables on them with a quickness.

      It will happen, eventually, so be prepared, get educated on how to properly use a gun, love your family, and arm yourself

      1. NHLady says:

        We’ve been taking note of these “flash mobs” too. Locked and loaded.

  36. Cornhusker says:

    I hope for the sake of the citizens in Atlanta that this story comes out in some other format besides print. Otherwise, they might never find out about it.

  37. TJG says:

    I don’t see what the big deal is, these dopey kids will be able to affirmative action themselves government jobs and be set for life.

  38. Icarus Barnabus says:

    What a crock. These kids are dumb as rocks. The teachers have been taught by the cheaters to cheat. Integrity is a word they can’t spell, nor define. They deserve jail time. To say they were intimidated just means they’re dieing for another excuse. When wrong is wrong, you stand and say it is wrong. If it costs you then, redemption is around the corner. Go find these wonder kids and see how dumb they. Believe me, they dare dumb. They barely read, they can’t add or subtract, and they don’t care. God Bless America. And yesterday the teacher’s union threw the support for Obama……America’s number one cheat!

    1. Mike says:

      I don’t live in the area and can’t speak to the intelligence of the involved kids. But you should know that much of what you cite in support of your dumb-as-rocks conclusion can be wholly or mostly accounted for by their dismal education. It’s hard to do better when you don’t know better, and I mean that in a holistic sense. Many of these kids get no moral or social guidance from their parent(s) or their schools, they’re not expected to do well in school and they’re not held to any meaningful standards, and they’re fed a steady diet of bone-thug hip-hop cultural trash. Really, if that’s what you were immersed in from day one, you’d have to be pretty remarkable to turn out nicely, wouldn’t you?

  39. Buzzina says:

    Hall is an immigrant from Jamacia,one of the most criminal ridden countries in the world. It is a cess pool. She brought her values with her.

  40. Paul B. says:

    Not only do teachers unions rape the public, they don’t teach either. Just keep those Democrat votes coming.

  41. tonyl says:

    Even though it’s not a race issue but then it becomes the race issue due to the majority of the students and teachers race that are involved in the scandal. It’s really a cultural issue. The culture of corruption in doing the wrong and unethical actions exist in these communities. Take short cuts by doing as little as possible instead of earning through hard work is the problem in these communities. Looking the other way when the crimes are committed in these communities by the young people of robbing, stealing and drugs is common. There needs to be a revolution in these communities to fix the problem. It has to start within the communities and citizens.

  42. politicaldookie says:

    ans who does the NEA support? Barack Obama…incompetance and corruption supports the same…

  43. Jim M says:

    The really sad part is that Hall is most guilty of what she accuses others of: not believing that poor kids can learn.
    I think the problem isn’t the kids. The problem is PH.D.’s that can’t teach. People in education consider themselves professionals, but can’t accept accountability.

  44. jaime jaime says:

    starve the beast. And let parents escape the public schools.

  45. Joe Doakes says:

    I’m beginning to lose all hope.

    1. DavidS says:

      We’re all joint that club, Joe! It’s sad what is becoming of this once great country.

    2. NHLady says:

      I know what you mean. I keep trying to figure out how to fix this mess. We have to start holding parents more responsible for their kids. Drag them into court, start fining them, give them detention on a Saturday. If the parents don’t change their behaviors then nothing else will change.

  46. concernedparent says:

    The Georgia Supreme court recently ruled that Charter schools are unconstitutional. Do the children in Georgia stand a chance?

  47. brian says:

    take note, the reaction of the liberal teachers is going to be to blame this problem on the bad system that forced them to make improvements, and rewarded those improvements. good is bad, but bad is okay.

  48. SHAKKA says:


    Shakka is bringing Casey Anthony to the party…

    that’s going to be the “killer”…

    1. rollo says:

      is shakka short for Shakka Zulu – just saying

      1. Davis says:

        Shakka is a pseudo-intellectual black militant GAY MAN.

  49. NYGino says:

    N.E.A. definition: P.H.D. Piled Higher and Deeper

  50. Mike says:

    The African-American community’s 90%+ fealty to the Democratic machine plays a perverse role in this travesty. The politicians’ names change over the decades but the unfulfilled promises of improvement through ever more government support using ever more taxpayer money remain. These kids were sold into the dependency culture without ever being asked at what price, and now we’re seeing the consequences of putting one generation of the same ilk in charge of the next. That African-American school administrators in particular could have allowed this to happen at the expense of some of the most disadvantaged kids in the system is perhaps the most appalling and saddest aspect of the story.

