Former Atlanta Falcons’ Defensive End Chuck Smith was recently dismissed as Defensive Line Coach of The University of Tennessee’s Football program… Obviously very upset, Smith held a press conference on the campus of UT last Friday… If you like Charlie Sheen you’re gonna love Charlie Shame!!! 

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  1. Q city says:

    Chuck smith is a Mo-Ron. The longer her talks the more likely he is to put his foot in his mouth. I guarantee it like “blue magic”. He would say some of the dumbest things on v103 and then just when I think he has reached his climax he would say something else. It does not surprise me that he didn’t stay long with v-103 and 790 the fan. I remember when he was on the air and he was stating something someone said “off the record”. A caller called up and rip him a new one. If it’s off the record you don’t tell it…. Or he’ll say something which make no sense and say “that my opinion…” Dude is out there and he doesn’t even know it.

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