Atlanta (WAOK)-Two women were reportedly “play fighting” at the Midtown W Hotel early Saturday morning when they went crashing through a window on the tenth floor. One woman LaShawna Threatt, an aspiring model, died in the fall. The second woman identified as Ciara Williams remains in critical condition at Grady Hospital. Ray Hamilton, the boyfriend of Threatt, witnessed the tragedy and said he tried to grab the girls. 



So far no charges are expected to be filed. Here’s more on the story from the AJC

140 One Dead in Fall From Hotel

141 One Dead in Fall From Hotel

Comments (4)
  1. Sarah says:

    This smells fishy..I have never heard of anyone falling from a hotel room window in what was a supposed to be a pillow fight..What kind of windows were in this hotel, break away kinds used in movies? Also what kind of pillows were they using, one made from rocks? Check out all the people who were in this room to see what kind of relationships they had with this young woman..My gut instinct tells me it was either man, drugs, or money related that caused this “accident”..My condolences goes out to her family and friends

    1. MJS says:

      I agree, something isn’t right. I think they were probably fighting for real and this happened which could have very well been an accident. I mean who plays this darn rough….

  2. Keira says:

    Something smells rotten at the W Midtown.

  3. Jhavali says:

    I agree you guys something is not right I am glad I am not the only one here boggled by this incident

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