  51. TJG says:

    What is the problem? LaQuisha and LaTisha will still be able to get into a good college just on their names alone.

    1. JB Stoner says:

      hahahaha, If not, Eric Holder will be there to “fight the power”. This country has gone to hell.

  52. JLV says:

    How many in the White House, elected & appointed, have benefited from the same teacher-input testing/scoring system of their education?

  53. Rene Casanova says:

    Doesn’t suprise me one bit. It’s what we get for a public school system run by thug unions and liberal demoRATS. Only chance to save our kids is to allow parents vouchers so they can send their kids to private schools and create competition. Otherwise we’ll keep throwing good money after bad like we’ve been doing for decades.

  54. JCIll says:

    First step should be to follow Wisconsin and New Jersey and suspend collective bargaining for the teachers union. Then fire all of those involved in this crime, and hire teachers who really care about the kids.

    1. Gmac says:

      Georgia doesn’t have collective bargaining so teacher unions are not the issue. The problem is that we expect teachers to solve social problems.

  55. stoptouchingthatmabel says:

    The numbers are a lot larger than what this story tells. People have to understand that it is called the teachers union not the students union. If teachers are going to be evaluated on the students test scores which makes sense then you open it up to corruption as we see now. If you want your kids to learn then the people need to take back the power from the teacher’s union. The union is for teacher’s not students or parents.

  56. Choppy Seas says:

    Every day is a Dark Day in Atlanta.

  57. delois says:

    Want to see the products of the Atlanta schools and surrounding areas, just ride MARTA and listen to the intelligent conversations around you by these Georgia educated kids. No wonder us older folks will never get to retire – you can find anyone who speaks or writes properly. Good luck to the next couple of generations.

    1. Candi says:

      All you hear are curse words and grunts coming from these little hood rats.

  58. astralweeks says:

    And everyone of them union members of the NEA.

  59. walter12 says:

    Everyone above the 6th grade knows what this is all about. The kids in the Atlanta Public School System cannot measure up, no matter what they do, so they cheat. Yes, this is a race thing, but not a racist thing. The black kids have no history in their parents, grandparents, great grandparents of learning, of culture, of ethics, of playing by the rules. It is very sad. How do you turn 150 years around over night?

  60. TJG says:

    How do these teachers expect these kids to hold their own in a flash mob robbery if they can’t pass the test?

  61. Texas Freedom says:

    Yep, a ‘dark’ day indeed . . . .

  62. Gina says:

    It is time to get the Gov’t out of our schools. What a disgrace these sub humans are.

  63. Reality says:

    The humanzees have a “score” to settle against the history of America,particularly in Atlanta,I thought Sherman took care of that.They even steal the names of Atlanta’s landmarks.I’m glad my education in Atlanta,occured in the 1960’s,before the “theft”.
    They act like this is Uganda.Humanzees,indeed.History can teach us a lot.
    My “race” card is the equivilent of four aces.
    I wonder when they will begin mortaring off the face of Stone Mountain,a la the Taliban in Afghanistan in 1999.

  64. Physics Prof says:

    Unfortunately, I am not surprised by this results of this investigation. I taught the physical science requirement for elementary educations majors in the final semester(s) at the university level for several years and was astonished at the level of cheating. My primary concern was how they might act when they were teachers themselves. When I consulted my colleagues about the issue, I was told that this was commonplace for students within the education department and its majors.
    Rather than address the cheating, that university eliminated that particular physical science requirement, while I was told to keep quiet about it. Naturally, we wouldn’t want to risk losing the money that those students and their parents were paying to get their degrees. Shortly thereafter I left paid teaching to home school my children where cheating is forbidden.

  65. Sam says:

    Where ever liberals or Democrats run a school system the students chances at a decent education are ruined. The perpetrators of this crime – robbing children of a legitimate education, ruining thousands of lives, setting an example that any crime is okay if the ends justify the means, anyone who participated in this crime should be sent to jail for a very long time.

  66. TJG says:

    I can see it now, “No, no LaDuralle, we can’t let you put a cap in his azz…you didn’t pass the test fair and square.”

  67. Aristotle says:

    African Americans selling out their children. Sad.

