According to the AJC, The man who threw the first punch in a random fatal attack on Bobby Tillman has agreed to plead guilty to murdering the 18-year-old. Both Douglas County District Attorney David McDade and the Attorney representing Emmanuel Boykins confirm this information. Click the audio link to hear the show…

laugh Too Much Truth Recap: Teen Agrees to Guilty Plea in Party Death

Also we took a vote on whether Wayne from Fayettville could come back on the show after his hilarious comment. Click the audio link to hear…

happy birthday balloons 2007 Too Much Truth Recap: Teen Agrees to Guilty Plea in Party Death

db2 Too Much Truth Recap: Teen Agrees to Guilty Plea in Party Death

And join me this Thursday as we celebrate my 45th Birthday!!  The Address is:

3752 Cascade Road

Atlanta, Ga 30331


Listen here to see what the owner of Wine Styles and Landon’s Restaurant, Ron Frieson, had to offer!!

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  1. Sarah says:

    I love Wayne and what he has to say…He makes me laugh and is informative in what he says in a comical way..Yes I vote for Wayne to call in as much as he wants, he keeps it very real…Derrick I wish I was still in town to celebrate with you, but all the best and may you live to see another forty five…Yo were born on my father’s birthday and that’s a good thing…These children and this senseless killing that we’re seeing at such young ages, is heart-breaking to watch and listen to..When we dont take control of our homes and children, we will raise little criminals who thinks that killing another hue-man, is the same as killing someone in a video game, whereby they will pop up again when you next sign on to play this game…

  2. porsha says:

    It breaks my heart to know that these black boys are literally DONE! To have so much or should I say too little compassion about another young brothers well being is what gets me. I dont think they thought they would kill him, but to hit someone because of something so silly is really sad and says a lot about where our youth are headed. Why do young black males and young black women have so much contempt for one another? I believe that it has a lot to do with the music that they are constantly listening to. It is like breathing in toxins that slowly change your thought process about you as a black male and your peers both male and female. A young male that walks my neighborhood w/ sagging pants, no shirt, tatooed up, w/ a black and mild in his mouth has been trying to gain the affection of my daughter. He curses, says the N word openly, and I remember walking my dogs when he approached me asking for permission to date my daughter, and I replied ABSOLUTELY NOT, I DO NOT ALLOW MY DAUGHTER TO DATE YOUNG BLACK MEN THAT THINK THE N WORD IS ACCEPTABLE OR SAGGING PANTS, PLUS YOU SMOKE AND MY DAUGHTER HATES THAT, AND YOU DISRESPECT HER BY CURSING USING ALL THAT GUTTER STREET LANGUAGE, SON JUST STEP BACK AND TAKE A LOOK AT YOURSELF AND YOUR BEHAVIOUR, CAN YOU REALLY BLAME HER FOR NOT BEING INTERESTED? He said yes maam and walked away. Since then he has tried to clean up his image, and deep down he is a nice young man, but no one probably told him how uncool this THUG FACADE really is with young women with class. These fake rappers are teaching our kids to admire material things, party all night, sleep all day, drink all the liquor you can stand, have all the sex you can stand, smoke all you can, hate your black brother cause hes jealous and wants what you got, clothes money cars, loose women,etc……, when all the while the rappers themselves live in exclusive gated communities, send their children to the best private schools away from black folk, meanwhile our children are walking around looking, talking, and acting like damn fools barely making it out of highschool! Until we wake up as a community and go after these record companies and really take a stand we will continue to lose our children to the penal system because I truly beleive that this toxic music and its subliminal messages is a strong part of the decline of our youth.

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