ATLANTA (WAOK)- The Atlanta Public School board voted to formally accept the resignation of Chairman Khaatim El, however, that action seems unlikely to meet a Fulton County judge’s stated criteria.

APS Board Member Yolanda Johnson, insisted that the board ask the judge to clarify his previous stance that El’s leadership was lawful.

The judge overseeing the transition to new leadership had stated earlier that the vote to have El step down as chairman must be a unanimous vote. On Monday night the board voted 5 to 4 in favor of the move. El has said he will not step down unless the judge approves the decision.

Monday night’s vote was the first taken by the board regarding El since the May 23rd announcement of his resignation. If the move becomes official, it will allow the board to elect new leadership. It has been reported that should Khaatim El step down the leadership of the Atlanta School Board would then fall under long time member Brenda Muhammed and Reuben McDaniel.

Monday night’s meeting was also the final address to the board from outgoing school superintendent Dr Beverly Hall. Hall’s contract officially ends at the end of June. In her address Hall said the new superintendent would come in to a stronger school system.


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