Glenn Beck, Ann Coulter, and even Rush Limbaugh have jumped on board- find out what the conservatives are doing now to stir the pot.

So it seems that questioning the birthplace of the President wasn’t enough. It isn’t demeaning enough to imply that he isn’t Christian. It seems like the latest trend coming out of the camp of conservatives is likening our President to hellspawn. That’s right folks- these people are openly calling President Obama a progeny of the Devil!

How far will these trends go before someone calls for an end to it? How many ways can these people create dissent in our country before we call them what they really are? Glenn Beck says he thinks the President is from Hell- isn’t that too much?

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  1. gbw says:

    These racist people will do and say anthing for money. They don’t care about misleading and dividing America. Tlhey are jealous because he was elected President and they know there is no way they will ever be President. They will reap what they have sown and I feel very sorry for them. The saddest part is, as long as members of the Black community co-sign some of the things they say, they will continue to do it. Make no mistake, these racists listen to WAOK just like we do.

  2. VANESSA says:


  3. Dennis Schantz says:

    Who ever wrote this story needs to get a real life. You are as looney, but to the socialist left. If you think socialism is so great move to Cuba.

  4. Rachel Kaplus says:

    It’s interesting that when George W. Bush was president, people critical of him were deemed unpatriotic. Where are all the people so concerned with supporting the president now?

  5. Linda Sriles says:

    Of course its too much. Every one i know ignore him, what can we do, i emailed fox months ago……….the ones with power should stop the critism, embarrassment to US.

  6. Sarah says:

    Only devils recognizes each other…Beck and Limbaugh saying they recognise demonic features in the Prez, should come as no surprise…These people know who their family members, satan, looks like. It’s always easy fro parent to recognise their children, so it’s easy to see it in others your familial lineage…Ann Coulter has always been allowed to put out books to rile uo the white base…White women have always been a chief ally of her man in the demonization of blacks and peoples of color…All you blackmen who want to get in bed with them and think everything is fine, remember they were the tool used to lynch many of you and are still in the arsenal of their men….We only have to look at Sarah Palin, Michelle Bachmann, that Davenport woman in OC to see nothing has changed…

  7. Marc says:

    Got to call ’em as we see ’em. Black liberation is Luciferic in nature and he spent 20 years studying at a black liberation center with J. Wright… after stidying black nationalism from his father and his mentors. Read “Dreams of my Father”. BHO is very clear in what he says. I leave you to draw the conclusions from his own words for yourselves… or buy the media kool-aid. Whether you accept the truth or not is always your choice, just as it is Glenn Beck’s choice.
    As for stopping it, would you suggest we ignore the 1st Amendment? If so, what does that make you?

    1. scat says:

      You got that right! Reading all the comments I would assume the majority here has chosen to drink the media kool-aid. …the typical herd.

  8. Rusty Day says:

    This from one of Barry’s lap dogs CBS. Sounds like the lier Dan Rather penned this.

    I don’t believe Barry is a Christian. His beliefs are from Black Liberation Theology.
    Wright was his spiritual mentor. According to BHOs book Dreams of My Father. Both “hate Anglos”. And before you libs jump and calls me a white racist, I am 100% Native American. Cherokee and Comanche. I’m stating facts.

    Obama appears to hate Israel and Christians. I point to his “guns and religion” comment as proof about religion. Wright and Sharpton are well known anti-Semites as proof about Israel.

    The first steps of every tyrant is to take away the means of the people to fight that tyranny. Obama is now proposing new gun restrictions where none are needed. We have over 20,000 gun laws on the books so there is no need for more, so the question is why? Why does Obama need a “civilian security force equal to the military in size, power and funding” so the question is why?

    If CBS allows this to go through and remain. Can you answer this Mr. Obama? Can you answer these questions without lying?

  9. Roger says:

    Obama is a Black Nationalist and the Black Nationalist movement has produced a number of satanic cults, which worship their leaders as gods. Self worship of man is a basic element of Satanism. Blame the Obama supporters, who insinuated that Obama is the messiah, that people now believe he is a Luciferian.

  10. David H. says:

    If you have actually been following the information uncovered by Beck or Limbaugh for the last year or two, it certainly isn’t a stretch to label BHO as satanic. However, why didn’t this author source where this “satanic” line was spoken or if it was used in a satirical context. This story is pretty pathetic in terms of substance or context, or really anything other than just smearing Glenn Beck. I suggest reader dig a little deeper into what it is Beck talks about or what he stands for, or about this president’s history, or about socialism,fascism,Marxism historically, and what our free enterprise society is actually about. If anyone even barely scratches the surface they will find out the truth it is so obvious. And yes, given the unbelievable lies this president says directly to the American people, you could legitimately characterize it as satanic, or evil, or whatever you would like to call purposeful destruction of freedom and liberty while lying about it publicly.

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