    1. Bob says:

      That’s new? Welfare is a cheat too.

  68. Hjman says:

    I am afraid that charter schools are not a refuge from cheaters. The problem is that these top administrators must provide proof for politicians to say the are education candidates. Interesting that everyone wants reform, but clamors for the same old testing.
    Unions are not the problem in the South as they ate not as entrenched as the Midwest or northeast.

  69. Hypocrates says:

    They justify cheating because of the “pressure” to achieve improving test scores. I guess they’ve never heard that the pressure to excel is coupled with character to do it the right way, not the easy way.

  70. Don Moline says:

    I went to Beverly Hills High School, Class of ’53. Our Chemistry Professor, Dr. Morrison said, “Cheating is one of the best ways to learn”. This statement raised much turmoil at the next PTA meeting. However controversial, there seems to be some truth to his statement.

  71. deBeer says:

    If anyone thinks this is limited to this school district, I have a bridge to sell you. All you have to do is look at any class/school where test scores shot up in a years time. Most IMO were due to cheating. A few to teachers just teaching the test. Fewer still to improved learning.

    Look. The schools at least in California get the test days even weeks in advance. It is easy that a principal with or without a few teachers in on the shenanigans open up the test packets and get some questions in advance. Again in California sample questions are taught in advance. To add real questions is simple. Better still, the schools get to keep the tests after they are done for days. This allows a principal and or teachers to change a few answers . They know what students do poorly. They know that changing five wrong answers on some test takes them from goat to hero with an eraser and pencil lead. Think this does not happen? Think again.

    Also the districts do not care as long as the scores go up. Keeps the feds off them, as well as the public who believe their children are really improving. It also justifies the high salaries of the school emplyees.

  72. blorjr says:

    Obama’s union base at it again



    Stable happily married college educated people who have financial security create children they can totally love, nurture and protect.

    The last time I checked most black children were born OUT OF WEDLOCK. If their black daddies are not there to love and protect them don’t expect SOCIETY to give a rat’s ass.

    1. April Cavanaugh says:

      71% inf fact

      1. Casey says:

        Thanks April for the stat. Invariably white people will be blamed for this in some shape or fashion. Oy Vey! Blacks depend too much on the government and whites for something that is their primary responsibility.

      2. Ozzie K says:

        With a rate of 71% of illegitimacy you can only fault the ignorant females and males who make children they cannot afford to care for. The white man did not force poor blacks with no life experience, education or viable income to make kids they cannot or unwilling to take care of…

  74. Jim from Boston says:

    Liberalism run amok and out of control. Totally bankrupt ideology trying desperately to hang on to their failed policies.

    Hey, teachers, try going back to reading, writing, and arithmetic. If you could only teach those things successfully it would be far better than what you are doing now.

  75. April Cavanaugh says:

    I’m sure glad I went to Catholic schools until I graduated. I hope when I have kids I can send them to Catholic schools. I fear though by the time my kids have kids Christianity will be out and out illegal.

    1. Zane says:

      Only problem with Catholic schools are the perverts molesting your children. So educate your children about the ways of child predators.

      1. digitus says:

        You are a fool to think that only goes on in Catholic schools. No perverts in public education? You lead an uninformed existence.

  76. Emery says:

    Our entire government is dishonest, corrupt and a lie. America has been controlled and manipulated for 100 years. There aren’t any good guys left. It’s all a lie. From the top down it’s all corrupt. So why be surprised that government schools are a lie? I get so tired of “conservatives” using every chance they get to blame liberals for everything. It’s not just black folks that have been had. White people believe the propaganda too. You’ve all been spoon fed government propaganda in school. The Republicans are just as corrupt as the Democrats. There isn’t a good side and and bad side. Wake up folks. You’ve been had. The FED took over the US in 1913 and it’s been one big lie ever since. The banksters run everything and they are running us into the ground.

  77. James T says:

    Take a look at the “leaders” who are at fault. The vast, vast majority all of one thing in common…guess what?

  78. John Munson says:

    When parents can’t trust the system, can’t trust those in charge, and our kid’s learn they can’t trust the teachers, where are we.

    Fire the lot, no discussion, no trila, fire them. If the teachers union has the power to play politics, let’s kiss an make better next time, get rid of the union.

    THIS IS CRIMINAL. Today probably more than ever. Transparency, honesty, honor. yeh where is it at????

