ATLANTA (WAOK)- Parents gathered at the Capitol Tuesday, to protest a ruling by the Georgia Supreme Court.

The Capitol was filled with signs created by parents and students who feel their quest for a better education might be in danger. On Monday the Georgia Supreme Court ruled that the practice of using taxpayer money for charter schools without the consent of the local school board is unconstitutional. Parents fear that if the schools are not properly funded they will be forced to close. Arisha Glover has moved her entire family into a charter school district. Glover said that she may have to move her family again, if the ruling is not overturned.

Rich Yelton is the father of twin boys who are supposed to attend a charter school in the fall. He is concerned that the ruling has limited parent’s number of choices.

Parents are hopeful that their protest will force lawmakers to amend the ruling and keep schools open.

Comments (2)
  1. Sarah says:

    We’re seeing the re-segregation of the american school systems..It will be the haves who will be able to afford schooling for their children, most will not look like me who will be able to do this affording..Time to take over our school systems, teaching our children what we want them to learn…

  2. Becky Covington says:

    Time to let all parents choose where to send their kids, and all education expenses deducted. Get the Fed Gov out of education. It’s done a SORRY job and it’s only getting worse.

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