Atlanta (AP)- Well its time to dig all the way in the center console for that extra change because gas prices have gone up again. Gas prices in Georgia went up more than 10 cents in the last week and more than 15 cents in the last month. AAA reports the average price of gas in our state is $3.62 a gallon for regular. It was $3.52 just last week and $3.48 a month ago. The average price of a gallon of gasoline in the U.S. has jumped 19 cents over the past three weeks.  The Lundberg Survey of fuel prices now puts the average price for a gallon of regular at $3.76. The state average last year was $2.75. The national average for a gallon of mid-grade is $3.90. For premium it’s $4.01 a gallon. Lundberg says diesel prices rose 11 cents a gallon over the past three weeks, to $4.09. Tucson, Ariz., had the nation’s lowest average price for gas at $3.41. San Francisco had the highest at $4.13.

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  1. The Black Falcon says:

    First, I don’t need a news report to tell me that gas prices have gone up, I can see that when I fill up my car. Second, it’s not as if this wasn’t predicted some months ago. Every credible analysis stated that gas prices would continue to rise throughout the spring and summer months and settle between $4-$5 dollars a gallon. I guess what I am saying is TELL ME SOMETHING I DON’T KNOW!

    True journalism is Dead.

    1. jean103 says:

      Congratulations on being up on current events. At least you pay attention to news reports. You would be surprised at how many people are surprised that prices are rising and have no idea why.

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