    1. LILL says:


  79. Dobby says:

    Privatize the school system. That’s the best solution.

  80. Neal says:

    BRING BACK SLAVERY. It is a waste of our tax dollars to continue funding these animals who clearly do not want to learn.

    1. StaticKlingon says:

      When you consider the investment that has been made in these people from the Civil War to present……thousands of lives, trillions in public treasure……
      I think we are past the point of demanding a return on that investment across the board. Lacking that, I tend to agree with you.

  81. Michael Mulligan says:

    Lack of competition. No Vouchers. Government Schools. No Parental Choice (except to abort).

    The issue is Government Schools. Never say “public schools”.

  82. LeQwerty's Mom says:

    I don’t believe this for a minute, I know for a fact that my LeQwerty’s ebonics has gotten much better, he only drops the n-word every other word now.

  83. digitus says:

    So how many bonuses, titles, awards and contracts did they reap from this? How much Federal money? No wonder they have mobs of thugs roaming the streets and all with Diplomas.

  84. LeShonda's Mom says:

    I am so proud of my LeShonda, she is trying so hard to get passed the sixth grade but it it is so hard for her to find time for homework and tend to her three babies as well.

  85. Jason says:

    In order for the children of the poor to do well in school we need to ensure that they’re being properly nourished and receiving healthcare from the time they’re conceived until adulthood. Some people may balk at the costs but it’s cheaper than the alternative. People who weren’t properly nourished during childhood end up with lower IQs, more health problems, and some even exhibit antisocial behavior as a result of their brains not developing properly. In the long run these people will be less productive workers, will be a drain on the healcthare system, and some will even end up in prison because they won’t have the same ability to control their behavior. The long term savings will be well worth the cost of providing food and healthcare during childhood.

    And the people here making racist comments should be ashamed of themselves. You’re just hurling mean insults at the less fortunate, and children no less. Black people are typically poorer due to a legacy of racism and discrimination. As soon as black children receive proper nutrition and healthcare while in the womb and during childhood and receive an education as good as that given to white children we can compare IQs then if we must. But the playing field still isn’t level at this point and comparing the scores of poor black children to those of middle class white children isn’t going to yield any meaningful results. I’m white and I have the balls to admit this.

    And any black people reading this please don’t let these comments get you down. A lot of these commenters are mean idiots who don’t know what they’re talking about. Please keep your head up and continue working to provide a better life and more opportunities for yourselves and your children.

    1. LikeBillCosbyBest says:

      I wish I were a multi-billionaire so I could transplant millions of Black Americans to your community to take over your schools, streets, local government and other important institutions and then see if you still feel the same. You are freaking ignorant.

    2. Can you handle the TRUTH says:


      The problem in the black community is that too many of them have children out of wedlock with no education, marriage or money.


      1. Jason says:

        I agree that people need to make personally responsible and wise choices. Many black people do. At the same time, we need to stop with the racism and make sure the black community is getting the same opportunities we enjoy. Also, discrimination has not surprisingly left black people on average poorer than whites. We need to invest in them and their communities to try to get them to where they would be if not for this discrimination. We wouldn’t like it if we had to deal with the disadvantages they do. It really wouldn’t be that difficult to try to help them.

    3. I know you mean well Jason BUT says:

      Jason due to the very fact many blacks are dealing with institutionalized racism why would a poor high school dropout have a baby out of wedlock?


      1. LikeBillCosbyBest says:

        AMEN!!!!!! I propose that Black institutions, starting with Black churches, need to be infultrated with discreet, common-sense thinking people the way that covert Communist thinking people infultrated American universities and colleges 50 + years ago. This is the only way Black Americans, and Americans in general, can be saved. The lowest common denomanator in our country, unfortunately, is in Black American culture and their communities. It’s not in their genes, IT’S IN THEIR CULTURE. It(Black culture i.e out-or-wedlock kids, lack of education, Afirmative Action, ebonics, 90% loyalty to the Democrat party, etc, etc..) has been ugly and insidious, supporting neither the best interests of Black Americans or all other Americans!!!!

    4. StaticKlingon says:

      Go back to the 60’s and take a STFU pill. We’ve been there, done that, and got the flash mobs to prove it, so take your “do it for the children” bullsquat to the garden and use if for fertilizer. That’s ALL it’s good for.

