ATLANTA (WAOK)- The bill surrounding the removal and appointment of school board members has passed the house.

Monday the bill was approved by the house with a 109 to 62 vote. The bill will grant Governor Nathan Deal the power to remove school board members. This comes after the Atlanta School Board has been criticized for its recent actions. APS has been placed on probation by SACS after the board members could not stop bickering among themselves. Proponents of the bill include Representative Ralph Long. Representative Long says passing the bill is better for the school system.

In opposition of the bill is Representative Rashad Taylor. Representative Taylor believes that if the governor is granted power to remove board members there is no guarantee accreditation will not be lost.

The newly revised bill now heads back to the senate for a final approval.

Comments (2)
  1. Sarah says:

    This is all about privatizing public schools, or make it difficult for all black school districts like APS, Clayton, Dekalb to have control of their school boards…

  2. Michellewmnx says:

    Hi there everyone I just wanted to expose me personally. For those who have questions please request. Sorry with regard to my personal negative language

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