ATLANTA (WAOK)-  A recorded 911 call, tells the incident in which a woman took control of a bad situation and killed her attacker.

For the first time the public can hear the call from a woman who killed a man. According to reports the woman was getting out of the shower when a man appeared in her bathroom. Next the man turned the lights off and began to attack the woman. The victim said the man grabbed her, but that did not stop her from reaching for her gun. The woman picked up the .22 caliber she had close by and fired. She shot the weapon nine times. The suspect fled the scene. The victim then scrambled to call 911.

When police arrived the woman said she did not know the whereabouts of her attacker.  It did not take police long to discover the man’s body in the victim’s yard. The incident happened on May 11th in Duluth.

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  1. Sarah says:

    I bet these criminals will think twice before trying to break and enter..Good for this woman to defended herself..I bet there will be a lot more real housewives of Duluth, who will be hitting the gun ranges to sharpen up on their shooting skilz..

  2. Jordan Frankel says:

    People should consider the OnGARD security door brace to prevent forced entry.

  3. Solid Citizen says:

    She certainly prevented this evil incarnate from perpetrating more crimes

    When seconds count, the police are minutes away.
    Below is a story about an unarmed woman….
    Yvette Beakes, a Glen Burnie resident, was abducted and murdered in 2001. A witness to the abduction called 911, but miscommunication by the County call center resulted in the information never making its way to police. The County’s defense? “As harsh as it may be, the Constitution simply doesn’t impose on government a duty to provide any sort of minimal service to its citizens,” offered Assistant County Attorney Andrew J. Murray. That’s right, according to the County, a police officer witnessing a crime in progress has no obligation to assist a victim unless s/he has actually agreed to help.

    Quo warranto, B.O.?

  4. Nitris says:

    State and government officials, should be held even to the point of imprisonment, liable for the deaths or harm to its citizens when that state or government prohibits them from protecting themselves.

  5. Ebeast says:

    That woman practiced the best kind of gun control… hit what you are aiming at. Poo on those people who would mourn this piece of human excrement and say guns need to be removed from law abiding citizens. Look at the citizens of Brittan who wish they could get their weapons back so they can defend themselves from criminals.

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