Live from Wednesday WindDown, Cynthia McKinney called in from Tripoli, Libya to discuss the turmoil overseas.  Click the link below to hear this exclusive interview …

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  1. Sarah says:

    I love this interview with Congress woman McKinney, I dont know what Fred and Lee were listening to but people who are used to propaganda media when the hear the truth, the will not waant to believe even if it bites them on their behinds…I pray for the safety of Congress McKinney who is showing more courage than some of these men by puting her life on the line to expose this country and it’s hypocracy…Derrick i hope you take sometime off and go over to Libya to provide support for our brothers and sisters who are going through a time in their lives, no one should ever have to go through, getting bombs dropped on their heads by a country claiming to want to save these people…

  2. Marcus Davis says:

    I cannot stand Cynthia McKinney. That whole interview was a waste of time. She talks out of an orifice other than her mouth. She is a liar and an opportunist. She has no credibility! Fred and Lee were right on point about old bug-eyed Cindy!

  3. K Chapman says:

    To the author of this article – Your crediblity is hurt when you can’t spell! It’s Libya, not “Lybia”! You come across as an idiot.

    1. Stefan M. says:

      Hello K Chapman,

      The WAOK site is littered with grammatical and spelling errors. I have noticed this lack of detail for over a year. They transitioned to a new format a few months ago. I am not sure if an intern is responsible for the proofreading the news articles or not.

      There is no excuse. Whether the person is a CBS employee or an intern there should rarely be such common errors. When you email them about an error it is usually promptly corrected within a few hours.

      It must be nice to work for an organization that allows such frequent and common errors without fear of losing your position.

    2. jean103 says:

      Thank you for your critique of the post. The mistake has been corrected.

  4. WilliamHill says:

    Cynthia McKinney is an embarassment to the state of Georgia, and to CBS, and to anybody who entertains her lunacy.

  5. Wanda Baker says:

    William Hill, you are just jealous of Cynthia MCkinney. Get a life Already!

    1. Buckhead Betty says:

      Please expound upon why any rational person would be jealous of Ms. McKinney?
      Thank you.

    1. Sarah says:

      President Gaddafi is the only Arab leader to publicly apologize for the African Slave trade the Arabs were a part of; as a result of the devastation he felt the Arabs were responsible for, he has bent over backwards to share his wealth with the other African nations…He and Fidel Castro were responsible for the over throw of the apartheid system in South Africa and Angola, forcing the release of Nelson Mandela and other ANC leaders from prison…He put in a satellite system RASCOM (Regional African Satellite Communication System) whereby all of Africa can make phone calls to any parts of the world without having to go through Europe and US, paying these colonial powers a fee to route those calls…This system allowed TV and Radio broadcast across all of Africa and parts of Asia without those frequencies being first routed through Europe then back to Africa…

      He put up thirty billion in Libya’s gold to create the African Union so all of Africa will be under one currency backed by gold and not subject to fiat currency that can be inflated or deflated by your enemies…When you listen to propaganda zionist media which controls 90% of this country’s media, you will hear and see what they want you to hear to justify their invasion and stealing of Libya’s wealth…Did this same media tell you that Israel signed a thirty year lease with NATO to open a military base within the first week of this so called humanitarian invasion? Did they also tell you about the European Central Bank that also opened the first week putting a country that had zero debt into debt to pay for this war these people did not ask for? Did CNN tell you this cellphone rape they alledged took place, that it was done by rebel soldiers and not Gaddafi loyalist? I have Drs and Human Rights activist reports showing that these so called puppets of NATO, US, and Europe who are in reality CIA/MOSSAD backed operatives are the ones committing the killings and rapes of Libyan citizens and blaming it on Gaddafi’s troops… Do your research before you go blaming the victim…You might not like Congress woman McKinney, but she is on the ground along with others from other nations and are seeing first hand what this lying media is covering up for this black puppet sitting in the WH…

