larraine0059 Powertalk Wrap Up! Strike At Smith State Prison!

Jamie Clark gave details of why the prisoners are striking at some  Georgia State Prisons!


Here is the latest story on the lockdown from the AJC

WAOK’s Jean Ross had a conversation with an inmate on Monday from one of the prisons on lock down. Listen for excerpts of what the inmate had to say on Tuesday during Powertalk.

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  1. Leonard W. Giddens Jr. says:

    I don’t have to be told why these prisoners are striking. I have been there. This prison system’s conditions are out of this world. They rob the prisoners and their family; $20 plus for a 15 minute phone call, you burn up in the summer and freeze to death, during the winter, not all the time, but too many times, they take the little thin winter coats away in March when the weather is still cool, and dare you to wear a skull cap, the drinking water is so bad, none of the prison staff will drink it, they take money that is suppose to benefit the prisoners and spend it on the guards, big Bar Be Ques in the summer, many other activities that are out of the view of prisoners. I was there for 5 years, convicted of a crime I did not commit, so the entire time I was on strike. I refused to work, when it was too cold in the cell, in the hole I refused to get out of the bunk, I wore my cap when it was cool enough, I would refuse to stay in an open dorm where prisoners smoked at will, I would pack my things and when the door would open for any reason I would step out and refuse to go back, they have people like the man from Atlanta as he called himself to harass the prisons for months. I could gone on, but that is enough. As you can see, I spent quite a bit of my time locked in the hole.

    1. Leon R. says:

      thats why you have to try and stay out of prison god bless you all!

      1. Leonard W. Giddens Jr. says:

        Leon R. If you are directing your post to me, you are not paying attention. Let’s do this one more time. I had to shot a white man twice to stop him from taking my head of with a 4ft. steel rod with a hook. I had a successful business, a wife of whom I married in 1961, and 4 wonderful children that has never been in trouble. In Carroll county 2003 the same year as my incident, a 74 year old man shot and killed a man that did not have a weapon. This man had the same charges as I, malice murder, felony murder, aggravated assault. The 74 year old was not under attact, the victim, a mentally challenged young man only said to the 74 year old, ” I am going to get you” and was walking towards him, the 74 year old pulled out his pistol and killed the man grave yard dead. He was found not guilty. The 74 year old was heavily under the influence of alcohol. Two witness for the state, in their testimony confirmed my claim of self defense. The prosecutor had the medical examiner and the coroner to carve a wound on the side of the head of the white man, so he could tell the jury, when I shot him the second time he was in a fetal position and was no longer a threat. To this day the GBI refuse to produce the photos of the body. The man was shot once in the abdomen, and the second time in the throat, not in the head, The actions of those low life open the door for investigator to plant evidence, withhold evidence, and to have a parade of liars to take the stand. The jury acquitted me of malice murder, felony murder, voluntary manslaughter, but found me guilty of aggravated assault. I was convicted because of a conspiracy, every officer of the court, if you will, took part, that included my court appointed lawyer. Every organization I have contacted, does not respond. I will let you be the judge.

  2. kay says:

    I’m so sorry Mr. Giddens if you were in prison for something you didn’t do but unfortunately most of the people there did something wrong and they owe a debt to society for their wrongdoing. I don’t believe prisoners should be paid and if they do it should go to victim restitution or to their children who suffer because of the actions of a parent. Prison should be hard, uncomfortable, so you don’t want to go back As far as education, do what Malcolm X did and educate yourself – read books. The problem is choices, Growing up males don’t want to go to school, they want to hang out, get high, school is for nerds. What happens is they don’t learn reading and math basics which EVERYBODY needs to survive. You can’t live on mimimum wage so you take out your anger and frustration on everyone else by robbing, raping, murder. I’m sorry I was a victim of a burglary so frankly the only people I have sympathy for are the people like you that don’t belong there in the first place.

