Atlanta (WAOK)- We have all heard the cliche “life imitating art” right? Well, for residents of Cape Town, South Africa, a movie starring Denzel Washington, made some think they were being plagued again by gang violence. The movie is a crime drama called “Safe House” and it features scenes of violence. Producers of the movie had permission to film a series of car chases, complete with the firing of blanks. However, callers to talk radio Tuesday said after hearing the ruckus overnight they feared gang fights had returned to the township. The producers have apologized for any anxiety they may have caused. Meanwhile Cape Town officials say the economic benefits and prestige of having a movie made in the city is so great, residents will have to get used
to the occasional disruptions caused by filming.

  1. Sarah says:

    I love Denzel and what he has been doing for the black community behind the public spotlight…My concern is why he has to bring another action film with the shoot em up Hollywood type, to the African Continent? There is enoug black blood spilled on the American and African soil without us blacks glorifying this type of behavior…There are so many African Liberators who should be spotlighted, and all this street crime culture should be put to the side, and not glorified…

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