Cathy Middleton stopped by the Bev Smith show to talk about her new book, “Boy, Drop that Child Support.” In her book she gives a male’s prospective on how some men are being treated unfairly when it comes to getting sued for child support. Click below to hear what you missed.

boy drop that child support Are Men Being Treat Fairly When it Comes to Child Support?

  1. sarah says:

    I say all parents need to be responsible for their children..Women are not the only care givers to children, we also have responsible loving fathers as Ms Middleton states in her book..Courts have always favored women as being the better parent, when in some case men are better at parenting..We should never have to go before a stranger to tell us as adults, what we should voluntarily be doing..Locking parents up for not being able to pay what the other parent feels should be paid, is not only senseless, but alienate the child/children from the other parent..If a man or woman was incarcerated and just released, why is he/she being charged with back support for something they had no control of? We’re going to harrass this person to get caught up, thereby forcing them back into the penal system because they might do something illegal or get thrown back in jail for not making those payments..Todd needs to learn to respect his elders..I get tired of hearing his arrogant, contemptious, rude, dispariging self on Ms Bev, Dr Lorraine and Derrick’s shows, coming on and not acknowledgeing the hosts and guests first with a greeting, before launching into his tirades..He seemed to have been burnt or spurned by some woman, and does not know how to tailor his angst..

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