ATLANTA (AP) – Atlanta police say they made nearly 80 arrests in “Operation Summer Heat” targeting prostitution and narcotics on city streets.

Police say more than 60 of the arrests were connected to prostitution during the six-day operation that ended Sunday morning.

Another 10 suspects were arrested on drug charges involving cocaine and marijuana.

According to Lieutenant Scott Kreher of the Atlanta Police Department, stings can prevent the occurrence of future crimes.

Authorities said many of the arrests were made in the Peachtree/Cypress Street and Ponce de Leon corridors.

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  1. Sarah says:

    I wonder the percentage of people arrested who are black and hispanic? I would almost guarantee that the percentages are over 60%..We always talk about criminality, but we dont see these types of raids being done in Cherokee, Hall, Newton, etc where these met labs are know to be in operation..If we’re doing summer raids, lets not pick and choose where we’re raiding, lets go to all communities where criminals live..There are more criminals living in Buckhead, Duluth, Dacula, etc than on Bankhead Hwy or Southwest Dekalb…

    1. Angie Waters says:

      A crime is a crime! Do you happen to live on Cypress Street? I am very grateful to the Atlanta Police Department for this operation. This operation took place on Cypress and it is very dangerous there. Race is not the issue here. This is a crime of prostitution and drug dealing that occurs daily in a blatant manner along this street. They are responding to over two years of complaints from neighbors and victims of car theft (as I am) along Cypress Street and the surrounding areas.

  2. Julie says:

    I hope they caught the guy who stole my Prada pumps

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