  86. LeQwerty's Mom says:

    My LeQwerty is so special, he is always thinking of his momma, why, just the other day he grabbed me a case of Newport Menthols during a flash mob robbery but then he remembered that I am trying to quit so he traded them for a bag of crack. Such a nice boy.

  87. Bob says:

    It’s been a dark day in Atlanta for centuries. Blacks can’t do anything on their own without help.

  88. David says:

    The reason it’s taken this long for the state to investigate and discover this catastrophe in Atlanta was FEAR. Fear of being accused of racial persecution. This is what race hustlers like Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton as well as the liberal architects of Political correctness have created. Look at the damage they have done.

  89. Wyatt Urp says:

    I bet the little kiddies flash-mob store robbing skills are legit, though.

  90. TunaBlue says:

    There may be consequences?

    1. StaticKlingon says:

      Unintended consequences, and inconvenient truths.

  91. vince says:

    this is probably the lamest presser ive read after a major scandal. all it cotained

  92. Zan White says:

    hint, hint….check the connection to ACORN…….

  93. FreddieG says:

    Atlanta is a failure. Another classic example of Lydon Baines Johnson’s “Great Society”. All involved should be put on trial as they are as criminal as it gets.
    Are you stupid folks finally getting it??????

  94. Chaffer says:

    Welcome to the wonderful world of unionized education and racial quotas.

  95. ty says:

    The majority of grads from atlanta schools have a 6th grade education, most could not tell you how many miles atlanta is from california, or even find their own state on a map of the usa.

  96. TeslaVee says:

    I think the teachers union in Atlanta should be Punished and have to pay 4% of their retirement and 9% of their health care costs.I mean really punish them!

  97. Dave says:

    You want to see another horrible School District in Georgia, come see Muscogee County (columbus and Fort Benning) it has been doing this and all sorts of corruption. In fact Ms Hall came here to “advise us on how to be more successful” Please anyone come investigate Muscogee County!

    1. Class of 2001 says:

      Thank God my parents could afford Brookstone.

      1. Dave says:

        Good for your parents to help you get a step up, you should thank them everyday, seriously, that school (although it has its own issues) does provide a great education and all around life rediness.

        In Muscogee you either have to have serious money to send your children to schools like Brookstone and there are a couple others on par with that one, OR you have to have the right connections to get them into Britt David, Clubview, Richards, or Columbus High School. Otherwise you are stuck in the rest of the troubled schools.

  98. Bill Erickson says:

    The fruits of teacher unionization.

    Highest priority: Job protection.

    Lowest priority: Student education.

    Paging Scott Walker… Please call Atlanta.

  99. Cogito says:

    No suprises here. Afterall, they are Democrats, and union thugs who live off the taxpayer.

  100. Bill W says:

    The USA is No. 1. I don’t care about the facts. We’re No. 1. We’re the best. Everybody wants to move here. We are the most free people on the face of the Earth. Everybody wants to be like us. We’re the richest nation on Earth. They attacked us because of our freedoms!

  101. Unclewall says:

    “God bless the America we are trying to create.”
    Hillary Clinton

  102. Kenneth Glenn Koons says:

    The bigger picture: these teachers are all part of the DNC lobbying group, the NEA. The NEA is the second largest contributor to Dems , Bama and all Dems in all 50 states such as Ca. with the CTA. If this is their logic, their motto, their philosophy, then I suggest that parents demand that the NEA stop funding Dems and start to clean their own house. After all, was the cheating done for PC reasons?? If so, why? Was this purely racial or was it to keep their perk laden jobs???

  103. Victor 2 says:

    Didn’t I read a story about a year ago about exchange students from Kenya who were horrified by the culture and attitude in the Atlanta schools? That they were ridiculed for paying attention in class, for doing homework, for interacting with the teachers in class, for trying to do well?
    There is so much wrong in this country, and the TOTAL blame lies at the feet of liberals.

    1. StaticKlingon says:

      Only one solution to black kids caught in the heinous crime of “acting white-” Much worse than actually being white, ya know. Tribal justice by am outraged flash mob of their contemporaries.

  104. Twocam says:

    How about taking away some of those sweet pensions. If there are no repercussions there is no point to this story!!!

  105. MadCharles says:

    Why aren’t 178 people in jail tonight ? Otherwise this is a scam……………

  106. The Physician says:

    My Father, who is 78 years old, only finished the Eighth Grade. He was a self-made man who believed school education can serve as a handicap to common sense.

