ATLANTA (WAOK) – Negotiations for a bill that would decrease state income-tax will be discussed by the Senate and the House Thursday.

The tax code overhaul would lower income-tax by almost 2%, but it would increase taxes on certain services.

The bill is receiving opposition from Democrats who feel changing the tax code would only further cripple the middle class. Democratic Caucus Chairmen Brian Thomas, says the Republicans are claiming the new overhaul will create more jobs, but the truth is that it would be a headache for the middle class.

Supporters of the new tax are seeking its approval before the session ends.

  1. Anthony Herbert says:

    All this government is doing is changing around numbers, they are not doing anything. They will be taking tax from one sector and adding tax to a next sector, that is just simple as that. They are just wasting time and our money. They are a just a bounch of dictators.

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