After several months of intense negotiations, the sexual coercion lawsuits filed against Bishop Eddie Long, New Birth Missionary Baptist Church and LongFellows Youth Academy have been settled out of court. Attorneys for both sides have confirmed that a settlement was reached in mediation talks with the four defendants, Maurice Robinson, Anthony Flagg, Jamal Parris and Spencer LeGrande. The four young men had accused Bishop Long of using his influence as their spiritual leader to coerce them into sexual relationships. There were charges that Long gave the young men expensive gifts, trips and provided living quarters. Since the suit was settled in mediation the exact details of what happened may never be known to the public. WAOK and V-103 have been covering the case from the beginning. Here is a recap of how it all unfolded.

The case first came to light last September when two young men, Maurice Robinson and Anthony Flagg  filed a lawsuit against Long and the church charging that the Bishop used his influence and expensive gifts to entice them into having a sexual relationship with him. Two quickly became four when Parris and LeGrande came forward with similar charges against Bishop Long.

Frank and Wanda of our sister station V-103 interviewed Dale Russell the Fox 5 reporter who originally broke the story. Russell talked about the case and his two part interview with Jamal Parris the third plaintiff in the case.

dale russelldscn0916 Eddie Long Lawsuits Settled Out of Court

Attorneys for Bishop Long and the plaintiffs decided to mediate the cases. A hearing was set for Feb.
Word then leaked that the cases were moving forward and were scheduled to be decided by Easter Sunday. A few days after Easter Sunday, the judge handling the mediation said talks were not going well and as a result he would prepare to set a trial date sometime later this summer. On Thursday, May 26 both sides decided to agree on terms that would settle the cases and thus seal the files from the public. There are unconfirmed reports that the settlement consists of $15 million for the plaintiffs and a private apology from Bishop Eddie Long. A statement released by a spokesman for Bishop Long said: “This decision was made to bring closure to this matter and allow us to move forward with the plans God has for this ministry.”

Here are the links to the original lawsuits filed by Robinson, Parris, Flagg and LeGrande

Maurice Robinson

Anthony Flagg

Jamal Parris

Spencer LeGrande

Comments (19)
  1. Sarah says:

    I personally feel that Bishop Long is guilty..If you’re not guilty, you would not issue an apology, payout such a large settlement, and then have a gag order and such secrecy around this deal..Bishop Long needs to step down from all pastoral duties, take a sabbatical and find himself..My prediction is this church will be a shadow of itself after this case..

    1. Abirah says:

      The Most High Is dealing with all of these false preachers who is pimping his HOLY NAME to minipulate people. All I want to know is What Does My W-2 have to do with my SALVATION? Can I get an answer? Better yet A’men

  2. Leonard W Giddens Jr says:

    What a waste of human flesh. This is a poor excuse of a man. How can anyone in their right mind call this a man of god?

    1. Tony says:

      It’s all about money,power and ego and the fools that follow him only gives him the false sense that he’s right and can move on. But the world see him for what he is…a waste of human skin.

  3. Ken says:

    Eddie Long…………we see you. We can see you real good now.

    1. Rlove says:

      Right!!! If it looks liek a duck and quacks like a duck…it’s a duck.

  4. wayne madden says:

    It doesn’t help to have a preacher not fight to clear his name.Honest men have nothing to hide. God always exposes hipocricrisy.Let us all pray that God heals all concerned.

  5. Russ says:

    Eddie Long is not a Bishop. He never was. He is just like any other man that has access to money and power. Corrupt! He uses God and the Church as a base of operations, a business. It is amazing to me how none of these so-called mega-churches have any ministries to help the needy. There’s a lot more I could say, but Ill leave it at that.


  6. Robert L Taylor Jr. says:

    There are six that really know what Long did, God number one, long number two, and the four men. It’s a shame that some so-called people of Christ have run to protect Long and play him as a victim, but if he did do what he was accused of where is the love and concern for his alleged victims….People love to follow a title and those who give them these self per-claim titles think them self better then others & buld a great pedil stool for them self, I say careful caus when you fall it’s a long one and it hurts real bad. Matthew 23: 1-15 God talks about such a thing.