    At the time I questioned his thesis. As I get older and see the destruction our educational system continues to inflict on our society. I believe he was 100% correct in his assertion. Thank you Dad, for providing me wisdom…

  107. ConservativeWoman says:

    The teachers and administrators involved in the cheating scandal should lose their pensions. Of course the union will protect them so this is just wishful thinking.

  108. Richard Head says:

    “Today is a dark day for the Atlanta Public School system…”
    Is that a racist comment?

  109. phillysmart says:

    Public education doesn’t work it simply is a government indoctrination camp to breed more socialist…this is the most well known secret out there…the kids aren’t being taught basic subjects like english, math, history but they know white people , christians and republicans are responsible for their predictament….dismantle the pub;lic school system give people voucher for sending their kids to school and you solve both the financial burden on government and increase the learning for the kids


    Catholic Church Child Abuse: Nuns Now Also Accused…


    @ Grace Park – Emory college student…



    GO CHINA!!!!

    1. Colum says:

      And that, of course, is why you’re attending an American university, because the Chinese educational system is superior, right?

      Or is it that you couldn’t get into one of those world class Chinese universities because you were too stupid and were forced to come here and subject yourself to an inferior education in the United States?

      Dude, you should quit while you’re ahead with all this amazing logic you’re laying on North America.

      1. Grace Park - Emory college student says:


        I am Korean-American. I was born in the U.S. precisely in San Francisco, CA. My parents sold their farm to get the opportunity to come to the states. I am very proud to be an American. I want EVERY American child to have the same opportunities to shine and fulfill their passion in life.

        I attend Emory on a partial academic scholarship, student loans, parents’ income and my little part-time job at a computer help desk.

        Grace Park

    2. StaticKlingon says:

      It has been the official policy of the Chinese government to steal any and all intellectual property they can lay their hands on. If you are all so dam* smart why is ripping off the western world even an option? Duh!

  112. TRUTH says:

    same type of cheating has happened in los angeles with hispanic students that’s happened in atlanta with black students. evidently, the former “minorities” who are now the majority, have to “cheat to compete.” not all people are created “equal,” some people are less equal than others – history, time, and scandals like these illustrate that pretty clearly. political correctness can’t correct this, oops!!! fail.

  113. MORE TRUTH says:

    an entire class of white police cadets were caught cheating in cobb, county georgia.

    not all people are created “equal,” some people are less equal than others – history, time, and scandals like these illustrate that pretty clearly. political correctness can’t correct this, oops!!! fail.

  114. John says:

    If you have ever listened to “Dr.” Hall for more than 10 seconds it would become painfully obvious that she would not be able to pass the CRCT tests without cheating herself.

  115. Dean Pease says:

    The entire problem is administrators that can’t (or won’t) administrate and principals without principles.

  116. TRUTH says:

    MORE TRUTH: the fact you have to copy most of my post, just proves my point for me – you don’t have an original thought in your non-white head. just like these cheating kids, you can’t articulate your point without copying me. let’s face it, for every white that cheats, there’s about 10,000 non-whites who are lucky to spell their own name properly. oops!!!

    1. Sean says:

      You need to report the comment if your words were stolen.

  117. MORE TRUTH says:

    question you need to ask yourself is:

    why do whites cheat…period!

    and do you honestly expect me to believe you. i went to school with whites, all you do is cheat. do i need to pull up videos of whites admittedly cheating, claiming that it’s ‘what they all do’.

    just like the earlier poster said: SHAKKA, if white people policed themselves the way they try and police the world. America wouldn’t be in the sad state of affairs that it is today.

    that is the most profound and logical statement of the century. the truth doesn’t ring any clearer than that!

  118. rbblum says:

    I don’t get it . . . Admittedly, the Atlanta educational test fiasco is deplorable; HOWEVER, how is it that the news media and the law enforcement community has yet to nail the Beaumonit Independent School District (in Jefferson County, Texas) to the cross for all of the indiscretions that have been perpetrated against the community . . . as though justice in America has taken an Obama vacation.

  119. Sage says:

    All together now…Nig Nig Nig Nig Nig Nig Nig. Gets tiring doesn’t it?!

  120. gcblues says:

    good teachers do not need to cheat. period. end of story.