  6. porsha says:

    Somebody black please help me understand why blacks feel so much apathy and a connection with the people of Libya? I am trying to wrap my brain around it. I am not a supporter of war but honestly when have the people of Libya publically speaked out about the hell and war that African Americans have gone through for centuries? And how are they my brothers and sisters? If you ask a Libyan if he is black he will say NO, and I have never heard of them calling US blacks their brothers and sisters. No, I do not agree with the War on Libya, but lets be clear folk…… They call themselves LIBYAN NOT BLACK!!!!!! Yes they are people of color, so are Mexicans, Puerto Ricans, Dominicans, and Peruvians, but none of these groups will identify themselves as BLACK, so how do I sound calling them my brothers and sisters when they do not identify themselves when they talk as my brothers and sisters over here in America?

    1. Sarah says:

      Check the sources bringing you news and information before you start believing what they say.. Al Jazeera is owned by the BBC, their Middle-East/Africa propaganda arm, just like CNN and FOX News are also right wing Zionist controlled…We don’t get news anymore in this country, we get Pentagon talking points to sell us wars of aggression…While this country starve it’s citizens to death, they have money to open another theatre of war ran by a black face, while the rest of black america loose the rest of our moral compass because they are so damn proud of the first african american president…

      1. Dalton says:

        Your story was really inofrmative, thanks!

    2. Betsy says:

      You really saved my skin with this inofrmtaion. Thanks!

  7. porsha says:

    sarah, I read your posts and you are always very informative, but it seems as though you want to glorify Fidel and Gaddafi or portray them as wonderful men, when the truth of the matter is that people in those regions want the freedoms and privaledges that we have in the United States- that is why most of them flee their homelands ran by these men to come to the US to pursue the american dream. You are obviously very well informed, while I on the other hand ,am not YET it does not take a scholar to wonder why if these countries are being ran effeciently and fair wouldn’t it’s people choose to happily stay there instead of fleeing to the United States. Cuba is a communist country and a lot of the people either stay and suffer under this dictatorship or flee to America. Say what you want but as evil as some of Americas ways are, there is no other country on Earth that I would rather be in. Not Africa. Not Libya. And a big no-no to Cuba. The fact of the matter is that these so called leaders of these countries have been corrupt as well and have been responsible for the state and under developement on their own countries. It is not fair to call President Obama a black puppet and suggest that supporters of Obama have lost their morals and sense of what is right. Like I said before if either of those countries are so Great why do the people of these countries ran by men of color or by ” brothers” as you say- want to come to the U.S? Sorry but America may not be perfect but with it’s melting pot of vast ethnicities, and with other countries having lotteries of its citizens wanting to flee to become american citizens suggests to me , a not so informed person, that this is the place to be.

    1. Sarah says:

      The people who fled or are fleeing Cuba are the white Cubans who’s wealth were taken from them by Castro when he took over and evenly distributed it rightfully to the majority peoples of color on this island…Batista who was in charge before Castro, was a mulatto like Obama who was brutal to black people while allowing whites to reap all the benefits and control almost one hundred percent of the wealth on this island…Havana was the Vegas in the 20′-50’s before Castro took control of this island nation…The American mob was running the casinos, prostitution and all manner of debauchary was being done before Castro put a stop to it…I have relatives who are Cubans who still live on the Island and have no interest in coming to the so called west for some perceived dream…The only ones you see complaining, are the so called “white Cubans” in Miami who exploited the majority blacks on this island to get wealthy…

