Khaatim S El stepped down today as Chairman of the Atlanta School Board. El had promised to step down weeks ago but said he would not do so officially until a judge signed off on the transfer of power. Long time school board member Brenda Muhammad was elected as the new Chairwoman today by a 7 to 1 vote. Muhammad  promised new leadership for the APS School Board. “This is a move in the right direction, for the right reasons, for the right people — the students of Atlanta Public Schools,” Muhammad said.

Brenda Muhammad is the executive director of the Atlanta Victim Assistance, Inc. (AVA), an organization
that advocates for the fundamental rights of victims and witnesses of crime with compassion, dignity and respect. AVA provides comprehensive services which remove barriers, strengthen victims and their families and foster a healthy transition from victim to survivor. Passionate about children and their educational needs, particularly those who are underserved, Brenda currently serves as the School Board Representative for District 1. She has alsoserved the Atlanta School Board in times past as president and vice president.

According to the AJC,  Vice Chairwoman Cecily Harsch-Kinnane, who could not attend the meeting, also plans to step down from leadership. She, too, would remain a regular member. An election for the vice chairmanship, likely to be claimed by McDaniel, is expected at the board’s next meeting Monday. Khaatim El maintains a seat on the school board.

board4 New Leadership at APS School Board

  1. Sarah says:

    Good luck to her and this school board, maybe she will more fortunate than Khaatim El in getting these children where they need to be, getting a good solid education…

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