Major cuts to the HOPE scholarship and the state’s pre-kindergarten program are expected to be announced by Gov. Nathan Deal.  Among the expected changes: HOPE scholarships will cover only about 90 percent of tuition instead of the full amount, and the pre-k day is expected to be shortened by two-and-a-half hours.  If the legislation passes, HOPE will also no longer  cover books and fees. Remedial college courses no longer would be covered at University System of Georgia institutions, but could still be available at technical colleges.

The proposal also is expected to reduce or eliminate bonuses the lottery pays to its employees. The Governor is also said to be considering reducing the amount of money that is paid to retailers who sell lottery tickets.

State Senator Vincent Fort told us he would like for the Hope Scholarship to revert back to it’s original purpose-to provide a way for low income students to attend college.

Read more about the proposed changes to the Hope scholarship in the AJC.

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  1. Tammy Rinthen Smyth says:

    Why do we always reward “low” income? Maybe some of us out there that are not considered “low” income are not because we have worked very hard to get above what is considered low. Don’t we also deserve a reward for this such as the HOPE scholarship? The HOPE Scholarship reward is based on merit not family income. Georgia has the PELL grant to help students who do not qualify for merit but are considered low income. College tution is a huge financial burden for all families, not just “low” income families.

  2. Telisa says:

    Maybe if some of you out the will stop giving your family and friend jobs, you know nepotisms, they are not qualify for because you know that have not gone to college or tech school , then maybe the low income people will get a chance to play on a equal economic status. It surprises me how a two white people with little money gets more that people of color who income is more than theirs or equal too. I have a master’s degree and many of my white classmates who do not have a BS degree, but do have a high school diploma get top position than I. Do yourself a favor read the book “Black Like Me” by John Howard Griffin and then make this statement – you can’t, and a heads up, there are more white people who are poor and on government aid then “YOU” know. People just want a fair chance.

  3. Margo says:

    Why we are so down on people that are having a hard time. Yes, their are some people having a hard time because they chose not to do anything about it, but their are some people that are trying to better themselves by working hard to receive the hope scholarship.Have we have gotten so above ourselves, that we look down on people that are not doing as well. Where is the love, and compassion for people that are in need? The word says in the last days that HEARTS will grow cold, and the poor will always be among us. Yes, tution is a burden, but at least you have money to save and put away. You never know if you or your love one might oneday be in the same situation. Just keep on living, because nothing in life is promised. Your situation can change in a twinkle of an eye. BE CAREFUL

  4. Sarah says:

    The poor are always the first to suffer these budget cuts…If they would like to overhaul the scholarship program, they can start by using GPA and income as one of the criteria…If you can afford to pay for your children’s schooling without state help, why should we give you money and allow a deserving under-priviledge student to go without? We are starting to see the poor getting labeled as the problem for the budget short falls, when in reality it is allowing the rich who don’t need the tax breaks to be exempt from paying their share of taxes…

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