Lebron James made “The Decision” last summer and received lots of backlash as a result. The one person that criticized James more than anyone is Cavs owner Dan Gilbert. Gilbert openly blasted James and came under scrutiny for some of the things he said however, I honestly believe this guy was hurt because of all the money he had invested into James and other players that he brought in to help the Cavs win an NBA championship.

Here were almost a year after James’ decision and guess who looks like they’re about to get the last laugh?

Cavs owner Dan Gilbert says this year’s draft is going to be huge for their organization.

The NBA Draft Lottery was held last night and the Cavs picked up the #1 and #4 overall picks in the upcoming NBA Draft and Gilbert has plenty of money to burn.

With one of the lowest payrolls in the league things are really looking up for the Cavs as their current payroll is around $54 million and increases to $56 million next season which ranks close to last in the NBA.

How do they use upcoming picks?

Well first thing is first… You’ve got to sign a marquee player to your roster and after looking over the list of upcoming free agents what I’m about to say will either make you say “Shut Up” or it will make you say “hummmm”.

dwight howard dunking Will Dan Gilbert Have The Last Laugh?There are only a hand full of guys coming into the league that are worth the #1 or #4 pick so I’m guessing the Cavs will trade the #1 overall pick to Orlando along with a player (maybe Andersen Varejao) or two in exchange for Dwight Howard.

Yep I said it… Dwight Howard!

They will then use the #4 overall pick and select either Brandon Knight (Kentucky), Kemba Walker (UCONN), Kyrie Irving (Duke), Derrick Williams (Arizona), Marcus Morris (Kansas), or Tristan Thompson (Texas).

Potential Starting Lineup:

5.) Dwight Howard

4.) JJ Hickson

3.) Antwan Jamison

2.) Brandon Knight

1.) Baron Davis

We were all “WITNESSES” in the 2003 NBA Draft when Cleveland drafted LeBron and it looks as if we will all be “WITNESSES” again…

  1. adasda says:

    dwight howard???? are you smoking weed?? You should be fired for even saying that. He wont play for cleveland.

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