By Jean Ross

College Park (WAOK) Saying it’s acting in the interest of public safety, College Park officials will enact a  “dangerous dog” registry next month that some critics say is very close to canine profiling.

Residents owning dogs that have, without provocation, bitten someone during the last 12 years, will be required to register their pet with the city clerk’s office.  Pit bull, Doberman, Rottweiler and German shepherd owners, will also have to register their dogs whether they have ever attacked someone or not.

Registration will cost a $25 annual fee. Those who fail to register their dogs will face fines and confiscation of their pets.

Lawrenceville, LaGrange and Floyd County have all enacted their own versions of the ordinance but College Park appears to be the first municipality in Georgia to require registration for breeds beyond pit bulls.

There have been several recent pit bull attacks in areas near College Park.  Last August an infant was mauled and seriously injured by a pit bull in Clayton; two months later, a Jonesboro resident walking his dog was attacked by a neighbor’s pit bull.In addition, an animal control officer was bitten by a dog.

Critics are upset that no public hearings were held before the dog registry became law.


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  1. john says:

    Lets see the pit bull that mauled that baby, I have seen hundreds of pit bulls and haven’t seen an aggressive one yet. They seem to be very smart and very loyal.

  2. BettyS says:

    I was bitten by a schnauzer and there’s a golden retriever that runs amok here and attacks other dogs.

    I’ll use the catchphrase we gun owners like to use: registration leads to confiscation.

  3. Curtis says:

    Discriminating based on breeds its silly and unfounded. Any dog acts based on how its trained or untrained. This is pretty common knowledge now. Heck watch cesar millan on nat geo. Educate yourself.

  4. Hank Warren says:

    More and more regulations and taxes, yet another violation of our rights. Add it to the list of gov’t violations of our rights:
    They violate the 1st Amendment by placing protesters in cages, banning books like “America Deceived II” and censoring the internet.
    They violate the 2nd Amendment by confiscating guns.
    They violate the 4th and 5th Amendment by molesting airline passengers.
    They violate the entire Constitution by starting undeclared wars for foreign countries.
    Impeach Obama, vote for Ron Paul.
    (Last link of Banned Book):

    1. ZMEEKER says:

      Your outrage and psychosis is noted. But then you take your complaint to an online comment forum of a local TV station. Oh yes, that will get results. Fool.

    2. Jeb says:

      Ron Paul is a friggin’ nutcase. He has the potential to be worse than obummer. We don’t need a nut case druggie, we need a true conservative, a true constitutionalist…and Paul is NOT it.

    3. jasperddbgghost says:


      WE MEAN IT! ( We aren’t kidding….Cmon guys….please? =( )

    4. El_Dub says:

      Yeah…but the thing with this one is that it a LOCAL fee. So if you don’t like it…and more importantly if you live in the voting area of this LOCAL issue…then vote the “representatives” out. I notice you didn’t mention the 9th or 10th amendments which is exactly what this falls under. Maybe you should actually read the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. Don’t think for a second that Rep Paul as president would do a thing to interfere with a States Rights issue.

      1. Rick Redlum says:

        A member of the media reading the constitution. LOL that’s rich. Next thing you’ll ask them to actually love their country.

    5. mike souza says:

      You said it brother! Whats even worse is the fact that they can’t afford all the state,locan And Federal agencies and they keep adding to them.
      It’s sad to say such a great country fall as quickly as this nation

    6. Betty says:

      I thought Racial Profiling was against the Law. I have two beautifull German Sheppards. Over the course of my 74 years, I have owned eight including these two. They have all lived good happy long lives, and never bit anyone.
      I will protect my german sheppards with my gun and my life. By the way, I am a female living in California, with an 80 yr old husband.I have nodoubt that my dogs would protect us if the need ever arose. It5 is loyalty. In this society, we need all the help we can get. The thugsa seem to rule. I am keeping my guns also.
      Beware of OWNER

      1. Gardentoolnumber5 says:

        I agree. This is so the “authorities” will know when they send SWAT to your door if you have a dog that might bite them.

      2. rhonda says:

        I too am a female living alone and my four year old German Shepherd saved me from a home intrusion 2 years ago. A male found a window unlatched in a bathroom in the back of the house attempted entry into my home by stepping onto the central air but couldn’t quite make it up (i’m I a slight hill) had he stuck his head through that window he would have a found my boy waiting for him on the other side. He never made a sound, the burgler never knew he was “waiting” for him. My boy who is a noisy, luvable lug, who carrys his stuffed animal squeaky toys around with him went totally stealth. I do believe he would have gone for that mans throat. The police did get him several weeks later a short distance from my house attempting entry into another house, but he will never know how close him came to dying that night. German Shepherds will die protecting you. My boy is a sweet old bear of a dog, makes a lot of noise, scares people because of his size but has never bitten or hurt anyone.

      3. Jay says:

        I agree on standing up for animals that cause no harm and offer protection. I would also insist on immeadiately euthanizing any dog that bit someone (severely) out of the blue, regarless of how “harmless” they’d been in the past. 100% freedom also means 100% responsibility.

      4. sueb says:

        You have German ShepHERDs not sheppards. They herd sheep – get it? Dogs are not “race”, they have breeds. Dogs do not have consititutional rights! Breed specific legislation is ridiculous. It is the owner, not the dog. Bigger/powerful dogds are more dangeruous only becausde they can do more damage.

  5. NoParty says:

    This will end up like gun registrations, only honest, honorable pet owners will register and those who use and abuse their so called “dangerous dogs” will not. Will Kennels, police dogs, service dogs all be subject to the $25.00 fee? This is a poorly thought out way to make money, and it might result in dogs being abandoned or put into shelters. Who thought of this foolish idea? I have a German Shepherd and he is as gentle as can be, he loves people, he would lick them to death, not bite, but, if someone attacked me, he would in all probability protect me.. That is part of the reason I have him. Its a good thing I don’t live in Georgia.

  6. Adam Scott says:

    This has been proven time and again to be ineffective in preventing dog attacks… why not look into these programs, and better alternatives instead of wasting your time and money. All you have to do is look to your nearest Pit Bull Rescue Organization; they will point you to people in your area with real solutions instead of pandering to public fears.

  7. hotdoggies says:

    Any of you dog owners that don’t like this law but LIKE gun control, here you go… Same thing.. Pay a penalty or more money to simply OWN this animal, or they’ll curb your privy’s (Well, in gun ownership 2nd amendmt is a right).. Kinda stinks, don’t it?

  8. John says:

    I have a better idea. How about euthanize all pitbulls and leave all those other types of dogs alone.

  9. Teacakes says:

    BS! It’s not profiling a dog….it’s a way to get money. Registration fee=tax $$.

  10. codecrackx15 says:

    This has nothing to do with safety. This has EVERYTHING to do with fleecing people for more money. The Federal and Local Government’s keep pushing and pushing and there will be a tipping point.
    So when do the people need to start doling out a $25.00 registration fee for the right to breathe air? What next???

  11. jim craig says:

    And registration will make these dogs tamer with more responsible owners? I don’t think so. It’s just another way to get a few more dollars for the gov to waste.

  12. Tom says:

    This could be stopped pretty fast – just don’t allow blacks under the age of 35 to own animals.

  13. Marvin G says:

    It’s about time! Also a $100 fine if your dog is off the leash in public and a $250 fine for not cleaning up after they do their business. I love dogs but entirely sick of irresponsible owners. Ban Pit Bulls completely.

  14. borntobepolitical says:

    How different is a pit bull that is bread to kill and a loaded gun?

    1. sueb says:

      Loaded guns do not go off by themselves. A dangerous dog can run through a neihbor hood and maul an innocent child or pet.

  15. Davey Mac says:

    With few exceptions kids and dogs end up behaving as a reflection on how they are raised. To categorically demand that all dogs in these breeds MUST be registered is an extremely ignorant statement. But, hey, consider the source.

  16. Boxer_Owner says:

    It’s not the breed or the dog, it’s the owners. Yes, certain breeds have more agressive dispositions than others, but in reality it’s how they’re handled that is really the major variable on how they act. A lot of people are ignorant when it comes to dog ownership and are irresponsible. Dogs aren’t toys, they’re living animals and in some cases they’re very large and powerful and should be respected as well as given obedience training at an early age. They’re pack animals so you need to establish you’re boss early, but that doesn’t include beating them and chaining them outside for hours on end with no socialization with people or other dogs, that creates mean animals. Also, I’ve owned Shepards and have friends with Pitbulls and they’re big softies. They would never hurt a fly. Once again, it’s the owner and not the dog. Besides the only dogs I”ve seen biting people are those little foofoo dogs.

    1. sueb says:

      Shepherds not sheppards !

  17. Elizabeth says:

    Pure $$ grab. Come on and give over your dollars to your betters. They have nice pensions that need funding. Pay raises, too.

  18. Irish67 says:

    Dogs are the least of our problems. I havent read any stories about dogs forming a mob and robbing stores, or swarming city buses, or forcibly entering water parks, or robbing 80 year old men for $5, or engaging in gang warfare on public beaches. I was just reading a story where a black youth bit the ear off of someone he attacked, so dog bites arent even the worst of our worries.

    When black and hispanic youths have to register as dangerous human beings (though I use the term loosely) then I’ll consider registering my dog. And if you think my 12 yo German Shepherd with a bad hip is dangerous, wait to see what happens if they try to ‘confiscate’ him.

  19. Yeah Right says:

    Wow… College Park officials thanks for taking a proactive stance in looking out for the safety and well being of your community. Except there is one very big problem. Why would you require dogs that have never bitten anyone to register? I have a German Shepard dog that is very well trained, great around family and friends, and very protective of children. Your requirement is analogous to requiring ALL politicians to register with the authorities just because a FEW bad ones broke the law and lied to their constituents. Ridiculous isn’t it?

    Your pathetic ruse to generate tax revenue is despicable. Stand up, be adults and call it what it is, another way to take more money out of the taxpayers pockets. You ought to be ashamed of yourselves.

    1. dhdh says:

      you are an idiot – why would you requrie dogs that have bitten someone already to register? They shoudl be dead and buried at that point.

      1. mkboog says:

        So they are an idiot for having a difference of opinion? What if the dog bit someone due to provocation. Or a dog that accidentally nipped someone because they were not paying attention and step on the dogs foot? That absolutely means the animal is dangerous and needs to be put done doesn’t it? Critical thinking is a skill that appears to be quickly vanishing.