  7. Jabb says:

    Eddie Long is a coward and liar who does not even believe what he preaches. Most christians can forgive wrongful acts if you tell the truth and repent, but a deceiver not even God can forgive.

  8. Faith Diva says:

    I think we all have to much to do to judge ourselves than to be judging other people. The Lord told me that Longs attorney talked him into settling. We never will know how much money it would have took for him to fight the case; this case could have took years, but I really believe that Longs attorney talked him into settling. I don’t think it means that because he settled that he did it. I think we should pray for him just like we want people to pray for us when we miss it! Also when you talk about a man of God or gossip about anybody, you bing a curse on your life.

    1. Sarah says:

      If you did not do the crime, then you should not settle for a payoff with a gag order..Eddie Long is guilty as sin..You can pray for him if you want, I dont need your prayer or anyone else’s to get me to where I need to go..I believe in vengenance is mine sayeth the lord..If we would have taken this perspective as a race of people, we would be more respected around the globe and would not be in the sorry beggar class position we’re currently occupying…We prefer to take out our aggression on each other, rather than the people responsible for the current economic disaster we’re in…

    2. Fair and Balanced says:

      Fortunately, we do have the ability to judge and think for ourselves and not be blinded by faith. He is a man just like any other man and he does have his faults. If he was not guilty, he would have fought to his last breath or dollar regardless of what his lawyers said. A man’s word and his name are the only two things that he has that cannot be taken from him. Once he give those up, he is forever tainted and his character will always be in question. Jesus did not compromise in his intergrity nor his word.

    3. Not Perfect but striving to be What God wants says:

      You can’t have it both ways in your response – either “God told you” or “you believe” his attorneys talked him into settling. Don’t do that – People put God in things that He never signed or co-signed on. No one can talk you into or out of something if you are firm on the cause or the foundation is solid. That is how WE all get into things, people talking you in & out of things. But when you know you are right regardless what else is going on or what it looks like – you are going to fight it (regardless of the price). Money is a material thing; it will come & go – but your character is with you no matter what. No one is perfect – however, the word tells us to “show ourselves blameless” this is for people in position over God’s people. But there is an outlet when we do – confess your sins & God will forgive all. Everyone is human; there has only been one PERFECT PERSON, that walked this earth – we all are trying to get there. Just remember we can’t just pray for Bishop Long without praying for the young men involved, their family, Bishop family, all christians worldwide, and ourselves. From this and other things we must get our own house in order.

  9. Sisley says:

    A straight married man who is not committing adultery would not have held “secret” talks.

    A straight married man who is not committing adultery would not offer a settlement.

    A straight married man who is not abusing his power would have given his family, congregation and the media all access to his defense of “innocence”.

    What a fool people are especially his wife who worships money, power and ego.

    1. Tony says:

      Amen to that Sisley!!

  10. Frank Baylor says:

    Nothing has changed, from the time Jesus was here. When Jesus came into Jerusalem the people said Hosanna,Blessed is the king of Isreal that cometh in the name of the lord..In that same week the same people said kill him……Church people
    need to let God be the judge of Bishop Long. You without sin cast the first stone.

  11. Tony says:

    I guess now when long wants to mess around with young men he’ll have to go to another country maybe Brazil

    1. Thomas says:

      Why won’t Eddie Long announce he is gay and has been living a sham life? He can divorce his wife and allow her to experience life in TRUTH AND not remain in a phony marriage. That is not a true Christian marriage. Eddie Long can start a new church that welcomes openly gay men and women along with any other person who is a Christian and actively living in truth.


      Fake Christians worshiping money, deception & power.

      WHAT KIND OF MOTHER OR FATHER WOULD ALLOW THEIR CHILD TO ATTEND THE LONGFELLOW ACADEMY? Do you care anything about your child being a victim of corruption and molestation?

      I mean do you really think Eddie Long is the only person there using his power to have sex with boys and young men?

      Eddie Long has set the tone that if you get caught molesting a child or having sex with a subordinate we will JUST PAY YOU AND YOUR FAMILY OFF!

      Do any of these members have a moral conscience? Or is it the mindset as long as it doesn’t happen to my child I am okay with it mentality?

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