26042768 640x480 Help for the Residents of Colony at Camp Creek Apartments

Colony at Camp Creek Apartments needs your help!!!

A fire at the East Point apartment building has destroyed 29 apartments and has consequently caused 50 people to lose their homes.

Property Manager Phoebe Bernard is extremely concerned about her residents and needs YOUR help to get these people back on their feet.

In an interview with Jean Ross, Bernard talks about the people of Colony at Camp Creek Apartments.

So far, the Red Cross has given a little help to residents, but it’s not enough. The residents of Colony at Camp Creek are very much in need. Phoebe Bernard tells  what her residents need.

Bernard talks about a couple of residents in particular who need help.

Along with Mr.Rich, she also talks about another resident who is diabetic and in desperate need of her medicine.

Donations of any sort are highly appreciated. Residents are in immediate need of blankets and air mattresses but also need food, furniture and everything in between.

Donations can be taken to the Colony at Camp Creek Apartments leasing office at 3222 Kenelworth Drive East Point, GA 30344 or you can call (404) 765-4926 for more information on how you can help.


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