      2. Linda says:

        Not always, but many times, if someone gets bit by a dog, they deserve that bite because dogs have no other way to protect themselves. Not all dogs who bite are dangerous. You are wrong when you say that dogs who have bitten should be dead and buried. My chow was beaten with two metal bats by two little brats to the point that he screamed for several days afterwards when touched. He stood and took the beating. Neighbors caught the brats in the act and they fled. I can tell you this, he did not bite those brats, but they would have deserved it. Unfortunately though, he would have lost his life if he had because of people like you. You can’t lump all dogs in the same category.

      3. Winjammer says:

        Jack@zz dhdh wandered out of mommy’s basement long enough to make an inane comment. Know your subject before calling other people idiots.

      4. onearmedninja says:

        That is because dead dogs don’t pay registration fees, but it’s all for public safety.

      5. Jim says:

        We had a dog (German Shepard) who was never allowed to leave the walled yard. A child from next door climbed over the wall and was playing in our pool. His mother came around and came in our yard and started beating on her child. Our dog BIT the mother because he knew the child. Minimal injuries. Nothing happened with the law, but the woman sued and got $15,000 because our insurance did not want to fight it. Two sides to every story.

  20. Chris S. says:

    Unbelievable. As someone who’s raised Dobermans all my life, I find this atrocious. Dobermans, like any dog, are a product of their environment. I’ve kept mine close to me and treated them like family and they have, in turn, been there through my childhood and that of my three children. In fact, I have a Weimaraner that is far more aggressive than any Doberman I’ve ever had. It’s been bad enough that owners of these breeds have been profiled when it comes to insurance and apartment rentals, but this…this is off the chart!

    1. gjhg says:

      waaaa touch my kid at the airport because some animal hugging lefty wanker fears the boogeyman but NOOOO DON’:T MAKE MY DOG REGISTER because it might bite someone that’s horrendous! STFU.

    2. Mary Wright Pippert says:

      They should tax the people instead. My daughter has two pit bulls that are the sweetest things ever and the the other one has a rottweiler . I have only been bitten by toy poodles and chihuahuas. Now there is a dangerous animal.

    3. Alyson G. says:

      Chris I totally agree! I have had dobermans the past 18 years and they all have been dolls. I have a Bouvier des Flandres as well and that breed was bred as guard and military dogs. Will the police department have to pay $25 for their police dogs or ban the use of dobermans and german shepards for police, search and rescue, cadaver dogs etc. because of breed profiling., Any dog can become aggressive when not properly socialized, handles or cared for.

      1. gjhg says:

        I’m actually a super moron!!

    4. scottc says:

      amen. absolutely ridiculous, ineffective, and unnecessary. i own a dobie rescue, a pit rescue, and a prissy little Pom mix Katrina rescue named Sugar – of these three, the biter in the bunch is Miss Shug, who has bitten a neighbor and continues to keep my two “vicious bad boys” in their place. so add Sassy Southern Pomeranian Princesses to your list of Dangerous Dogs, College Park Pansies – and please educate yourselves before knee-jerking – your ignorance is perpetuating stereotypes that are not grounded in reality.

      1. Mr. Shug says:

        Poms are known as biters.

        Would never have one.

  21. Ladonna says:

    Fine idea! Since these breeds of dogs are responsible for a lower percentage of all dog attacks than the percentage amount of crimes committed by Black Males we should register all Black Males and charge them a $1,000 a year fee. Then we should force people with drivers licenses to pay an additional $1,000 a year because they are responsible for the majority traffic accidents.

    Are these the next steps? What kind of Nazis pass these rulings? This is just another government fund raiser. You people voted them in you deserve what you get.

  22. dave says:

    check springfield,mo for pit bull ordinance.

    1. Dandee says:

      And CA insurance companies already charge extra to homeowners who own certain breeds.

  23. Hank says:

    I like the idea but German Shepherds? Really? When was the last time you heard a German Shepherd attack someone? That’s like linking Einstein with Bonny and Clyde.

    1. martin says:

      let em come to collect my fine, I’ll sick fido on em as trespassers.

      actually GS are more dangerous than any but the trained pitbull, VERY protective of the person they adopt as thier “master”

    2. Angel in CA says:

      When you look at CDC statistics for fatal dog bites (1979-98) the German Shepherd is right up there in the top 3. In this case, they picked four breeds out of the top 6 (skipped Husky type and Malamutes that have more fatal bites than for instance the Doberman). I am against this breed-profiling, but why these four? Why not include the Great Dane, Chow Chow and Saint Bernard, who have about the same numbers?

  24. duh_swami says:

    Try and take away my dog, and you are going to have a lot of trouble…

    1. wtetw says:

      no taking – just put a bullet in its head if it bites me – simple solution.

      1. Aaron says:

        If my dog bites you for no reason, I’ll be the one putting a bullet in it.

        But having german shepards on that list is proof this is a money grab, not public safety.

      2. Dave says:

        And there’ll be one in yours a quarter second later, if it’s large enough to receive it.

      3. goose says:

        Look at the statistics. Small dogs bite humans far more frequently than big dogs.Small dog bites are thought to be less dangerous, but a poode can hurt a kid just as badly as a Rottweiler.

        My Rottie is superbly trained and would only attack if someone threatened her people inside of her yard or home. Of course, if someone broke in to my house, they would be lucky to only get bitten. If I am home they will get bitten by the bsuiness end of a shotgun.

        My dogs are part of my family. If a kid torments my dog or harms my dog, the kid will end up on my dangerous person registry and their parents will have to pay my $5,000 per child fee.

  25. TheLaw says:

    Typical Government.

  26. ricardo maxwell says:

    Unfortunately, there is an abundance of evidence to justify this action, as totalitarian as it sounds. The alternative is let citizens carry firearms (Second Amendment right) and shoot any dangerous animal they may encounter in self defense. A good amendment to that might be to dispatch the owner as well.

    1. muddahen says:

      Are you kidding me? There is no justification and it is as totalitarian as it sounds! By your logic, all men should register as possible sex offenders simply because of their ‘breed’.

      Ya’ll want to change this? Start recalls on all those idiots and put in people who have common sense.

    2. mike fisher says:

      Really? How is that $25 dollar a year tax going to protect anybody from a dog attack?

    3. Dave Gamble says:

      Oh, I see. And having a registration on file will stop a dog from biting. Makes perfect sense.

    4. Matthew says:

      What abundance of evidence? That dogs are dangerous? How about dealing with actual dangerous dogs rather than lumping them all together? Does the SPCA have to register the “Dangerous Dogs” they are trying to save?

      I can’t imagine registering my dog as a “dangerous dog” based on his looks. Yet, if the people refuse to do something this illogical, they could have their dog taken away. I certainly prefer the armed citizen idea.

  27. Doug Rose says:

    This should be done throughout the United States!

    1. Solar storm says:

      Doug, please pack your bags, renounce your citizenship and head on out to your local communist country; leave the rest of us in peace.

  28. larry overit says:

    Absolutely ridiculous, Dobermans are always lumped in with “vicious” dogs, You are more likely to be bitten by a little 5 pd dog than you are most of the “vicious” breeds.

    1. David says:

      I agree, you can’t just narrow it down to specific breeds, although evidence shows that certain breeds can’t seem to stay out of trouble both with humans, and other k9s. The bully breeds have become a status symbol among many gang members that don’t understand the power behind the pit especially. The small 5 lbs dogs can be aggressive to everything but that being said, don’t have the ability to kill or fatally maim like large aggressive dogs.

  29. sirock says:

    The erosion of our right where did we go so far from our principals

  30. Kosh of Vorlon says:

    Atlanta would be better off to make “Dog Whisperer” training mandatory for all Atlantans!

  31. James says:

    Welcome to the new Amerika where the government rules us and pushes us around like rats in a maze. The new Amerika where police officers are used to collect fees through petty tickets and other coercive means to finance the state. Public servants are no longer servants – they are our masters.

  32. pitter43 says:

    This is typical democrat/liberal stupidity. Ban everything. 0 tolerance= 0 thought.

    1. fghdhg says:

      I agree but then again you’re stupid – no one is banning anything

      1. mr says:


        Really? No one is banning anything here? Do you think that once people have registered their dogs as dangerous they will be allowed to keep them? Do you see the next step? “We see here you have a registered dangerous dog in the house with children. We’re going to have to either take away the dog or the children, for your own safety.”

  33. John Seaman says:

    How about a danerous children registry. There are lot more of them than dangerous dogs.

  34. CD says:

    They should register the owners NOT the dogs!!!

    1. jasperddbgghost says:

      How come every time I see a case of one of these dogs biting someone, it’s an illegal, or Tyrone, or Jose, or Toe-feeta or one of Eric Holders “People” that have this dog and make it bad for all the other non “Eric Holders People” to own this type of dog. Stop looking at the dog and start looking at the skin color.

      Jus’ sayin! Don’t hayt!

  35. Valarie says:

    Using common sense, statistics, logic and deduction is PROFILING? …o..m…g… This world is going straight to heck.

    1. Marie says:

      What statistics can you POSSIBLY be talking about? When is the last time you heard of a frikkin doberman or german shephard attacking someone? Ban stupid owners!! I have know more well behaved dobermans that frikkin wiener dogs!

    2. DonM says:

      Some of us think that registering inoffensive dogs is not common sense. Some of us think that the statistics that show pitbulls are inoffensive and friendly dogs are convincing. Some think logic requires distinguishing between good and bad people, and good and bag dogs, rather than punish good with the bad.

      And if registered, how will that registration do anything? # there is the registration, how does it prevent a dog from getting loose?

    3. mike fisher says:

      Common sense would suggest that a $25 tax on a dog will not prevent a bad dog from attacking. Just how does this tax protect people?

  36. Jason says:

    Just another way to fleece the public. $25 a year…really?

  37. Greg says:

    We have a German Shepherd who has never bit anyone. Yes he looks like he would love to bite you but thats just a look. We also have 3 airedales that are english police dogs. They will bite you if you stick your hand out to pet them. Why did you leave them off the list. We have a dog grooming shop. The worst biting dogs are the little white ones. They should also be listed. Get the picture? Dogs bite, its nature

    1. Doug says:

      I used to be a paperboy and one house on my route had a Chihuahua. It was a vicious little beast and he bit me on the ankle. His teeth were like needles..

