ATLANTA (WAOK)- District Attorney Robert James and Tax Commissioner Claudia Lawson are forcing parents delinquent in making child support payments, to pay up.

The DA and Commissioner have devised a plan that requires parents to pay child support or risk having their tags revoked. DA Robert James stated that anyone who is able to drive a car, is able to pay their child support.

The plan would only affect parents whose payments have not been received within 60 days. The DA’s Office is expected to send 63 letters to parents concerning their delinquent child support payments. Parents who receive a letter will be given an extra 20 days to bring their child support current, before having their tags revoked.

Comments (2)
  1. Sarah says:

    This is a bit harsh, but I would hope these parents will go in and make arrangements for their moral obligations..The buses and trains are still running, so they will still have options to get to work..We’ve got to do better people, if you dont want to take care of these children, have responsible sex by practicing abstenance…

  2. Ms.Green says:

    Hopefully real deadbeats gets this before they go after people who have lost a job and are paying what little they can til they can find a new job.

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