ATLANTA (WAOK) Eight people, including some from Fulton County jail have been arrested in an FBI sting operation that uncovered an  alleged drug scandal. Four of the people arrested included three detention officers and a sheriff’s deputy along with four non jail employees. Federal authorities say they uncovered a scheme to obtain and  distribute as much as 15 kilograms of cocaine sometime between May and  June.

According to the AJC, Fulton County Sheriff’s Deputy Marvie Trevino Dingle, 34, of Lithonia, was accused with detention officers Akil Scott, 31, Atlanta, Derick Deshun Frazier, 31, Morrow, and Brian Shelby Anthony, 30, Atlanta, of funneling contraband into the Fulton County jail.

Just last week an inmate was involved in the shooting of another inmate on the maximum security level of the jail. Sheriff Ted Jackson declined to say whether last week’s jail shooting and the gun  involved were part of this sting.

The criminal complaint released late Thursday, says the men were charged in a jail smuggling plot that included marijuana, cocaine, cell phones and cigarettes being brought into the jail for inmates.

The complain also alleges that Anthony accepted money to smuggle marijuana into the jail to an inmate.

Four civilians dressed as Fulton County Sheriff’s Office employees — Aqeel Muhsin Rasheed, Keithan Henri James, Robert Lee Swain Jr. and Rayfield Lewis II allegedly made cocaine deliveries outside of the jail on June 2 of this year. But it turns out that the men were actually undercover FBI agents.

Six of the eight defendants pleaded not guilty before a federal magistrate Thursday evening. All received $25,000 unsecured bonds. James, who was arrested in Memphis, and Lewis, who was arrested late Thursday, have not made their first court appearance yet.



Comments (2)
  1. Sarah says:

    When that incident took place with that prison shooting, I said then this weapon was brough into the prison by the guards and or support staff, there was no way visiting family members will be able to bring in any contraband from the outside without being caught…I hope they put these men in the same lockup where these guards were doing their shakedown and let them see what it’s like on the otherside of the bars…These people betrayed their trust and position of caretakers of these inmates…Throw the book at them, they should be given more time since they knew better and should have done better…

  2. Autem says:

    What is a ‘Complain” ?

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