      1. Mary Wright Pippert says:

        I had one try to take my ankle off. He was a hit and run. He literally would run at you bite and runoff. Strange animal.

    2. cbvc says:

      people kill animlas that bite them – that’s nature as well. I assume you’ll be OK with that?

  38. Barry DeLeed says:

    Tyranny disguised as public good.

    1. Ghost Chance says:

      There are some common sense laws that could be created here like the out right ban on all pit bulls and mixed breeds. I think confiscation and extermination of all those currently alive makes sense, based on the statistics of the unprovoked attacks on innocent victims. It is interesting to see that the breed of choice by white trash seems to be the pit bull. Amazing how that fit right in that stereotype.

      1. Ghost Chance says:

        By the way, I meant pit bull mixes, not the every day variety of mixed breeds.

      2. ProudPitOwner says:

        Another misinformed fool.
        I’d love to see these “statistics” you claim.
        I know for a fact they don’t exist, so I’m curious what orifice you’ll pull them from.

        The American Pit Bull Terrier is one of the BEST human companion canines in existence.
        Human aggression was intentionally and brutally bred out of them. (brutally because they would put down the dog, its siblings, its parents, and any offspring for showing aggression toward a human)
        Learn the facts. The vast majority of reports of “pit bull attacks” incorrectly identify the breed.
        Those that are actually done by pits are the result of a terrible and cruel owner with a napoleon complex who shouldn’t be allowed to own any pet.

        Funny you chose that name, because your argument doesn’t stand a ghost of a chance either…

      3. YesIOwnAPitbull! says:

        wow, you are an idiot.. White trash own pitbulls? What about a household with 3 college degrees and two well paying jobs that choose to own the best breed on the planet! Pitbulls are the most family (and kid) friendly breed I’ve ever owned.

      4. Winjammer says:

        I have an even better idea, Ghosty, why don’t we ban all those jerks who fight pit bulls, better yet lets exterminate all of them, like that waste of life Michael Vick and his ilk. How about that! What a racist piece of ignorance you are with that white trash comment. I don’t know how someone so stupid has the ability to take a breath.

      5. LikeItLumpIt says:

        Let’s exterminate all the pit bulls on the planet!

  39. BBS says:

    Wow, another pop culture-inspired tax!

  40. omg says:

    My pug is more dangerous than my german shepard. Any dog can be dangerous if not trained correctly.

  41. Scott Ronpaul McDevitt II says:

    This is rediculous…way to get all involved in ppls rights to own dogs… now if the dog has bitten someone that is one thing..

    1. ruty says:

      hmmmmm you don;t happen to be one of those anti-gun nuts saying people shouldn’t be allowed to have them because someone could get killed are you? See any hypcorisy there numbskull?

  42. BpSitRep says:

    I wholly agree with Pit Bulls being registered, since that breed is always in the news with unprovoked attacks upon human beings. It’s a breed that needs to be outlawed. Do you own research, put in ‘pit bull dog attacks’ in your internet search, you’ll be amazed, alarmed, and informed.

    1. SSK1ATX says:

      If you were to do your research, then I’m sure you came across this article:

      “Astoundingly, for most of our history America’s nickname for Pit Bulls was “The Nanny Dog”. For generations if you had children and wanted to keep them safe you wanted a pit bull, the dog that was the most reliable of any breed with children or adults.”

      Your lack of clarity with regards to the real issue is what I find “alarming”.

    2. A. Kenney says:

      Do an internet search on crime committed by African American males; you’ll be amazed, alarmed, and informed. Stupid and racist, right? Now see how dumb you look lumping an entire breed of dogs under the ‘vicious’ label?

      BTW my pit was attacked and bitten six times by a Jack Russell that escaped its yard while we were out for a walk–and he did nothing. Register the Jack Russell I say!

      1. YesIOwnAPitbull says:

        too funny, my Pitbull ended up with 8 stitches from a Jack Russell that tore his ear while at the dog park…. BAN or Register all Jack Russell’s!!!!!

    3. ProudPitOwner says:

      You are a fool.
      How about doing some ACTUAL research into those attacks and confirming how many were actually American Pit Bull Terriers, will you?
      95% of stories reporting attacks by pit bulls incorrectly identify the breed, and are based on assumption and ignorance.
      In truth, the APBT was trained as a fighting dog. It was strictly trained to fight OTHER DOGS!!!
      ANY aggression toward humans was considered extremely dangerous, as humans were in the ring during these fights. Dogs showing any sign of human aggression were not allowed to fight or breed.
      This was a VERY CONTROLLED environment.
      It is shameful to use dogs in fighting, but it is more shameful for ignorant fools to spout nonsense about a topic they clearly know NOTHING about.
      I own a pit bull, and he is the sweetest, most loving dog I’ve ever had.
      He loves my little girl and would defend her at all costs.

      How dare you sir…

      This registry is a farce, lead by knee-jerk reacting morons who found a way to make a few bucks.
      Learn the facts!!!

      1. Flashman says:

        I love how all the pit bull owners say their dogs are so sweet and wouldn’t hurt a fly.

        You sir have shown your ignorance by making a case against your views when you state that the bred was trained to fight other dogs in a controlled environment. You admit the bred was trained to be aggressive and fight. But, the real world is not a controlled environment. Additionally, it’s not only the fear of these animals attacking humans, it’s also the fear of them attacking other pets. You admit they are trained to fight other dogs, and most of us don’t want our dogs attacked by bully, killer, dogs.

        Here’s the test: would you allow your dog to go into a large public park, unattended, and spend a few hours. A park that had many kits, other dogs, etc. A large city park. Would you feel comfortable with that?

      2. ProudPitOwner says:

        I can see that reading comprehension isn’t one of your strong points.

        The “controlled environment” was the breeding selection process.
        The dogs in the ring were trained to fight. Any dog can be trained to fight.
        That does not mean their breed, as a whole, will fight.
        As another poster put, their own pit was attacked by another dog and did nothing. Some will, some won’t.
        If provoked by another dog, I’d expect mine to react. He wouldn’t be violent or bloodthirsty, but he will defend himself, as any dog would.

        Any “fear” that they would attack humans is the fault of the human, not the dog. There is nothing to indicate that they should be feared but misinformation and media hysteria.
        Any “fear” that they would attack other dogs is baseless.
        A dog must be trained to attack. Pit bulls are not inherently going to attack any dog they see. That is a fool-hearted and incorrect assumption on your part.
        They are not “bullies” or “killers”. Irresponsible owners make raise them to be mean.

        And yes, I would feel perfectly safe with my dog running unattended in a park, and hope that some other dog that is ACTUALLY aggressive didn’t attack him.
        The kids would be perfectly safe with my dog.
        The breed is notorious for being good with children.
        They were known as “The Nanny Dog” for decades for taking good care of children, before being ignorantly defiled by the likes of people like you.

        Try to expand your intellect and research to include sources other than a ratings based media. You might actually learn something.

      3. YesIOwnAPitbull says:

        Flashman – I own a pitbull and YES I would take you up on your test! Pitbulls are not bad dogs, it is certain owners that are bad and choose to raise their dogs to be aggresive. Mine is the sweetest little boy and is amazing with all people and other dogs.

      4. LikeItLumpIt says:

        All caucasion pit bull owners are white trash,

      5. LikeItLumpIt says:

        Sir, I hope your pit bull terriers (or should I say terrorists) break out of your yard only to get run over by a big truck. Have a nice day.

  43. JB says:

    What about Akitas and Corsos? Lets get it right people.

  44. jimkress says:

    “Those who fail to register their dogs will face fines and confiscation of their pets.” Over my dead body. You will NOT be allowed to extort money from me nor will you be allowed to steal my property nor will you be allowed to kidnap my dog!

    1. Doug says:

      “I call that bold talk from a one-eyed fatt man!”

    2. Ghost Chance says:

      Just what are you going to do about it? This says a lot about you.

      1. ProudPitOwner says:

        Sounds to me like he’s going to defend his property from theft.
        Reasonable by any standard…

        Move along, nothing to see here.

  45. 911 millionaire says:

    Not necessary, my dog kills quickly. Have a nice day!

  46. Soul Leister says:

    Note there is an annual fee to have your dog on the list (that is an additional TAX for those vicious dogs… if you snoozers and beagle owners don’t complain now, you sill be next and then cats too and then birds, lizards, children, etc). Aside from the money/revenue to the local government the police will know how many bigger dogs they have to bring with them when they kick down your door to collect the governments student loans. WAKE UP PEOPLE.

  47. Doglover says:

    Take away my dogs and ill do exactly what the french did. Import Barbary Apes, which by nature attack the genitalia.

  48. kimm says:

    We have damned TERRORISTS coming here along with illegals through open southern boarders, as well as terrorists who already have their backsides parked in this country, making our lives hell at airports and other venues, but you all are making a DOG REGISTRY? REALLY?

    I’ll take my chances with those “nasty” pitts, rotties, etc…….. It is time our government, local, state and federal, start doing something about REAL safety issues in this country and leave the dogs alone!

    BTW, I have known (but not owned) a number of pitts, rotties, dobies and shepherds. Not one “dangerous” dog in the bunch.

  49. John Steel says:

    THis sounds very similar to Gun Registration. Once you registar yourDangerouse dog and pa a Fee ( TAX ). The the next step is they wau=it for an incident and then ban your dogs. They now know were they are and They will send the pound to pick them up… DON’T DO IT !!!

  50. A. Levy says:

    Obviously, the officials of College Park are too stupid to understand that it’s not the dogs who are dangerous, but their owners. Dogs are not born vicious, they’re taught to be vicious. Of course, this could simply be another sneaky way for political hacks to get their hands into your pockets.

  51. Randy says:

    Your county officials, who shouldn’t have been even elected dog catchers, are on the verge of using emotion-laden rhetoric to enact an “assualt dog ban”. See any parallels? The busy bodies are encroaching on your personal freedom and demonizing regular people in the name of, “we know better than you how you should live.” They are also fining you for a crime your dog hasn’t committed. If they have the audacity to pass ordinances like this, what else do they plan on doing to your freedoms?

  52. Russ Riediger says:

    I live in College Park and was charged by a pair of large unleashed dogs who stopped just short when the owner called them. My family has been menaced by large unleashed dogs, including a German Shepherd, on two other occasions. I have seen Pit Bulls roaming free on two occasions. I can’t comment on the political process, but the carelessness of dog owners in our area is a public safety problem that needs to be fixed.

