eliz edwardsg tdy 101206 edwards 2p grid 6x2 Elizabeth Edwards Loses Her Battle With Cancer

Elizabeth Edwards has died of cancer. She was 61.

Edwards died at her North Carolina home surrounded by her three children, siblings, friends and her estranged husband, John, the family said. After her death the family released this statement: “Today we have lost the comfort of Elizabeth’s presence but, she remains the heart of this family. We love her and will never know anyone more inspiring or full of life. On behalf of Elizabeth we want to express our gratitude to the thousands of kindred spirits who moved and inspired her along the way. Your support and prayers touched our entire family.”


edwards%20john%20and%20elizabeth Elizabeth Edwards Loses Her Battle With Cancer

In happier times with then husband John. They were separated at the time of her death.

  1. Sarah says:

    My condolences goes out to the Edwards family on their loss…I know they have small children who will miss their mother especially since her death happened this close to the christian celebration of Christmas…

  2. Maurice Bryant says:

    I wrote and performed this last night at Busboy & Poet in DC

    Title: I’m Just Asking
    A re you aware of the scare, when you hear the word Cancer in the air
    There are so many different types which none of them we like cause this could mean goodnight
    From Lymphoma to the Prostate ever man should have theirs checked yearly before it’s too late, especially passed thirty-eight, to Ovarian , and Cervical, and we can’t forget the breast, after failing your daily tests, now that hurts, cuz that’s what we like the best, watching you impress
    Man, women and child, Cancer is that wild, at first glance, it can remove any smile, As I look amongst your stare, I know you care, especially when you know loves ones and friends that are no longer here
    Radiation and Chemo tends to help, after being so stressed you have no hair left
    All part of the process weak & in pain so much like you going in sane can’t un-scrabble your brain
    Let’s be clear, we have a lot of survivors here, that had a tear, but seem to overcome their fear, because they believe another day is near, which by itself is worth a cheer
    Giving the changes over the years, medicine has come a long ways, more and more are surveying today
    There is not much that we can do, but allow God to see us through
    But it’s ok to boo- ho, even when it’s not you
    Cuz, when a person we know have Cancer, we feel it too
    So what do we do
    We support them by showing them we have their back thru & thru
    Cuz that is what true friends and family do
    In this crazy old world, I‘ve even seen strangers not be so mean, willing to give up some of their spleen
    I’ve heard that Cancer is hard and that it left scares, but it doesn’t mean you are behind bars
    But unfortunately that is how it goes
    It just how do you know which is the best road
    treatment & medication or six feet under celebration
    Underneath a pick-nic basket, in a beautiful casket.
    I’m just asking
    This document contains information that is property to Maurice L. Bryant, no part of it content may be used, copied, disclosed, or conveyed to any party in any matter whatsoever, without prior written consent from Maurice L. Bryant or the recipient of this information12/2/2010 created

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