The director of the Central Intelligence Agency headed to Atlanta to discuss the importance of work force diversity. Director Leon Panetta told students Tuesday at Morehouse College that he wants the CIA to “be an intelligence agency that looks like the world that we’ve got to engage.” He said about 22 percent of the agency’s work force comes from a minority background, and that his goal is to expand that number to 30 percent over the next few years. Panetta said “we can’t afford to have a work force of people who all look and think alike. We need the perspective of officers who have different backgrounds.” It was Panetta’s first visit to a historically black college since he took charge of the agency in February 2009.

  1. Sarah says:

    I would not believe the hype…The FBI, CIA, Secret Service and all law enforcement agencies in general, does not have a good track record in the black community…Now that they have found anothe group of people to target, Hispanics and Arabs, blacks should not feel comfortable talking to these agencies because we are still on their radar as potential victims…Dont forget Malcolm X, Dr King, Elijah Muhammad, Marcus Garvery, and the list goes on who were watched and treated as terrorist…There are more black people with large survelience files than any other ethnic groups…We have always been betrayed by blacks in our communities, since we got off the slave ships…Look at who pulled the trigger on Malcolm X, betrayed Marcus Garvey, Dr King, etc…They were all black people, who allowed themselves to be used by the system…

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