    1. SSK1ATX says:

      Doesn’t your area have leash-laws?

    2. codecrackx15 says:

      Yeah, so paying $25 dollars to the city is going to do it??? Nothing will change dude, the money will just get spent by the city and you will have the same issues. Wake up people. Stop believing your elected liars.

    3. alyson g. says:

      Russ: The issue is the people in your area and not necessarily the dogs. Remember that dobermans and german shepards are used by the police for the public good, is your police department going to ban these breeds for police work?Will they be paying a $25 per dog per year fine and having their dogs distroyed for biting? Where does this profiling end? I have had dobermans for 18 years and have been involved in rescue work as well. Any dog, regardless of the breed, can become aggressive and dangerous ifr it is not socialized, handled responsibly and well cfared for. Again the problem is human vs. dog!!

  53. Kctluvver says:

    I’d say let’s kill off all dogw which weigh over 10 punds and be done with it.

  54. DEE says:

    SO I guess this is one more “brilliant ” idea to get tax payers to pay even more. 25 dollar annual fee? Shouldnt be a fee at all, since it isnt taxpayers wanting this in the first place.

  55. victor says:

    Some of the breads don`t cause problems,,,but Pit Bulls, rocttweilers and dobermans are the worst….this ordanice should make any dog that has bitten anyone be registered and have an ins. policy for 500,000 dollars on them….as they will attack again..and hold the person who owns the dog responsable for their dogs acts…

    1. Craig B says:

      You, sir, are a moron.

  56. Wm says:

    ‘canine profiling’ – what a joke!

  57. Pete Gaughenba says:

    So, in a predominately black city with a crime rate nearly TRIPLE the national average ( all the city leaders can find to worry about is the breed of my dog and collecting a tax therefrom?
    How about doing some things to lower the crime rate, or the unemployment rate? Why is College Park so concerned about the breeds of supposedly violent animals but are completely unconcerned with the genetic makeup of statistically provable violent [ahem, black] citizens?
    Why is stereotyping OK for dogs but not for people? Are all pit bulls (or German Shepherds, or Rotts, etc) dangerous when only one out of 500 ever bite, but one out of every 4 black men are either incarcerated or on probation/parole and it is wrong to prejudge them.

    1. codecrackx15 says:

      They vote for democrats who just want the money. Libertarians and Republicans don’t promise to babysit people but the Democrats will… so with stupid people in office you get stupid laws to fleece the people.

  58. DEE says:

    (actually , they already know who has what dog and where it resides, by the Dog license forms that many apply for) And there is a fee for that as well. As we all know.

  59. bill says:

    This is complete BS! These animals are not dangerous, for the most part, anything with a brain can go crazy, unless they are raised in an way to make them so. I have had pits and rots all my life. None of them have ever been mean. The only dog I had that was, was a Great Dane. I had to have him put down because he would get out of every thing I could put up. I didn’t believe a dog could chew though chain link fencing until he did it.

  60. cwpritts says:

    Why don’t they make the owners of these dogs register themselves? Owneers are the ones causing the dogs to be the way they turn out. There are many kinds of these dogs that have never attacked anyone but all you hear about are the bad ones. Dogs are not going to attack people if they are treated humanely.

  61. Joleen says:

    How about a dangerous owner registry instead? Any owner whose dog bites without provocation should be registered and never allowed to own another dog.

  62. cbeyer says:

    THis is simply ridiculous. We have owned four Dobermans and they are wonderful loving dogs and incredible with children. None of them ever showed any aggressiveness with anyone other than barking when someone came to the door. I would bet a fortune that 9 out of ten news reports of vicious dog attacks are related to PIT BULLS…not Dobermans or Rottweilers.

  63. Sid Fein says:

    Imagine that, yet another democrat government trampling on your civil rights. Still wanna vote liberal, college park? This is what you get! You people made your bed now go lay in it.

  64. Andrew James says:

    Do the police departments have to register their viscous german shepherd who do actually bite someone? I mean since someone who owns a german shepherd who is the biggest sweetheart in the world and sleeps more than awake has to…. only seems fair. The law is the law, and for the law to be effective those who enforce the law must also abide by it….. but we all know that wont happen.

  65. Armed Texan says:

    How will they verify the breed of the dog in question?

  66. Owner says:

    Have these fools ever owned a doberman? The only bad dog is one that’s trained to be. Idiots who raise dangerous animals are as irresponsible as idiots who elect brainless politicians.

    Looks like my dobies just officially became ‘mutts.’ Prove they aren’t.

  67. adela says:

    The noose is tightening around our necks…the dictatorship of the ekte is comming.

  68. Paul Alexander says:

    Poodles, chihuahua, and pomeranians bite more people than any breed. Oh well. Proud German Shepherd Dog owner, they get put on the list because of cops and people are scared of them.

  69. Susan says:

    I can see the value of having a registery for dogs that have bitten people in the past, be they Chihuahuas or Pit Bulls. Requiring owners to register dogs of a certain breed seems like it’s a revenue raising scam more than anything else. What possible value is there in this list? If the purpose is to make it easier to locate a Doberman, for example, that bites someone, can’t information about who in the municipality owns a Doberman be drawn from the standard license information, the same way it would be for a Yorkie or Collie or whatever? This law is simply unfair and suggests that these dogs are more likely to bite or to cause serious injury than other breeds, which is not necesarily true; a fact to which I can attest after a life time of owning small dogs that are not required to register.

  70. Joe says:

    Would someone please explain how having dog information written down in the office of a bureaucrat prevents that dog from biting? Obviously this is just another ‘revenue maker’ for local government. If the public welfare really mattered to them there would be a muzzle law enacted.

    By this same logic, you should have to register and pay $25 for your car if you’ve had an accident in the past 12 years as it could be considered potentially dangerous to society. Or register your kid and pay $25 if he got into a fight, or register the trees in your yard in case branches fall on people. This is completely asinine; creating a registry will not increase publicly safety in the least.

  71. Jbyrd says:

    Punish deeds not breeds- any more control for ya? With a side of constitutional violations???

  72. MJ Druitt says:

    This is the same mentality the KKK has toward people. Well, this IS the south, after all.

  73. Michael says:

    Just one more example of the nanny police state in action. Some breeds are more dangerous than others? I’d argure that if a golden retriever was treated the same was that some of the gangsta thugs treat their pit-bulls, they be dangerous too.

    So if some breeds of dogs are genetically predisposed to being more agressive and prone to violent unprovoked attacks, does the same line of reasoning appy to human beings?

    Are some breeds of human beings genetically predisposed to being more agressive and prone to violent unprovoked attacks? Should we start a registry of them as well? Of course not, that would be called racism.

    We are a nation that believes in individial rights and responsibilities, not collective ones. If some owns a vicious dog that is violent and harms somebody, then put the owner in jail and slap him with a hefty fine for the medical bills. he can say on probation until he pays the bills or go sit in jail if he doesn’t pay.

    Hold people accountable for their actions, not what MIGHT happen. This is NOT “Minority Report”

    I’ll bet you a buck, the people who passed this (Nanny State Law) ordinance are Democrats.

  74. Bob says:

    Why don’t you charge by the pound??

  75. Kelly says:

    Well, it’s about damned time! Too many thugs and criminals have turned these breeds into dangerous weapons -for status, street cred, or perhaps to make up for their own inadequacies. Unfortunately, this ordinance doesn’t go far enough. Owners of any attack dog breed should have to carry a license the same as any handgun owner. If they are convicted felons, then no dog. And if a convicted felon is caught with an attack dog, then they should go to jail – the same as if they had been caught with a gun. COMMON SENSE PEOPLE!!!

    1. DonM says:

      And if the attack owner doesn’t get a license we run him out of town too. And anyone who “looks scary to me”. they get run out of town too.

      Racism much?

    2. codecrackx15 says:

      Yeah, common sense… why don’t you try it some time. Never mind…ignorance must work for you.

  76. Morris says:

    I have sat for pets professionally for 7 years. Any properly trained dog will not ordinarily bite. Some of our nicest dogs have been pit bulls. Our worst dogs for bites are chihuahuas and dachshunds. One German shepherd snapped when she was ill and didn’t want to be bothered. I strongly believe that if College Park wants to “do something”, it should register the owners of biting dogs and forbid them from having pets.

  77. louis gonzales says:

    Another overstepping of government, to confiscate more money from the citizens.

    ALL dogs will bite when provoked, ALL cats would scratch or bite when provoked…. why exempt some? To try and justify compelling the people into what amounts to plain extortion.

  78. roxanne says:

    I never hear of attacks by German Shepherds. They are even tempered. That is why they are used in law enforcement.

  79. Mike says:

    leave us alone.

  80. Richard Carpenter says:

    The nanny state for a nation of cowards…

  81. Dean says:

    This place must be run by a bunch of Democrat liberal wack jobs. Stay out of my home and back yard and shove it if you think you can make me pay you my hard earned money to reigister my dog just because of it’s breed.

  82. razrbak says:

    of course no public input, after all only the elected elite are smart enough to know what is best for the rest of us

  83. isanti says:

    more uneducated people jumping the shark on an issue that has been over hyped by the media and governement officials. not all pitbull, rotts, gs, or dobe are dangerous. it is another attack on personal liberties, if it where not an attack then why single out a select group of dog owners with special regulations and fines. sounds like they what an excuse to keep tabs on more of your activities and what interest you may have in order to identify what type of person you are.

  84. Itsyou says:

    Please contact Caesar Milan about this. He will provide expertise about how the owners are the problem, not the dogs.

  85. Jp says:

    People get the leadership they deserve, just keep voting nanny state, and supporting PETA, and HSUS.
    This is what you deserve

  86. Jasonn says:

    How about a “Dangerous Muslim Index” before we they set one up for the dogs? Oh wait, that would be profiling!

  87. nostromo says:

    This is great. Confiscate someone’s property because it MIGHT cause a problem in the future. Go ahead and let them do this to dogs and watch the principle expand to other things. Hey, got a chain saw? You need a permit because it MIGHT do some damage in the future. Howabout that firarm?

  88. Irene Solnik says:

    Register the owners, not the dog.

  89. CorporateMediaIsADangerousCult says:

    Another garbage story by propaganda media CBS. All they can focus on is the little guy. Can’t use the logan act to arrest corrupt officials with foreign influence and agenda, can’t talk about CAFR, can’t address issues brought up by FloridaOilSpillLaw.Com, Can’t address the US Constitution vs the Patriot act and fascism. CBS journalism is fascist propaganda.

