ATLANTA (WAOK)- Police in Dekalb are trying to figure out how thieves broke into 36 police cruisers.

The cars were parked in the Dekalb maintenance yard. When a worker arrived last Friday, he found that the cars had been tampered with. The thieves opened trunks, popped locks and broke windows to get to the items inside of the cars. Greg Brake is the fleet manager for the county. Brake states that he and the department are not sure how thieves gained access to the lot.

Brake did admit that the yard is not monitored by surveillance video. According to Brake recent budget cuts are the main reason as to why the yard is only monitored by security guards.

The thieves stole radios, jackets, GPS devices, cameras and radios.

  1. Sarah says:

    This is pretty funny, dumb criminals broke into the police compound and stole from them..They are some bad thieves whoever did this alledged crime, it might even be the police themselves who did this deed to get newer equipment..Who else would know this place is not under surveillance but law enforcement?..I dont believe them, we’ll hear later on, it was someone who worked in maintenance who committed the crime, if not the officers themselves..

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