  121. Dufus says:

    I’ll bet the cheaters have iphones, done up hair and nails, hi-dolla shoes, but can’t string English workds into a complete sentence. There a mundane motel or McDonald’s job waiting for you. Good luck with your inability to succeed. Your boss will likely be Asian. The cheating teachers can keep; having their pathetic parties, but they too will become losers.


    Why don’t you bitter Americans worry about your own test scores and why your nation ranks so low OVERALL in education!!!


    1. Colum says:



      If this is representative of the best China can dish up, I’m feeling a lot better about our chances this morning. I have to believe you’re just some kid who is parodying the Chinese, right? Tip: Turn off your caps lock. You’re coming across like Sammy Tong in “Bachelor Father”.


      Keep it up Ace, your halfwit racism is hilarious. A little stereotypical but very funny.

      1. ASIAN GUY says:

        Typo. HaHa

        Still does not negate the fact that ASIANS outscore Whites on your very own American standardize testing systems.

  123. Reason8200 says:

    Abolish teachers unions and you will go a long way in solving some of the problems with public schools.


    Angry, Broke, Whites upset!

    1. Colum says:

      “Angry, Broke, Whites upset!”

      This reminds me of that book “Eats, Shoots, and Leaves” which was a sign for pandas in a Chinese zoo. It SHOULD have read that the panda, for food, “eats shoots and leaves”, but because the writer wasn’t fluent in the nuances of English, it read in a way that suggested that the panda eats first, then shoots, then leaves.

      “Angry, Broke, Whites upset!” sounds like a commercial for Gas-X or Pepto Bismol.

      Keep working on that capitalization and syntax, Skipper! You’ll sound like an English speaker in no time!

  125. 11,000 JOBS FOR WHITES ON FARMS says:

    Go get your jobs back. LOL.

    Asians will be your masters. Go China!

    Pay us our money America!

    2 Billion you borrow from us everyday!

    1. Colum says:

      “…2 Billion you borrow from us everyday!…”

      Who needs to write racist stereotypes when you’re around?

      1. ASIAN GUY says:

        Yes, ‘YOU’ being the American. HaHa

  126. tom says:

    Most of public schools are unions who are supposed to do their jons which is to teach but now, I thinkm they have reached and reveal of who they really are uselessm propagandam liberal’s activists, selfish, bottomless, demagogery democrat politicians who only care for themselves as long as their salaries are hirgh, less duty, vacation and enjoy more than any average Americans do with no responsibilities at all, now cheating to make them look good, Thugs, robbers, thieves, killers…always have their titles, labels with them when these acts have occurred with it. But for the teacher union, I think, it is the worst human beings in all: Cheating, stealing, lying, brainwashing, dump, stupid in a really cold and cruel which is realy sick and sad for the country

  127. Archy Cary says:

    Anyone truely shocked at this story hasn’t been paying attention for a long time.

  128. TheRealKingMax says:

    Per the mayor’s comments: “Today is a dark day for the Atlanta Public School system…..”.

    Ummm – is this a pun?

  129. kimdi01 says:

    If it was such a dark day, then how many teachers and administrators were fired to make it a little bit brighter. Every one of the ones caught should have been terminated that same day.

  130. Big Al says:

    Atlanta has become a dark city because it is a “Dark City”. History has show it was innevitable.

  131. ASIAN GUY says:

    AMERICA was founded on RACISM.

    How befitting that it is RACISM that will bring you down to your knees.


    Black people, White people talk of taking you back to the days of slavery. Please know that this will not happen. You have allies in NATO that are just looking for an excuse to come on America soil.

    One way or the other, CHINA will prevail. It is already written.

    1. StaticKlingon says:

      You should probably be more worried about prevailing in your own country after this little taste of capitalism we’ve given you is taken away. The peasants will be not be happy when the lights go out, the cars quit running, and the imported food no longer makes it to port.

    2. JeddMcHead says:

      Usually Asians come across as being fairly intelligent but you’ve proved the exception!

  132. Deskboy says:

    You know and I know that the Mayor knew that this was going on. It is a dark day because they got caught!!

  133. JeddMcHead says:

    Government/Public unions = corruption. Heck, private unions are rife with corruption, too, but tax payers don’t directly FUND them. Liberalism fosters a culture of corruption and this scandal is a prime example of why we need smaller government (as though the PUTZ in the White House isn’t object lesson enough).

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