  90. ladysforest says:

    Found doing quick research: pitbulls are responsible for the most fatalities in the past two years. Roughly 70%

    Spanning ’79-’98 The Doberman breed was reported in 9 fatalities. I did not find any reported involvement for Dobermans’ at all for the past two years.

    MIXED breed dogs were reported in 12 fatalities between ’79-’98

    Since drug dealer types have lost interest in the Doberman and Rottweiler breeds, now preferring pitbulls, the Dobes and Rotts are returned to better breeding practices, and are owned by more responsible and breed specific people. This is hugely important as a factor in their overall behavior.

    Breeding and training are extraordinarily important. And I don’t just mean for the dogs.

  91. Smuggler says:


  92. Vortex says:

    Land of the Free, that’s what they tell me.

  93. Jim B. says:

    It’s about time. It is sad to read news accounts about children killed and injured by the family PET or by a dog that is “Just great with children”

    1. codecrackx15 says:

      Hey, the money will go for spending projects, this protects NO ONE!!! Use your head please and think.

  94. Scott Owen says:

    You forgot weiner dogs. Opps wrong list, thats Megan’s Law.

    1. jack says:

      i know you jest, however, the Dachshund (weiner dog) is responsible for the most hospital / MD visits for dog bite- most often attacking their owners. if you were to go by statistics, they should be on the list- first on the list.

  95. Vaughan says:

    Don’t they already register all dogs for rabies, distemper verification etc.? This seems like overkill to me. Maybe the owners should be screened before they take home the dog. That might stop pit bull abuse and dog fighting in general.

  96. Lightrider says:

    Yeah right!! Like the blacks are really going to do this. Atlanta lawmakers= Morons.

    1. jean103 says:

      Just wanted to respond to your comment. This ordinance has been passed in College Park not in Atlanta and black people are not the only people who own so called dangerous dogs. Thanks for posting your opinion.

  97. Bryan Fitzgerald says:

    A new and creative way to levy a tax on we the people, find out where the money is going and who benefits then vote the POS out of office.

  98. Montford John Greenwood says:

    oh good. More illegal actions taken for so called “public safety” whatever that means.

  99. John A says:

    This is insane. There are probably hundereds or thousands of things that cause more dealths, will we be registering those as well? Govt is out of control people.

  100. Veronica K says:

    I own a German Shepard. She is very loving and kind. She loves people. However I an not opposed to this law. There are a lot of irresponsible people out there. Maybe if they have this law people will think twice about certain breeds and how they treat them.

  101. nancy c pipkin says:

    this is communism, plain and simple! People better wake up and do it NOW!!!

  102. Cate says:

    It’s NOT the dog, it’s the human behind the dog! If you gangster types would stop training dogs to be mean, we wouldn’t have this problem. And dog owners: your dog is not a human so quit treating them like one! Dogs need regular exercise in order to stay balanced, they need leadership from their human family, not to be stuck in the backyard all day or chained up. Don’t own a dog if you can’t care for it properly!

  103. RandyH says:

    This is racial profiling of dogs!

  104. Bob Ho says:

    they need to have a registry for violent childern. Parents that raise their kids like pit bulls should pay a fine for the muders they commit.

  105. StevenJames, Houston says:

    It’s about the money, not safety. They need more money because they do not know how to stop spending.

    1. maggie says:

      Exactly. Another lucrative way to tax.

  106. Tank997 says:

    Can we start registering breeds of people too? Let’s start with Muslims after all you can judge them by the way they look, just like dogs right? Punish the deed not the breed!!!

  107. WilliamPenn says:

    What totalitarians! Democrats, without a doubt! Rebel, citizens! You don’t have to stand for dictatorial rule. Take back your community!!!

  108. meengyrl says:

    How will registering an animal stop it from biting someone? It doesn’t know it’s registered. It is all about training and control of your animal, not putting it’s name on some list and paying the city.

    1. roxanne says:

      Excellent point.

  109. GMScott says:

    While we’re at it, can we REGISTER all dangerous politicians who are NOW biting the hands that elected them? Including the fraud potus whose certification papers appear to be a hoax and NOT really reporting how dangerous he is!

  110. rich says:

    the worst dog bite I got was from a toy poodle.. she was a terror.

  111. Judd Carroll says:

    Our family rottie is an angel. She’s our second and they are GREAT! with children and other dogs. A rottie must be trained or neglected to become aggressive Sad sad sad. However, I’d prefer to register her than to just have them banned. .

  112. Yankee50 says:

    This is a great law to enact. What some of you people fail to realize is that these dogs are being brought up to be very aggressive and vicious in order to protect drug houses. Once they escape they are wild animals with very sharp teeth and people are tired of fearing for their life around these beasts. Blame the low lifes for this law, they are to blame for most laws!

    1. codecrackx15 says:

      The law puts money into a politicians hands. It protects no one. Seriously, use your head.

    2. SO, using your logic, the law-abiding drug dealers, that are using these dogs to “protect” their “drug house” will NOW abide by this law and register their dangerous drug house protecting dogs so the rest of us law-abiding citizens will be safer in knowing where the drug house protecting dogs are located?

      Because we ALL know that drug dealers ALWAYS abide by the law, right!?

    3. Random Thought says:

      While we’re at it why not ban most non-prescription narcotics? Oh wait, they already are and yet “drug houses” still exist. If they’re distributing illegal drugs from their house odds are they won’t register the dog, have it spay or neutered, or vaccinated for rabies. Laws are only made for those who follow them, not the criminals.

  113. Ryan says:

    How does registering prevent a violent animal from attacking?

  114. Erma says:

    Looks like the city is a pack of Dog Nazis !! They passed this with NO PUBLIC HEARING? NAZI BASTIDS !!!

  115. Joe Roler says:

    My God – German Shepherds? Those dogs are among the most intelligent, loyal, and noble creatures in the canine world.

    With every erosion of our liberties, with every new tax and regulation, with every new indignity and ultimatum issued by government agencies who are drunk and giddy with their growing powers we march ever closer to a Police state.

    Anyone try to take a flight lately? Does that TSA line really make you proud to live in the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave?

    When will we collectively stand up and say “Enough!”?

  116. Gary says:

    They should have a thief registry and require all poloticians to register.

  117. Ryan Smiles says:

    Don’t forget those nervous little yapper dogs that growl and snap at their own shadows. Geez!
    My mom has one and that little f***er has bit me twice over the last 6 years.
    Meanwhile, I have owned, trained, and socialized 2 full blodded, female Rotties over the last 15 years, without incident.
    Stiupid law implemented by cowardly, spineless burecrats unable to enforce the laws already on the books.
    A** H***s, every one.

  118. Gary says:

    There are far more powerful and dangerous breeds out there. But I guess trying to fatten the public coffers by making people who own Tozers or Cane De Corso’s or pressa canarios won’t generate adequate funds.

  119. Susan Kramer says:

    You need to address the gang problem, not try to regulate law abiding citizens’ dogs. Those who live outside the law are not going to register their dogs.
    I have owned Dobermans for over 20 years and they do not belong on a “dangerous dog” list. You need to focus on dogs who have bitten, not on law abiding dog owners who train their dogs.
    You also need to have more enforcement for dog fighting rings, and there wouldn’t be a vicious dog issue.
    Are you going to require people to pay this tax on their service dogs for the blind, seizure dogs, therapy dogs,, as well?
    What about Dobermans and German Shepherd dogs that are used in Search and Rescue? These dogs are legitimate working breeds.
    If you really need to raise money by taxing dogs, you should admit it and tax them all.
    Picking select breeds and labeling them vicious is not the way to control the bad dog owner problem..
    Admit you have a gang and dog fighting problem and that’s the real issue here!

  120. Mountain man says:

    All pitbulls should be rounded up and slaughtered. They’re a threat to public safety. I was attacked by two of them last summer. Fortunately, I’m an outdoorsman and I managed to get hold of a piece of wood to fight them off. I took one’s eye out and spilt the head of the other. Unfortunately, I didn’t have my 38 special handy or I would have greatly enjoyed blowing their brains out. The owner was a jerk that works for a local humane society. She kept saying “please, don’t hit them”. Yeah, sure lady. I beat the tar out of them. The hunters became the hunted!

  121. Gary says:

    There are far more powerful and dangerous breeds out there. But I guess trying to fatten the public coffers by making people who own Tozers or Cane De Corso’s or pressa canarios pay a fee won’t generate adequate funds.

  122. pam says:

    this is unjust! illegal! and typical of those who are uninformed of a dog breed!

  123. Just Saying says:

    Sure the little yappy dogs may tend to bite and nip but they aren’t the dogs that typically tend to tear off a child’s face….

  124. DaverDobe says:

    Let’s have everyone who ever drinks alcohol and has a driver’s license register as a possible dangerous drunk driver. Be all those involved with this stupid law will have to register themselves. Makes as much sense, if not more. And I think the fee for them should be doubled. Carpetbaggers just trying to take the public’s money and hurt those who ARE law abiding.

  125. Paul says:

    “First they came for the Jews,
    and I didn’t speak out because I wasn’t a Jew.

    Then they came for the trade unionists,
    and I didn’t speak out because I wasn’t a trade unionist.

    Then they came for the communists,
    and I didn’t speak out because I wasn’t a communist.

    Then they came for me
    and there was no one left to speak out for me.”

    If we extend this logic to humans then next they will register all young black and hispanic men. This group accounts for ~46% of the prison population in the U.S. while white males account for ~5% of the prison population.

    DO NOT start down this slippery slope. PLEASE!


  126. GIS guy says:

    With all the problems facing us today…. We are wasting resources on this!?! Real smart. Yep we are doomed

  127. Andy P. says:

    This is animal racism! How come Chows are not on this list. Those dogs get away with everything.

  128. Yates says:

    Great, It’s about time cities take control over dangerious dogs. Everybody owning one of these dangerious dogs claim their dog is just a angel until it turns on them or another victim, which in time it will.

    1. codecrackx15 says:

      It puts money into a politicians hands, it doe not protect anyone. Use your head please.

  129. glenp says:

    how about outlawing thugs and gangsters?

  130. Animal Behavior says:

    These efforts to ban “dangerous” breeds is getting out of hand!

    People who think dogs have inherently different instincts and behaviors according to their BREED have NO understanding of how/why dogs do the things they do. ANY dog is capable of attacking a child. The difference is in how much damage a dog can do.

