Hawks All Star Al Horford stepped up and scored 31 points and grabbed 16 rebounds to rally Atlanta back from a 19 point deficit to defeat the Chicago Bulls 83-80 at Philips Arena . 

After the game Horford said the win took a total team effort.                                                                                                                        

“Big Money” Joe Johnson a.k.a. “The Money Thief” added 12 points for Atlanta, winners of three of their last four. 

I’m convinced the Atlanta Spirit made the dumbest move since purchasing the team or maybe in the history of sports… Nobody else would have been willing to pay Joe Johnson $124 Million Dollars, so basically what the Hawks did was made it possible for any regular old “Joe” to be overhyped and overpaid…

I can name several players that deserve that type of money for what they do… WIN!!! Kobe, LeBron, Durant, D. Howard, and ‘Melo come to mind but for some reason the name “Joe” never crosses my mind…

I’ve seen too many of these 12 or 14 point games from Joe Johnson and I’m honestly sick of it… Memo to the Atlanta Spirit… You don’t pay $124 million to average 19 points per game… That type of money should be reserved for game changers and I don’t mean changes for the worst.


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