That’s right folks- Tony Harris will no longer be with CNN at the end of this year. Today on the Rob Redding News Review, Redding speculated why this may be happening as well as who some of the possible replacements would be.harris tony Rob Redding: Tony Harris is leaving CNN!

Don Lemon? TJ Holmes? John Roberts? A new anchor? Who do you think will take over Tony’s midday shift on CNN? Why do you think he is leaving? Listen and tell me what you think.


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  1. Therese says:

    Tony Harris needs to be out of a job for being that stupid. He is perpetuating the stereotype of the black criminal by making that statement about wanting to rob Warren Buffett. I never liked him anyway, he always acted goofy and had this disdain about him when speaking about black people. Looks like CNN is purging all blacks and persons of color from the airwaves. The only person of color on a regular time slot is Don Lemon and TJ Holmes, they are mainly on the weekend slot, but sometimes fill in during the week. CNN is getting to be like Fox, white all day and night.

  2. Lisa Miller says:

    I’m not sure. I haven’t seen him in a long time. It doesn’t suprise me though. I liked his style. I have noticed that a lot of the Black anchors are mostly shown on weekends. Is that my imagination? I’m not sure Natashia Curry is Black, but why is she always on the weekends? But the fake pale blonds are always given weekday slots. It’s sickening and so typical. Yes things have changed, but not much. I wld like to see TJ Holmes in that spot. White folk have deemed him light enough and attractive enough to be on during the week.

  3. Betty says:

    I like to watch Tony Harris because he always makes his news report interesting. He is a good anchor, and seems to have a good sense of humor. I am very sorry to hear that he is leaving CNN.

  4. Bruce says:

    Tony should replace Brian Williams, or Katie Couric or Diane Sawyer. I think he is great.

  5. Gabi says:

    Mr. Harris was one of the reasons I watched CNN. Mr. Harris was – is a class act and always came across as convincingly neutral. I appreciated his easy-going demeanor. When he laughed I always felt his display of satisfaction was genuine. In other words, the man was a man who did not shuck and jive and he was as non-confrontational as any anchor should be, regardless of race.

    To say I am disappointed but would be an understatement particularly when the make-over of Don Lemon seems to be more makeup and speaking in a higher pitched voice. I wonder too what will happen to the TJ Holmes on-screen persona, whose certain masculinity, like Mr. Harris’, albeit generic enough to be Afrikan-American roll models, might be impacted by CNN’s need to return to vanilla characters as it competes with the feminine pulchritude of FOX news!

    Ms. Whitfield is a pleasure to watch and listen to as she seems genuinely self-possessed but not egotistical.

    Brook Baldwin looks good on camera but her voice is as annoying as her “I clean-up good” and “Look at me” after Rick Sanchez. She comes across as an “American ethnic” replacement for Mr. Sanchez, who on occasion was a little obnoxious. The difference between the two is whose obnoxious persona is more socially acceptable.

    Parker – Spitzer is an attempt at political commentary supposedly because Parker, a conservative is pitted against Spitzer, a democrat. This fair and balanced duo have about as much on-screen chemistry as a dog show of chichuahua and afghan hounds. Spitzer snarls and barks — Parker sniffs out how to help him bite at the heals of the republicans, while she smiles like Mona Lisa without a secret. Parker is being billed as the republican who stated the obvious about Sarah Palin. This obvious acknowledgment should not position her as a republican critic having pearls of wisdom not possessed by non-republicans. We should accept that as a woman she gave an opinion about Palin, another woman, that just made sense.

    Finally, John Roberts, another obviously not-neutral on-screen persona is now FOX – worthy which explains why Kyra Phillips was so giddy during November and December 2010. I had difficulty figuring out why she found everything so funny that after nearly every statement – she laughed out loud! I thought it was hormones! No. It was mo’ money!

    2011 ?

  6. Brenda says:

    I don’t know what is going on at CNN. I hope that they get their act together soon. I can’t stand Fox or MSNBC so I am stuck with CNN. They do need to get some stability with their anchors. I can’t believe that their ratings have sunken so low. Will Anderson Cooper leave too? I really miss Tony Harris. I thought he was just great evening on the weekend.

  7. R Boyd says:

    I loved Tony Harris. He was my favorite CNN anchor and I no longer watch CNN during the day because Tony is no longer there. He was such a class act. a good interviewer, intelligent, handsome, all the things it takes to make a great news anchor. I will miss him.

  8. Jimmy Allen says:

    Jimmy Allen
    I don’t miss Tony at all and hope he does not return.

  9. vwbostic says:

    His replacemnt, Suzanne Malveaux, is annoyingly boring. I cannot imagine her increasing Tony’s ratings. I will miss him. And, so long CNN.

    1. OJ says:

      I agree with vwbostic. Hope we see Tony in the media somewhere.

  10. LMD says:

    What is going on with CNN? It won’t be the same without Harris in the morning.

  11. RG says:

    Tony Harris ; The best soap opera newsman on television.

  12. Barb A, says:

    BWA : I immediately noticed Tony Harris’ absence from CNN a.m. thought he may be ill, surgery et, all. Should have known CNN doing the typical news media look with the Barbie or Ken look; asking the same questions over & over – giving their nonqualified, inexperienced comments. CNN has gone down the tube. I’m going back to the newspapers.

  13. EAD says:

    Brook Baldwin–YUK!!

    I miss Tony

  14. B J says:

    I miss Tony,
    His show was interesting.I don’t know why his rating would be low.People now seem to want to look at people who look them.That is unfortunate.

  15. Bill Max says:

    I do miss Tony Harris. I work the 3-11PM shift and always woke up to Tony. He never put any politics in his anchoring (maybe thats why he’s gone). He reported the news with class and humor. Tony will be great where ever he goes. I will go to another channel.

  16. Vickie Houston says:

    First Lou Dobbs, now Tony Harris. It’s time to make the switch to FOX permanent.

  17. j w. says:

    Tony was a class act. I hope that CNN is not heading in the direction of being a network like FOX. They should bring Tony back. Tony man you are greatly missed and i hope that you get hooked up with another nationaly network soon.

  18. Brenda says:

    It’s sad that Tony is gone. He WAS the reason I watched CNN.

  19. Martha says:

    I loved Tony Harris. Brooke Baldwin is HORRIBLE. She talks like a teen-ager and has a grating voice. I turn her off and do not watch CNN in the daytime anymore.

  20. R.J. says:

    Tony Harris was one of the reasons I watched CNN. He was such a professional and made the news interesting to listen and watch! Why would they get rid of a class act? I have stopped watching CNN in the morning due to his and TJ departure.

  21. Jim says:

    I just saw Tony on the Al Jazeerra network. here in The Washington D.C. area.

  22. Chuck says:

    I always liked Tony Harris. He seemed to be himself (a regular guy); not at all egotistical or choc full of himself, like some of the other so called talking heads. He had a great sense of humor; he had great timing and showed respect to his guests. Brooke Baldwin, however pretty as she is, makes me cringe; constantly interrupting guests so she can hear herself talk as if her opinion was the most important.

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