Governor Nathan Deal is focused on fixing the state’s prison system.

Governor Deal has made it known that the cost of Georgia’s prison system is way too high. The governor is looking into alternative methods in dealing with non-violent offenders and drug addicts, which would cut costs.

The annual cost to take care of an inmate is three times more expensive than putting a Georgia student through college.

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  1. Sista Soulja says:

    Um, I have a novel idea…why don’t we try to REHABILITATE instead of INCARCERATE? Make sure these people are able to read, and write and know basic math skills. If these are non-violent offenders give them the opportunity to become viable citizens by educating them and helping them find employment. If they choose the life of crime, THEN AND ONLY THEN should they be sent to prison.

  2. HU ME says:

    Georgia should have been figured this out. A man pays his debt to society by doing the time he was sentenced to, he gets OUT and the STATE still makes him pay by not allowing him or her to have their FULL RIGHTS back again. No, that kind of fake justice was NEVER going to make the prison system work. All that did was help put inmates back into the system, because WE gave them NO WAY to survive outside of it. Duh… But Ga had to finally go dang gone broke to finally figure that one out?

  3. Thomas says:

    Will this mean that Governor Deal will reform our prison system or further exacerbate the situation for the inmates and their families by shipping the incarcerated to other states into profit prisons?

    If the later, America will have once again instituted slavery. David Walker was always one of my favorite abolitionist, I’ll have to check to see what ebay is asking for a printing press and sewing machine.

  4. william Mcginnis says:

    Mr. Deal please what ever you do cut any jobs in the Dept. of Corrections we are in critical manning now. We can’t make these people do what they are supposed to now. Take non violent people out of prison, and reduces the sentences.

  5. mike barlow says:

    send the nonviolent offenders home to their familys with ankel moniters that they have to pay for and pay for the monitoring that will save the state money and even make them money

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