    For example a toy breed that bites a child is limited in how much damage they can inflict. A large breed that bites a child can do enough damage to kill the child. ALL dogs are capable of attacking a child. They are PACK animals that follow their PACK instincts. Small children will NEVER have the ability to outrank an adult dog.

    Dogs must trained by the adult owner of the dog (i.e. the pack leader) to leave the lesser ranking individuals (i.e.the small children) alone.

    Too many dogs are TRAINED by their owners to be aggressive. Unfortunately, people tend to choose the large breeds like pit bulls, rottweilers etc for this purpose. This is NOT the dogs/breeds fault!!

    If anything we need a system in place to prosecute OWNERS of dogs if it can be shown that they have contributed to their dogs behavior. It is not fair nor right to judge an entire BREED of dog for the aggressiveness that has been taught to them.

    Breed specific banning and registries are SO misguided and it needs to stop. They public needs to be educated on the COMMON nature of all dogs.

    It is all so terribly sad unnecessary……

  131. javapoppa says:

    Time for massive civil disobediance.

  132. welovetheUSA says:

    Pit Bulls should be on a list, they kill 300 people a year, mostly children and they are an untrust worthy dog by their own nature, period.

    1. Craig says:

      You are an idiot. Come meet my friend’s Pit and all his brothers. You’ll see how “dangerous” they are.

  133. Bob says:

    If they don’t list my poodle, I will be offended.

  134. Smooter says:

    Ridiculous. So, then, police dogs, which are almost overwhelmingly German Shephards, are a dangerous breed, but used by law enforcement? I smell laaawwwwsuuuuuit…..

  135. hugh says:

    Doberman? Dangerous? Excuse me, my family owned a Doberman and a Sealyham Terrier when I was growing up. Guess which one bit me and left a permanent scar? Guess which one got in a fight with the other dog and, when my mom tried to separate them, bit her so badly she had to go to the hospital? It was the frakking terrier!

    The Doberman was a coward. My brother’s parrot (a small conure) got in a fight with the Doberman. The bird won. The image of the Doberman running out of the kitchen with the enraged bird chasing it (wings spread wide and screaming) was seared, SEARED into my memory.

    1. Alyson g says:

      I also had a doberman with a conure parrot, nothing funnier than seeing an 80 lb. dog being chased by a 4 oz bird, and the dobie is a public enemy….give me a break.

  136. Dee says:

    When they have a dangerous politician ordinance (someone who sends unwanted naked pictures coms to mind), we’ll talk. This is nothing more than another tax. Next it will be small dogs or dogs large enough to leave too big a carbon footprint.

  137. AAA says:

    ROFL! Sure, I’m allll over it! You won’t have my dog’s registry, you CANNOT have my dog’s registry and you CANNOT Do a damned thing about it.

  138. peanutbutter says:

    I think this is targeting ugly-souled people who have these breeds solely for intimidation or dog fighting purposes and who mistreat and neglect them. It is unlikely they will pay the registration fees. Now it will be possible to legally remove these beautiful animals from wretched conditions. Unfortunately some good people will have to register their dogs too, but it is worth it to save those mistreated animals from the hell holes they live in.

    1. Random Thought says:

      This law, much like any that require a fee to maintain/own, is done solely for the purposes of generating extra revenue from those willing to play the game. While it might deter a few individuals or families from purchasing one of these “dangerous breeds” overall it’s nothing more than a backdoor method to collect fees. Ever notice that during recessions cities start enforcing laws that have been on the books for decades but never issued citations for? Fee based laws = spare revenue for the municipality.

  139. college park sucks says:

    i wont register my dog. be aware that if you try to steal my property(and family) you will be met with the same force that would be used against a crackhead robber. i dont discriminate against thieves.

  140. back40 says:

    So some dog owners are being punished, and others aren’t just because of what their dog looks like. I’ve been bitten one time in my life, and it was by a SMALL dog. What if your dog is a mixed breed? Do you pay half a fee? Here’s an idea: if they tell you your dog needs to be registered because it’s a pitt bull, just tell them “No, it isn’t”. How do they know otherwise? Do they have pedigree papers on your dog? Can they tell a breed, or the percentage of a certain breed, just by looking? Had enough of this nanny-state? Start electing conservatives into office who love liberty and the Constitution instead of big-government, micro-managing liberals.

  141. John says:

    I have a better idea. Just euthanize all pitbulls and leave all those other types of dogs alone.

    1. Random Thought says:

      The best idea would be to make the owner a dog who attacks another living being responsible for their dog’s action. In most areas that law is already on the books, courts handle these types of causes daily throughout the nation yet for some reason some people and places like College Park think that by charging a fee it will somehow (magically) make the problem disappear. It will only hamper those who follow the laws and do nothing against those who ignore laws.

    2. Craig says:

      I have an even better idea. Euthanize all animals that could possibly harm a human and everyone could then become a vegan due to lack of meat. Then we could watch the human race slowly wither away. A little extreme of you, John. Maybe you should stop listening to what the media tells you and go meet a few Pits that are not trained to be aggressive because right now, you just sound very uneducated.

  142. Dani says:

    Mankind should register too….

  143. Bill says:

    Where are the Chows if you’re going to register REAL dangerous dogs? I’m a member of a family of Veterinarians, all of which only require muzzles for ONE SPECIES of canine. Chow-Chow.
    Typical knee jerk pols. Idiots

  144. Aaron says:

    “Of all tyrannies, a tyranny exercised for the good of its victims may be the most oppressive. It may be better to live under robber barons than under omnipotent moral busybodies. The robber baron’s cruelty may sometimes sleep, his cupidity may at some point be satiated; but those who torment us for our own good will torment us without end, for they do so with the approval of their own conscience.”

  145. Aaron says:

    “Of all tyrannies, a tyranny exercised for the good of its victims may be the most oppressive. It may be better to live under robber barons than under omnipotent moral busybodies. The robber baron’s cruelty may sometimes sleep, his cupidity may at some point be satiated; but those who torment us for our own good will torment us without end, for they do so with the approval of their own conscience.” C.S. Lewis

    1. literati says:

      Beautiful quote on so many levels. Thanks.

    2. owned by jake says:

      Thank you Aaron for posting this. Another case for small government.

  146. Bill in Scottsdale says:

    I’ll register my dogs when the politicians start registering their kids and renouncing their pensions.

  147. John says:

    How will this protect me from aggressive pets? This idea is stupid and just a straight out money grab.

  148. codecrackx15 says:

    How about the politicians register on the thievery list?
    The money from this dog law will be collected and spent on something stupid and all of these idiots who think this will actually protect anyone will just be living in ignorance and allowing politicians to steal from their neighbors.
    The politicians run around unchecked by the media and the voters keep voting their rights away. Pathetic.

  149. rastus washington jr says:

    Dangerous Dog registry. The word for “breed” of dog in Spanish is “raza” or RACE! Since negroes are responsible for most of Atlanta’s crime, this would be like having a registry of where all the negroes live. Would that be acceptable?

    1. truthteller says:

      I knew it! The moment I read the comment about “canine profiling”, I knew this would turn into another race-bait issue. You just proved me right. Absolutely incredible ignorance.

      I guess you think that poodles have benefitted from “small dog privelege”?

      1. Chris says:

        Let’s try a different and leave the knee-jerk emotions out of it. Since only men rape, should we label them all dangerous and make them register and pay a fee for being a man? Of course not.

        So how, fundamentally, is it different with dogs?

  150. Odins Acolyte says:

    They came into my backyard and took my dog and killed him. I hate animal control employees and only my mercy allows them to live. Will Atlanta allow this? Get some cajones citizens.

  151. Alan says:

    When dogs are outlawed, only outlaws will have dogs! BTW, dogs are NOT protected by the US Constitution, but I’ll bet many of you wouldn’t lift a finger to ensure gun ownership. See the hypocracy?

  152. Michael Jackson says:

    It’s hot down here!!!

  153. JT says:

    Chihuahuas, dachshunds, and dalmations are nasty dogs. Let’s ban ’em. As a matter of fact let’s ban all dogs. Cats too, while we’re at it.

  154. Gazelle says:

    How will registering a dog, that is still allowed to walk in public, stop it from biting me or anyone else?

  155. Animal Behavior says:

    People who think dogs have inherently different instincts and behaviors according to their BREED have NO understanding of how/why dogs do the things they do.

    ANY dog is capable of attacking a child. The difference is in how much damage a dog can do. For example a toy breed that bites a child is limited in how much damage they can inflict. A large breed that bites a child can do enough damage to kill the child. ALL dogs are capable of attacking a child.

    Dogs are PACK animals that follow their PACK instincts. Small children will NEVER have the ability to outrank an adult dog. Dogs must trained by the adult owner of the dog (i.e. the pack leader) to leave the lesser ranking individuals (i.e.the small children) alone.

    Some dogs (of all sizes) are ill bred and have weak temperaments which can cause a dog bite out of fear(these dogs should be euthanized in my opinion). However, far too many dogs are TRAINED by their owners to be aggressive. Unfortunately, people tend to choose the large breeds like pit bulls, rottweilers etc for this purpose. This is NOT the dogs/breeds fault!!

    If anything we need a system in place to prosecute the OWNERS of dogs (only if it can be shown that they have contributed to their dogs behavior and/or the dog has bitten previously). It is neither fair nor right to judge an entire BREED of dog for the aggressiveness that has been taught to some of them.

    Breed specific banning and registries are SO misguided and it needs to stop. The public needs to be educated on the COMMON nature of ALL dogs.

    It is all so terribly sad and unnecessary……

  156. truthteller says:

    No public hearings were held before this became law? So what? No public hearings were held before ObamaCare became law. No one was even allowed time to read the bill. We had to wait until it was law to even see what was in it. I didn’t see you wingnuts complaining about that.

    And “canine profiling”? Seriously? You’re talking about canine profiline? I don’t necessarily agree with the dog registry – mostly because I don’t think it will help in any way. But scaremongering about “canine profiling” is just about the most ignorant thing I have read this year. And that’s saying quite a lot. I guess poodles have benefitted from “small dog privilege”?

  157. Patches says:

    I’ve had Doberman’s for the last 25 years. If they did their research they would find out they are a watch dog NOT a guard dog. They make wonderful therapy dogs, Any web site will say that. I have one and all the people in the nursing home love him. They seldom bite anyone unless someone has been mean to them. They will never forget those people. I would say this city just wants a new way of taxing the people.