      Every Nation on the African continent refer to themselves first by their tribe, then country…Nigerians are either Falasha, then Nigerian, this is how they classify themselves…We who live in these dis-united snakes of amerikkka, have bought into this “melting pot” BS and have lost our identity to who we are, try telling that to the Irish on St Patrick’s Day, the Italians on Columbus Day, Jews on Yon Kippur, they have to blend in, we’re the only group who believe to blend into nothingness will make us get liked by the vast majority of people…It has not in the over 500 years we’ve been in this par of the world, these people still see you dark skin, nappy hair that some of us try to alter with chemicals and hair color, marrying and having children with these people, etc…Nothing will change because we attempt to blend to make ourselves less noticeable…Gaddafi is of the Berber tribe, who happens to be a Libyan.. He was elected as a result of all the different tribal leaders coming together and making an election for a leader who happens to be Gaddafi, he’s the spiritual leader and not the ruler of Libya…People in Libya are first and foremost Libyan than Africans, this is the same representation through out the continent whereby people are referred by their tribes, then country…Blacks throughout the amerikkkas are told to refer to ourselves as African American when that is referring us to the continent and not a specific country or tribe…Indians, Chinese, Korean, Japanese, etc are refer to first by their country such as Chinese American, Italian American etc why are we the only group lumped together and refer to by a continent?

      I did not suggest followers of Obama has lost their morals, I said we used to be the moral compass of the world and everyone could use the black community to gauge what is wrong with the world, but black people have put down their sense of outrage to join the band wagon of corruption…Obama is a war criminal since he seems to think it was OK to assissinate Bin Laden without bringing him to a court of law to be proven guilty, has been bombing Yemen trying to kill an American citizen whom this administration deemed guilty of being unamerican and therefore need to be killed; invaded and is tying to kill a sovereign head of state Gaddafi, by bombing him and killing countless others as collateral damage…Where the hell does Obama get off trying to kill people at random? Because he’s black we’re going to give him a pass when we were calling Bush and Cheney all kinds of war criminals for doing the same thing? He has blood on his hands like all the other imperialists who sat in that oval office and made decisions that has affected all out us…I’m not glorify Gaddafi or Castro, it seems these leaders have hit upon a system of governing their countries without putting their people in debts, free education from kindergarten to university, free health care, and tax free income…What other country has nationalized their oil fields like Libya and said the oil coming out the ground in Libya belong to the people of Libya and was used for that purpose? Venezuela has done the same for their people that is why Chavez is demonized in propaganda media and told he was wrong…The US is damn selfish and only want the top five percent to own everything and the rest of us to be slaves to these people, while Chavez and Gaddafi has done the opposite, used their countries wealth to benefit the people and not corporations that are not from these countries…The earth is my home and where ever I have traveled, i’ve felt at home, i’m a global citizen who happens to be living in the US, if I feel like packing up and moving to some other country, which I might do in the next coming years, I will not have a problem leaving this country…Where in the US can you go to medical school free of charge? Cuba has trained more doctors serving in Africa and the americas for free with the only requirements, they must serve the under-served for at least five years…Can Harvard, or Yale medical school claim that distinction? When you go into a country and destabilize it in order to steal their natural resources, you will have massive migration with citizens fleeing out one door and corporations coming in the next door taking over these countries…I have no illusions about what is going on around the world by these imperialist with american soldiers used as the police to guard the stolen assets from these countries…Sorry to be so long winded but certain things has to be said…We have seen a dumbing down of the intelligence of american school children, they have removed certain courses from secondary school education such as Civics, Government which taught basic functions of government, we should ask ourselves why?

  8. porsha says:

    Sarah, I think I see where you are coming from, and all I can say is WOW. I always enjoy your comments live on air as well these comments because you are very informative. Maybe I have been over looking the facts and wanting to give America’s first black president a pass because he is black and deep down I want to beleive that he cant be corrupted.

    You have given me a lot of insight and it would seem likely that if America wants to control all the wealth in the world, that the first thing they would do is starve a country by not doing trade, demonize its leader, then like you said steal its natural resources right from under them. I must tell you this is so discouraging, because when you look at the Obama family, it says to me Black Pride, this is what the black family stands for, I just dont want to beleive that it is politics as usual with them.

    You have given me a lot to think about………..thankyou

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