Atlanta-(WAOK) After threats that Georgia could face the same fate as Arizona if Governor Deal signs the recently passed immigration bill into law, a human rights group has cancelled plans to visit the state.

The U.S. Human Rights Network, a nonprofit organization based in Atlanta, has canceled plans to hold its biannual conference in Atlanta this year. A spokesperson for the organization says it was expecting more than 600 people from across the country to attend the meeting in December.

The meeting will be relocated to another state because of Georgia’s House Bill 87. A new location has not yet been selected. Check out more on the story from the AJC

Comments (4)
  1. Sarah says:

    I want to see how many black and white folks will be out in the fields working 12-14 hours days picking fruits and vegetable..I dont blame these people, keep up your boycotts and bankrupt this state..

  2. Leonard W. Giddens Jr. says:

    There has to be a stop to this over running of our country. If these people were only working he the fields, it would not be so bad. These people are taking jobs in industry, offices, and any job you and any other Americans are working. Don’t believe they are working so cheap either. In many cases they make as much as any other workers. They hurt the black more than anyone else. And you side with them. I don’t get it. In places where they do work cheap, you will work cheap also, if you want the job. In case you don’t know it. The farm labors want be effected.

  3. Claudia says:

    Hi a lot of people say that we come to take their jobs specially certains ethnics but we are trying to get a better life for our love ones i bet you would do the samething for yours is easy to say that we are the bad ones we are only trying to have a better life and i think there is a lot of jobs out there for everyone is just that there lazy to work they want everything on there hands and not work for it,

  4. Leonard W Giddens Jr says:

    You want to better you life, that is find, but not at the tune of making Americans suffer. It would not be so bad if we could afford it. You work while other loose everything they own. The jobs you take are not always jobs Americans want take, that is a lie that needs to stop. Many of the manufactorying jobs are held by mexicans. It doesn’t matter if they work cheap or not, they are taking jobs from American workers. If an American worker is lucky enough to get one of those jobs, he/she has to work for less than the pay rate. It is not our fault that your leaders rob your countryman and make them live so poorly. Your want is not our business, when we have Americans wanting also. There can be no speach, protest, or anything that can justify allowing people to come here to work while Americans are fighting for their exsitance. The real crazy part about the hold thing is, people come here and tell our government what it should do for your people. The Government is me and all legal americans, just in case you don’t know it. We have had enough of being crowded out, and mistreated for people from other countries. I am sorry, there isn’t a mean bone in my body, but my people come first. This is our country not your presidente’s. The nerve of this corrupt man to file a law suite to tell Georgia what it should or not do. This is unheard of. Go back to mexico and come in through the front door like so many before you.

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