Get ready to dig a little deeper in your pocket to ride on MARTA. The transit agency board on Wednesday voted to raise one-way fares from $2 to $2.50 some of the highest rates in the nation.

The fare hike goes into effect on Oct. 2. When it does,  a MARTA trip will cost more than a ride on the buses and subways of New York City, the nation’s largest transit system. The price of a monthly pass, will now cost $95.

According to the  AJC, before 2009 the board went eight years without raising fares, in spite of inflation. And unlike New York’s transit agency, which charges $2.25 for a standard ride, as well as many other major systems, MARTA currently receives no financial operating assistance from the state, MARTA officials said.

Ever since the financial crisis hit, MARTA has been filling budget gaps by dipping into its reserves, which were expected to go dry in 2013. With improvement in the economy and the fare increase, they can now last at least through 2016, according to MARTA.

The new fare increase is expected to generate an additional $20.5 million in revenue over the next fiscal year, according to MARTA.


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  1. Virginia says:

    Maybe, if people could use money from the Toll to pay for public tramsit-in the way people buy Lottery tickets to help fund Pre-K, then maybe MARTA,CCT,GCT,and public transit could benefit. I wouldn’t give it all to MARTA thiugh; the CEO would squander the money and nothing would be left for the other systems. If MARTA keeps going with the current CEO, riders will be paying as much as $5 a ride one of these days! For those only a limited income-regardless of age,disability or race, that’s TOO MUCH!

  2. Sarah says:

    Buy a weekly or monthly transit pass and you will get more for your money…If you have no other means of transportation, you will have no other choice but to use the public transportation system available…

  3. chris says:

    Why Lie? How simple minded and uninformed the person who wrote this article is, simply unaware of what they speak or just trying to make the ATL increase seem over the top.

    In NYC our transit fare was raised to $2.50 years ago. Obviously when you buy in bulk which most ppl do in NY, you get a .25 discount on the fare. Which I’m sure will happen here in ATL. Obviously, in NYC they can afford to give you a .25 discount due to all of the riders in the transit system. But dont be fooled you buy one-way fare it will cost you $2.50 as well. Its just stupid to do so.

    Maybe if MARTA, create a south to north side transit system they will also be able to do the same. Otherwise the small amount of ppl using MARTA will need to pay a straight $2.50 with no discount.

  4. Mc Countant says:

    Unfortunately, our governments continue to provide incentives for us to each drive our own automobiles and add to the demise of our country’s economy as we suck up oil from the Middle East. O ye of little vision, such fools you are.

    It already costs me less to drive from Norcross and pay monthly parking as I work in Midtown, but I’ve continued to take public transportation because it’s rather nice to avoid the traffic, and because it seems the right thing to do.
    The price increase is another straw on the camel’s back, and I begin to feel foolish for not just taking the government’s bait to drive.

    BOO HISS, and SHAME ON YOU governments, including City of Atlanta, and surrounding Cities and Counties, State of Georgia, and United States of America – SHAME ON YOU for not working together to promote public transportation. How about ignoring the oil lobbyists and other special interests, and actually looking out for America for a change. SHAME ON YOU.

    1. JJ Ivers says:

      Mc Countant,

      I only take my car on Mondays and Friday. I live in Buckhead and work in the Perimeter area. I use Marta Tuesday through Thursday and on rain days. I am lucky I just take the train from Buckhead to the Dunwoody/Perimeter Station. I like to avoid traffic if at all possible.

      One of the major reasons the area does not have a comprehensive rail system is due to white racism and incompetence of the people running Marta who are black and white. Atlanta will NEVER be a real city in the sense of New York or Chicago. You are dealing with docile blacks who love to kiss whitey ass.

  5. JC says:

    Does anybody edit these articels? The grammer and punctuation are horrible.

    1. Donnie says:

      We all know it is definitely not you JC. Perhaps you can take a class in grammar. Complete the course successfully and write an article for WAOK.

  6. Jo Danny says:

    Everything else is going up so why not, makes sense to me dude.

  7. هاست says:

    You couldnt be more right…

  8. Tart cherry juice benefits says:

    You couldn’t be more factual!!!

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