Everybody LOOOOOOOVES Dr. Alicia Simon when she stops by on Powertalk, but today… we were able to witness just how much she is loved… desired… and WANTED by some of our male listeners! LOL

Listen to these two callers and see which one you think should win her heart! Should it be PASTOR or POPS?! Either way, these calls only prove that hands down… Dr. Alicia Simon is a MACK!




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  1. Sarah says:

    Dr White and Dr Simon you had the phone lines hot this morning…I don’t know why your shows are not available in it’s entirety for podcast downloads through iTunes…Dr White please look into it with you technology dept…I have been subscribing to black talk shows around the country by podcast through iTunes, I would love to have your show and Derrick’s be available in their entirety…Dr Alicia is an attractive sister so it will be between the preach and mack daddy as to who will win out…I wish them both well, Dr Simon don’t forget to bring your knife on these dates with these men in case you might have to cut one of them if they become too aggressive…LOL…

  2. The Black Falcon says:

    I doubt very seriously if Dr. Simon would be remotely interested in any, or should I say, the vast majority of the men who call in to your show. Most of the men who call in to your show adhere to the “whoa is me, the White man is holding me back” mentality. And, I do not believe from listening to Dr. Simon, she thinks the same way as they do

    Further, Dr. Simon holds a PhD in sociology. Just from listening to the male callers who call in to your show, I would say most do not have college degrees. They lack the ability to effectively communicate their ideas. Moreover, most of their comments are based on flawed logic. Most of the PhDs I know, (myself included) surround themselves with people on the same intellectual level. I don’t hear PhD level intellect coming from the overwhelming majority of male callers. I am not hating (I am happily married so I don’t have a dog in this fight), I am just stating my perspective as an objective listener.

    1. Sisley says:

      The Black Falcon said it all!

      Where the angels fear to tread Lorraine’s male callers will surely follow.


    2. AJ says:

      Black Fool-Con is hating! Go mind your wife (if you really have one) and let Dr. Simon speak for herself. She is obviously intelligent enough to speak to or ignore any b.s. With all that intelligentsia she might need some thug love in her life!

      1. The Black Falcon says:

        Great minds talk about ideas; Average minds talk about events; Small minds talk about people.” -Eleanor Roosevelt

        Judging from your comments it is easy to discern where you fit in.

  3. STIVES says:

    Bishop Morton knows that eddie long has embrassed the bishop code of conduct. He also knows that long is not going to repent; not to face his congregation and be honest with them. yet, here is a man calling himself a bishop, trying to preach and leading over 25K members in many states; and cannot be honest to them. those who stay have not once called long to resigned and even the bishop preachhood have not either. Along came a spider and bit so many people; like lion that roam in the wild; he mark his places and dare no one to touch them. All bishops, far and wide are now stained with long actions….if he can do it, no one should be fussing because not one noted bishop have actually come forth and demad long resigned for the good of the bishop-hood and the members who he have lied to over and over again1

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