  158. owned by jake says:

    They need to be sued. The entire thing is just a fund-raiser. How is extracting a fee going to prevent bites, anyway? People might eventually get different breeds to avoid the fees but the number of bites isn’t going change substantially as long as there are irresponsible dog owners. Pity the next breed that becomes popular with the stupid crowd, because that breed will then be labeled as dangerous too.

    I was bitten in an unprovoked attack by a pit bull that had bitten three other people before me and blame the owners.

  159. cj says:

    canine profiling? seriously? this is nothing more than a sneaky tax on Americans. dogs that bite/attack, and reported to authorities, are already registered.

  160. Kristen says:

    Amen to this post by Hank– spot ON!!

    “I like the idea but German Shepherds? Really? When was the last time you heard a German Shepherd attack someone? That’s like linking Einstein with Bonny and Clyde.”

    There is a reason they use these for law enforcement. Extremely intelligent and trainable … if they attack or bite it is generally for very good reason.

  161. jimm says:

    you asked for it, you got it America. Welcome to hell. Rules and Fees, TOTAL REGULATION is here, and gone is the American Spirit.

  162. Rottieman says:

    All my “Rotties” are “mixed breeds” as far as my ins co or anyone else is concerned. Let em prove they’re “Rotties”.

  163. Barry Gowland says:

    Be warned! in 1991, after a series of attacks by “pit bull terriers”, as the Press called them, a Dangerous Dogs Act was rushed onto the statute book, and it wasn’t long before owners learned that they had to fight with one hand tied behind their backs while the cops could hit below the belt. IIf acquitted under the criminal process(requires proof beyond reasonable doubt) then the dog owner would see his pet grabbed again by the police under the civil process(only requires proof on balance of probabilities)) At times the police behaved like bullies and openly denied anything was wrong. Family pets were incarcerated in kennels away from their owners(and the family vet wasn’t allowed access to it). Add to that, when they were allowed to see their dog the cops would charge ten times what your proposed law is levying. I think things have eased off somewhat, since I don’t read much of dog problems in the national Press now.

  164. CF says:

    None of those dogs are dangerous. The problem is they’re the type of dogs that don’t like people outside their immediate family members, and don’t like it when idiotic kids do stuff like pull their tails.

  165. BFDeal says:

    It’s the owners and the politicians that are dangerous, not the Dogs.

  166. STEVE says:


  167. Alan says:

    Dogs = smart. People = dumb! Where do these kinds of folks learn to be so stupid! Makes me embarrassed to be human! Get a life, officials in Atlanta!

  168. Jules says:

    I was savagely bitten by a large mutt while taking my male Doberman out to tinkle in OUR yard. He was attacked and I defended him. He required $400.00 worth of vet care and I was fortunate enough to get away with only a badly mangled hand that required an ER visit. My dog protected me in return. The owner of the loose dog was cited and he was quarantined. He is a Great Dane mix. He was also 2 miles from his home. This seems to me that the fact that only certain dog breeds are targets for the registry is suspect. Small breeds are also at times capable of doing some damage as well. Cats cat inflict a nasty bite and people have the dirtiest mouths so our bites can cause bad infections. Why not register horses and mules as they bite AND kick! Why stop with dogs???

    Of course I’m being completely sarcastic regarding all of this nonsense. How about all of us being responsible for our own actions and those things we have ownership of…it’s becoming rather obsolete in today’s world.

    BTW, I did not sue the owner of the dog that attacked myself and my dog. It is not how I operate. They complied with animal control. That was all I asked for.

  169. NYmike says:

    It’s a racist policy in college park, these dogs are owned by brothers in the hood for the most part. No ordinance like this in alpharetta, is there? mmhmmm

    1. codecrackx15 says:

      I guess that blows your “it’s racist” out of the water.

      It has nothing to do with race and everything to do with stealing more money from the citizens.

  170. Jeffrey White says:

    College Park is run by racists. Why don’t they just make black people register while they’re at it?

  171. Meta says:

    Let’s have the political heads of those who voted for this stupid law. Replace them with people who like dogs. That’s how America works, when it is not overrun by Communists.
    You have heard from the poodle owners, now let’s hear from the Shepherd owners.

  172. Bill Mattingly says:

    What a LAME A$$ excuse for seperating people from their $25 !!!!!!!!!!!!

  173. Brian says:

    Stop Breed specific laws!

  174. John C says:

    wow, have a friend with 2 dobbies. oh btw they are therapy dogs, show in akc as obedience, the cat has the buffaloed. Give us a break, it’s no tthe dog it’s how they were brought up and trained.

  175. Rick says:

    I see Sherman didn’t set you crackers back far enough still…..what a bunch of idiotic civic clowns.

  176. Yvette says:

    I believe some poodles, chihuahuas, boston terriers, etc. should be on the list.

  177. Gordon Corey says:


  178. Y. O'Connor says:

    WRONG, WRONG, WRONG, WRONG, WRONG! Just plain wrong. Dogs that haven’t done anything should NOT have to register. How about making those little yip yap nippers like chihuahuas and such register too then. C’mon. I have known more “friendly” large breed ike Rottis, Pits and others that are VERY nice dogs, than I have small breeds that nip & bite. This is wrong & needs to be stopped. If a dog has bitten someone (not out of protecting and owner or property), but really attacked, then yes, they must register, otherwise, leave the rest alone.

  179. ONTIME says:

    Wouldn’t a dangerous dog owner be more appropriate, the dog is not born dangerous unless it’s born wild, something or one has to cause it to have a mean streak.

  180. Rick Redlum says:

    Don’t worry folks. Civil unrest is just around the corner. When that happens you can feed these over reaching POS officials to your dogs.

  181. Dr. Dobernman says:

    Oh, let’s worry about dogs but not the hundreds of thousands of military that are trained to kill and have done so in the current 4 illegal wars. Then they come back here and are made cops and security guards and turned loose on the public killing, attacking, abusing and raping them.

    I’m not going to be pulled over and beaten to death, robbed of my cash or my wife raped by a dog. But it happens everyday from the mentally ill military that think they own the world.

    1. Jack Jackson says:

      Nailed it.

    2. Toni Monti says:

      Seriously? Where do you live, I don’t ever want to visit.

  182. tck says:

    How stupid are you people…Ignorant people with power…Why would this not have been voted on!!!

    Guilty before doing anything wrong….nice…

  183. Mike Vick says:

    No such thing as dangerous dogs–Just stupid, negligent, irresponsible owners–Should put the owners down when a dog bites someone!

  184. Not Chicken Little says:

    Politicians and local lawmakers are much more dangerous and liable to cause harm than dogs – I say make the politicians register. And every time they tell a lie or cause anyone harm, maybe they should be put down or at least pay a fine…

  185. Dredger says:

    What the many of you don’t get is, this also is a form of deterrent for all of those wanting to fit the role of being a bad a$$ owning a dangerous dog. Owning some of these breeds is a SOCIAL STATEMENT. Not to mention that these dogs, more so the pit bull, are used on premises at crack houses. Police show up and the dogs buy time for the thugs to escape. To register a dog that is BRED to be aggressive is completely feasible!!! If we need to register a gun, which is a weapon that cannot act on its own without an owner…then we need to register things that are used as weapons that can react on its own without being commanded by its owner. I live just outside of Forest Park and Jonesboro in Fayette County. There are more pit attacks than are publically announced. I COMPLETELY welcome this new law!

    1. Toni Monti says:

      Oh I’m sure all the Pit Bull owners who run crack houses will rush right down, register and pay the $25.00 per dog ha ha ha ha ha.

      1. Dredger says:

        No, the crack houses won’t rush to register and thats the point. By registering 4 dogs might make him look suspicious…OR by having a pit in his yard might also draw attention to his establishment by the authorities to which he could be questioned if the dog is registered. Its a psycological catch 22 for them.

  186. Toni Monti says:

    I really don’t think this has anything to do with the dogs other then the number of these breeds owned by the residences of the city. It’s nothing but a way for them to collect $25.00 from each of them every year.
    Shamless theft of the public’s money. Very sad.

  187. John Smithton says:

    So can we put all Black people on a list? They commit more crime by percentage.. if we are going to profile, we should at least profile everything.

    1. Dredger says:

      John Smithton… you are actually comparing black people to dogs? Seriously?

  188. suer says:

    it’s not the registration – its the fact that any dog is capable of biting and most people are bitten by ankle biters. Of course they cant do as much damage. I was never allowed to have a pet til we had a fenced yard and were able to be responsible. Problem is there are too many irresponsible pet owners just like there are too many irresponsible parents. Given the fact that we have four rescues that were dumped and I was a foster parent for years, I have had experience with both

  189. nskipper says:

    How about registering the people that get these dogs, not the dogs! I have a pit bull, and have had a number of the other ones and have not had one bit of trouble with these dogs! I do not let them run around and they will not be friendly if you come into their house or yard, but that is why I have them! It is the people who can not control the dog, or even work with them. IT IS THE PEOPLE….charge those who can not handle the animal!

  190. Mike Vick says:

    Dredger, don’t run with it like a drama queen and start crying racism–John Smithton is using a slippery slope comparison in an abstract manner–I know that concept escapes some intellectually

    1. Dredger says:

      Nope nope…let me rephrase that so as to not inadvertantly place a race card into this as I merely quoted his own words…”you are actually comparing people to dogs? Seriously?”
      There Mikey…is that better now?”

  191. Mike Vick says:

    A little better, but I would not compare dogs to humans–It is insulting to the dogs

    1. Paula says:

      Most frightening of all is that this is just another example of how we are losing more of our rights each day. Laws are being shoved down our throats without a thought for the wishes of lawmakers constituents. As a dog lover it dismays me but as an American citizen it scares the hell out of me.

  192. Dog Instincts says:

    People who think dogs have inherently different instincts and behaviors according to their BREED have NO understanding of how/why dogs do the things they do.

    ANY dog is capable of attacking a child. The difference is in how much damage a dog can do. For example a toy breed that bites a child is limited in how much damage they can inflict. A large breed that bites a child can do enough damage to kill the child. ALL dogs are capable of attacking a child.

    Dogs are PACK animals that follow their PACK instincts. Small children will NEVER have the ability to outrank an adult dog. Dogs must trained by the adult owner of the dog (i.e. the pack leader) to leave the lesser ranking individuals (i.e.the small children) alone.

