Atlanta (WAOK)  After negotiating with the lead candidate for DeKalb County School Superintendent, Lillie Cox decided not to seek the position on Saturday. Attorneys for Cox told Dekalb School officials that she had decided to withdraw her name from consideration.  The Dekalb School board voted to pursue contract negotiations with Cox after she and two other finalists were interviewed extensively over several weeks. According to the AJC, School Board Chairman Tom Bowen said the exposure of the negotiations played into Cox’s decision.

The AJC reported Saturday morning that, according to a source, there was a sticking point in the talks: Cox, the superintendent of the 4,440-student Hickory Public Schools in North Carolina, wanted a 15-month severance package and a due process hearing before she could be terminated.

Cox wanted a $275,000 salary in a three-year contract. That contract would have been one year longer than the contract term  offered to the last Dekalb Superintendent Dr. Crawford Lewis. She also wanted 25 days vacation, $28,000 for moving expenses and  $2,000 a month for six months for living expenses during her relocation.

The Dekalb County School board is scheduled to meet Monday morning to discuss the next steps. There is now word that Interim Superintendent Ramona Tyson may want to keep the job permanently although Tyson has said in the past she was not interested in pursuing the position.

  1. Sarah says:

    We have money to be tossing around to bring someone from out of state, who is behaving like some high-priced athlete with all of her demands, but nothing to keep the eight or more schools that are scheduled to be closed? This is why I keep repeating that we will have to home school our children, and let the current public school system die a slow death..When these places were created, the need to educate black children were not part of their focus..Why keep forcing these people to educate our children? We should be able to take the taxes we currently pay into the school system and pocket it to educate our own children..

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