    1. Leonard W. Giddens Jr. says:

      Kay, I understand what you are saying. I was 59 when I was rail road by Carroll county, I am 67 now I had a successful business. I had worked for myself since 1971. I have 4 wonderful children, all adults, working and are good citizens. Many people think like yourself, and that is OK. What you must understand, prison is not a cake walk. Prison is not much different from the free world. The prisoners are still people like you and I. They have the same basic needs. You can not just lock people up and treat them like animals, no matter what they have done, it will not work. These people still have people in the free world that love them. The difference is, their world is controlled, it is very small, they are told what to do and when to do it. If you want an uprising, take away the basics and you got one hell of a problem. They don’t have much to begin with. To keep the lid on these institutions, the operators has to bend just a little.The prisoners are not going anywhere, but the main thing is to some how keep them under control. It is like a dog you chain up. That dog will take that in strides, as long as you feed and water it, humans are no different. The Attica prison riots, cause a lot of pain, not just the prison families but the families of the operators that were killed. If you don’t give these prisoners something to look forward to they are going to kill your love ones, prisoners and staff. The most dangerous ones are the lifers. They don’t have anything to lose. Treat them like you want all prisoners to be treated, and we have a problem. Not too good at expressing myself, but hope you understand. There are many in prison in the state of Georgia that don’t deserve to be there, I met a few, and viewed their cases via trial transcript. Contrary to what most may think, prosecutors, are like gods, they are immune to being held accountable for their sleazy actions. The prosecutor, pathologist and Corner, inflicted a wound to a dead man’s head to make it appear, I was not defending myself, the second time I shot a man that tried to take my head off with a 4ft. steel rod with a hook on it. The second shot being to the throat was never mentioned. That little trick opened the doors for planting of evidence, withholding of evidence, and a parade of liars. 7 years later, they withhold the evidence, with the blessings of the court, and obstruct justice, in ways you would not believe. We have many crooks locking up crooks. Sorry, I got carried away.

    2. missmeca says:

      Kay you are well miss informed, the inmates there are working for major manufacters to produce good and they don’t get paid. So the manufacturer how owns stock in the prisons (which are privately owned) benefits from free labor. What is wrong with that money going on the inmates books so that they can purchase what they need. What is wrong with sending that money to their families. Most of them have children whom I’m sure could use that extra money. The matter of the phones call charge is also rediculous, they over charge for a phone call that actually costs the prison about .25 but charge the family $20 for. That is robbery, I have also been a victim of burglary twice and the only way to change a person is the help them. If you treat them like they are trash then they will behave that way. If these men and women want to be educated and want to make a change for the better it is the Christian duty to help them. If you try to hold them back and treat them like garbage then you are only going to create a much harsher criminal.

    3. Leon R. says:

      what if you can’t read Einstein?

  3. Bernadette says:

    Everyone in prison claims they are innocent. My sympathies to to those who are truely innocent. However, I have no sympathy for those who commit crimes to end up in prison. Prison is not supposed to a 5- star hotel stay. As long as the very basic necessities are being met that is all I feel is required. My tax money is already paying for this criminals to rob, rap and pillage again which most do within 6 months of there release. Make better decisions people.

    1. Leonard W. Giddens Jr. says:

      Your tax money is but a drop in the bucket. That little change you pay in taxes want pay for the trip from Calhoun State Prison to Augusta Medical and back. That’s how much say so you have, and the GDC don’t want to hear a word you have to say.

  4. HU ME says:

    Parents who have loved ones locked up FEAR retaliation if they complain to the Department of Corrections. If the DOC call the Wardens of any these prisons about any inmates these inmates can be sent to the HOLE, denied visitors, ganged raped and beaten as well as targeted their entire duration of their incarceration. This form of modern day slavery has been intentionally ignored by the Media. And yes prisoners should be paid (only) if rehabilitation is indeed their reason for being there which was the lie that was told them by the Judge at their sentencing and the State is charging them for everything while they are incarcerated, including medical and dental care which every human will need whether prisoner or not. They are charged for everything but the relatives who have COMMITTED NO CRIME have to foot the inmates bill so why not pay the inmate something.

  5. Yisrael says:

    I find it very strange that the Georiga Department of Corrections want to take credit for a peaceful lockdown that was organizied within their prison walls by the inmates themselves..yet they want to use force to remove those same prisoners that they say they’ve locked down to keep peace…now as I see if, either you’ve locked them down to stop violence or you’ve created violence to make them come out. Which is true? Surely, the latter is true….the Georgia Department of Corrections has used force to make prisoners go to work for themselves…POWER is what they seek….the Commissioner has lied about this to many organizations. He even lied Sunday at a function where he spoke saying he locked the prisoners down..You can’t lock someone down when they refuse to come out. while they are already locked up.Now the CO’s are getting paid for not doing nothing but just sitting down talking on the phone and waiting to see what happens next. I praise the prisoners for having some dignity and a PEACEFUL sitdown similar to what was done by Martin Luther King Jr. Violence begats violence…finally these men have stuck together.
    I also find it very interesting that the Georgia Department of Corrections have put prisoners under lockdown while at the same time sending tactic squads in to remove them from their cells because they won’t come out. Which story is true? Either they are put under lockdown for security reasons or you are pulling them out of the cells because they won’t come out. I believe some people in prison are there because they have commiited crimes against society and should be punished. But I also believe that the same people who are running these prisons are committing While Collar crimes in many ways and have the ability to hide their hands while they throw rocks.

    Not everyone is prison is guilty and not everyone that’s running the Department of Corrections is innocent. I belive the old saying, “bologna is sliced so thin that there is always 2 sides to it.

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