For the past week I have stayed at the hotel closest to the radio station, the W at Midtown with many other friends and co workers. Management wanted to make sure we could get to work and keep the radio station on the air. What an interesting experience! You never really get to know who you work with until you spend extended time with them. I must say all of the storm crew held it down, did what needed to be done whenever it needed to be done, and before you knew it an entire week had passed. Special thanks to Frank Ski who ventured out and almost killed himself trying to be a good samaritan to someone else. Wanda Smith who got a couple of us a free lunch from the mysterious “Cash Man”, Elle Duncan who deserted us halfway through the week for her doggie at home, Mark D who tried his best to get out of doing extra hours but we weren’t having it (his reward…3 chicken wings from dinner), Lorraine who got hooked on my special brewed coffee (Too bad Starbucks!), Robert  who held down some incredible hours making sure news was straight but also running the board and doing production when needed, Candace  and Monique who were on the air running the board around the clock (Interesting what people will do for a free hotel room), Sully from Dave FM who tried to get me drunk at the bar, Ryan Cameron who felt sorry for me missing out on the best dinner of the week on the station at Oceanaire Restaurant so he took me and some friends out to dinner the next night, Nema who I was afraid was going to beat down the manager at a local restaurant we went to because one of our party didn’t get their mashed potatoes, Roxi who was laughing at us as she made it in from day one (cause she is from Chicago)and Jason who was very nice about using the station credit card to pay for everything.  These are just some of the stories from the storm, I’m sure you have one or two to tell as well. Thanks to everyone who went the extra mile. You made a stressful situation easy to deal with. Now let’s remember Snowmeggedon 2011. May it NEVER RETURN TO ATLANTA!

img00122 20110112 1231 Snowmeggedon 2011 (Glad Its Over)


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