ATLANTA (WAOK)- Florida Governor Rick Scott has been given a bill that would punish children wearing baggy pants.

The bill passed in the Senate and the House. If the bill is singed into law, it would punish children who wear baggy pants to school. Senator Gary Siplin is the bill’s sponsor. Senator Siplin felt obligated to create the bill, after he became informed about the origin of baggy pants.

Senator Siplin felt so strongly about the baggy pants epidemic, that he wanted those wearing them to be charged with a felony. However, legislators decided to require schools to take certain disciplinary actions when a student is caught wearing baggy pants.

Well hopefully Governor Rick Scott has his pen ready. A bill that would require welfare recipients to take drug test on a regular basis, has found its way to the Governor’s desk. The bill would allow only those who pass the test, access to their benefits. If the governor signs the bill, it could still be overturned if a court deems it unconstitutional.

Comments (5)
  1. Sarah says:

    Are they going to also penalize white boys who wear the swastika tattoo on their necks or on tee shirts? I dont like the prision gear that the youths and not so youthful are wearing, but we are allowing the media to demonize the black and brown communities, while the current white majority is sprouting their hate group affiliations to public schools functions, etc..

    1. John Smith says:

      you just demonized black and brown communities by automatically assuming they are the ones who wear baggy pants? This is racism in America.

      This is also the most ridiculous things to be wasting florida’s money on when there are so many other huge issues that haven’t been addressed.

    2. Leonard W. Giddens Jr. says:

      No mam, blacks are doing a good job themselves. We should not be concerned about the whites and their tattoos. You can not do what whites do. It is time we relize that fact. In order to compete in any thing, we have to be twice as good to get recordnition. What another person eat will not make me go to the bath room. Wheather the media says anything or not, it is still stupid. We want better for our young people, but we want get it by upholding them in total nonsense. Dress right, speak well, and start being American. This is our home wheather you like it or not.

  2. Robert Vaughn says:

    Typical “were being oppressed” comment above. whats next? pants on the ground is part of the black religon or culture? People are tired of seeing pants hanging to their ankles, whats the problem?

  3. Leonard W. Giddens Jr. says:

    It is time we get our act together and stop worring about what other races are doing. I am all for any bill that stop young blacks from look stupid. It is time to put the nonsense on hold, and get with the program, the money getters. It seems we always latch on to anything negative and will buy any thing. enough is enough.

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