    Some dogs (of all breeds) are ill bred and have weak temperaments which can cause a dog bite out of fear(these dogs should be euthanized in my opinion). However, far too many dogs are TRAINED by their owners to be aggressive. Unfortunately, people tend to choose the large breeds like pit bulls, rottweilers etc for this purpose. This is NOT the dogs/breeds fault!!

    If anything we need a system in place to prosecute the OWNERS of dogs (only if it can be shown that they have contributed to their dogs behavior and/or the dog has bitten previously). It is neither fair nor right to judge an entire BREED of dog for the aggressiveness that has been taught to some of them.

    Breed specific banning and registries are SO misguided and it needs to stop. The public needs to be educated on the COMMON nature of ALL dogs.

    1. Dredger says:

      First and foremost, you are holding onto hopes that we will once live in a perfect world. You are putting way too much faith in people and you know as well as I do that most of the people who own, continuing the example with Pits, will NOT go and get educated about the breed. Many of them want the breed because it’s a beast! Its powerful and to harness such a thing is an ego boost, a social statement. Ever notice how domesticated animals perceived of being “dangerous” are marketed on things like music Cds, movies, and go as far as being tattooed to skin? For a weak minded individual, owning something like this, for them is a psychological boost. WHY would someone with that mentality want to restrain that perspective and learn to make it any different?
      Though I am not going to debate how temper is an inheritable trait being that you seem to think otherwise, despite being proven in other animals such as bulls used for the rodeo market, some of these dogs are unbelievably strong and a large percentage of people seeking them are not going to take the time to exercise caution in preventing attacks. For anyone to believe that we as individuals hold the same amount of intelligence and value on “life” is a farce.
      I breed and keep reptiles. I have been an enthusiast for the better of 30 years now and the reptile industry is under the same exact registry laws. Of course, the vast majority of people could really care less, having a primal fear for an inferior creature to which they will never own. And by no means am I comparing them to dogs, but many states are now moving to have the larger breeds (retics, anacondas, and rock pythons) registered by the owner, with Florida being the first which is within reason due to their epidemic. Though I do not keep the large breeds as I for one do not believe in keeping something that could potentially overpower me, I do have mixed feelings with some of my friends having to register their collection. Our rights are being restrained more and more and eventually we may be prohibited in keeping reptiles all together. But you know, I also have to take into account that, as I said before, it’s a farce to believe that my next door neighbor or anyone else will be responsible with the animals. I have to accept that some form of registry is a necessary evil with some animals and I have to meet this compromise just to be able to keep them and only hope the day never comes where we will be restricted all together.
      If registry means I can still keep it, but decreases incidents where a toddler is strangled to death or a child in the back yard is mauled and dismembered, then I will pay the 25 dollars annually and only hope it deters those would-be keepers from possessing such animals.

  193. jen bathalon says:

    lol to all about he government discussion mentioned prior! i have no comments at this time on that. i do however have a comment on the dog conversation at hand. i am a proud owner of a very friendly and obedient pitt bull. she is beautiful and very smart. i am a woman who walks alone at night with my dog. the other night, my neibors boxer jumped his fence and attacked my pitt. what was i to do standing in the middle of the street freaking out while my dog is getting assaulted by another dog that is, considered, not to be dangerous??? i dropped my dogs leash and grabbed the boxers hind legs and pulled him off of her and that was when a man came from the boxers yard and picked him up and brought him home. my dog isnt a whimp not a bully. but she got attacked and it outrages me that i treat my dog like a child, with love and teach her things. i didnt raise her to bite, attack or disobey. but yet if i were to move to atlanta, my dog would be considered a THREAT……to whom is my question…… its people like michael vick that helped to ruin the name of this breed…..their not fighters by nature, their lovers…. look into it, rather than rejecting that idea.

  194. Shame on College Park! says:

    Shame on you College Park!! I am so outraged by this article! This is pure and blatant discrimination. Not simply against the breeds of dogs, but of the owners of loving, well-trained animals that are being labeled and punished for nothing more than owning a specific breed of dog. The people who came up with this ordinance obviously have no understanding of dogs or dog behavior. They are going on stereotypes and their own unfiltered fears to try and control dog owners and take away their rights.

    I am disgusted that they used a picture of a Rottweiler in this article. I am the owner of a wonderful Rottweiler. She is the most social, loving, playful dog I have ever met. I have spent countless hours training and socializing her it shows in her behavior. I have also worked for the Humane Society for a number of years and encountered many of the so called “dangerous” breeds of dogs. If you know anything about dogs or have any common sense in general, you would know that, like humans, every dog has their own personality and behaviors, even within individual breeds.

    This ordinance is just further perpetuating horribly negative stereotypes about certain breeds of dogs. You’re telling me no other breeds of dogs except Pit Bulls, Rottweilers, German Shepherds, and Dobermans caused dog bites in the entire city? Why are these breeds being singled out?

    This ordinance makes your city look so horribly ignorant and uneducated. It’s a terrible thing you’re doing to the owners of great dogs of these breeds. Forcing a stigma on them that they have to be followed around with whether or not their dog has ever bitten anyone. This ordinance is not going to prevent any dog bites from happening, it’s only going to cause pain and unfair stigmatization for the owners of these breeds, and create a lynch mob attitude toward anything people have no understanding of. This is so sad. Shame on you College Park!

  195. Ana says:

    It’s not the dogs it’s the people who own them. They’re the ones should be registered.

  196. LikeItLumpIt says:

    All pit bulls should be rounded up and exterminated.

    1. Ana says:

      You really think that’s the answer? People who want these dogs because they can be turned into ferocious killing machines will just turn to another breed. Diane Whipple was killed by two Presa Canario dogs in San Francisco. The dogs previously belong to dangerous criminals who made them dangerous.

      If you’ve ever seen the childrens comedy series, Our Gang Comedy, you’d know the sweet, lovable dog in that series, Petey, was a pit bull. Like I said, it’s not the dog, its the people who take them and turn them into dangerous weapons.

    2. Smarter than You says:

      I say we round up you, and the rest of the IGNORANT people and exterminate you! If anyone tries to take my pet, it will be from my dead, lifeless hands try it and see what happens. He’d die for me. I’ll die for him. I hope reading this post didn’t make you late for your Klan meeting you stupid P.O.S!

  197. Terry says:

    I have been working in the pet industry for 25 years. I have a training, grooming and a online pet supply store.. I have trained and groomed many, many Shepherds, Pit Bulls, Dobermans, etc. I have NEVER had any problems handling these breeds. I believe that no one should ever say that their dog will not bite. Given the right situation, all dogs, large and small, will bite. The threshold may be greater for some dogs than others but when a dog is backed into a corner, fearful due to a particular situation or not socialized properly have the potential to bite. In my 25 years working in the pet industry, I have only had to go to the doctor one time when a Yorkie bit me numerous time on my hands while I was grooming her. That does not mean that ALL Yorkies will bite, it means that I was bitten by one Yorkie. I find that the smaller breeds are much more likely to bite than a larger breeds. As a trainer, I see owners with their small and large dogs everyday that are simply not in control of their dogs. When you are not in control of your dog bad things can happen. This is the fault of the owner, not the dog.
    I would like to tell you a story that happened to me last week. I have a 80 Lb. American Bulldog, Belle. She is my best friend but, respects me as the leader. She is overly friendly with people and she especially loves children. However, Belle does not always get along with other dogs. 50% of the dogs ares Ok the other 50% she will not allow in her space. She does not try to attack other dogs as long as the dogs do not get in her space. After giving Belle a bath I took her for a walk so she could dry. For total control, I always use a 3′ lead whenever I have Belle out in the general public. Belle was on her lead and heeling perfectly at my left side. All of a sudden a Springer Spaniel ran up behind Belle. This is not good. I straddled Belle and raised her head and commanded her to “look’ at me and to “leave it”. She wasn’t comfortable with the dog smelling her rear end but she did do as I commanded. Until the dog decided that she would come up and get in Belle’s face. The battle was on. Belle is extremely strong, she mostly muscle. When Belle went for the other dog, she pulled me down in the middle of the street. She chased the Spaniel around in about four large circles before I could get up out of the street and direct her focus back on me. Once she was focused, she came to me when I gave her the “come ” command. I’m so happy that she didn’t caught the Spaniel because I was unable to use my right hand to get Belle off of her. Belle is a slow runner, with her large size endurance is not on her side. Once Belle came to me, I took her lead. The person who owned the Spaniel had come out to the street to call his dog. Once the Spaniel was gone, all things went back to a normal, calm situation. The man who owned the dog did not even apologize for the incident. By the time Belle and I got back to his driveway, he had taken the Spaniel inside the house. I had to go to a urgent care center for X-rays for my hand, it was not broken. It took a week for me to get back 80% of the use of the hand. Now I ask, if Belle had caught the Spaniel and a fight ensued, which dog was at fault? Our county has an ordinance that states all dogs must be either inside the home, in a fenced yard or on a lead at all times. My opinion is, if Belle caught and caused damage if not death, to the Spaniel that it would be 100% the fault of the Spaniel. I don’t know if everyone would agree with my opinion since Belle is one of those “dangerous”, “aggressive” dog breeds. I believe that it is my responsibility to have Belle under my control, which I do by keeping her in the heel position on a 3′ lead. Belle & I should not be held responsible when other dog owners do not do the same. This is not the first time I have had a problem with dogs leaving their yards to pay Belle a visit. This is the first time that I have been hurt. Without a doubt, I know that if others in my neighborhood saw the incident, they would blame Belle for the attack and why not, she is one of those “dangerous, aggressive bulldogs”. Isn’t this a totally crazy way of thinking??

  198. CJW says:

    Whenever I read about BSL, I am reminded of this:


    When they came for the pit bulls,
    I remained silent;
    Surely these dogs deserved death!

    When they banned the rottweilers,
    I remained silent;
    Who needs these dogs?

    When they came for the guardian breeds,
    I did not speak out;
    My dog was not one of these.

    When they came for the large dogs,
    I remained silent;
    My dog was small.

    When they came for all dogs,
    there was no one left to fight with me.

    Matrix adapted from Niemöller –

    Blame the deed, not the breed. specific breeds? How about some legislation against irresponsible owners?

  199. BFDeal says:

    Which has a greater possibility of happening.! One of these Dangerous Dog breeds actually kills you? 2. You get killed by an illegal immigrant or a Muslim? Think about it.

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