tax Tax Fights!!!

Democrats and Republicans appear to be uniting behind the outlines of an economic package.
It would temporarily extend expiring tax rates to all taxpayers as well as jobless benefits for millions of Americans.

Differences remain over details. Some Democrats continue to object to any plan that would continue Bush-era tax rates at the highest income levels.

Senator Dick Durbin doesn’t approve of cutting unemployment insurance nor extending Bush-era tax cuts.

Without action, however, Congress faces the prospect of letting the tax rates revert to higher pre-2001 and 2003 levels, and delivering a tax hike to all taxpayers.

At the same time, Friday’s jump in the unemployment rate to 9.8 percent is adding pressure on Republicans to agree to President Barack Obama’s demand that Congress extend unemployment insurance for a year.

A deal could be reached this week.

  1. Sarah says:

    Lets face the facts, we do not have enough work as it stands right now, to employ all Americans who are able to work…With this global economy and all jobs and companies being shipped out the country, we are about to implode from the excesses of the past three decade of false wealth…What we can all do, is all companies who took bailout money and left the US, including the car companies, we should boycott their products…The same for the banks, we should all be removing our money from the national big banks and put it into credit unions and local small banks…We have the power within our hands to stem the flow of greed that is going on in this country…For this helliday season, no the word is not misspelled, do not buy anything except food for the home and gas to get to work…Take all those feel good items purchased on impulse, back to the retail stores…Some stores will go out of business, but that is what usually happens in a shrinking economy…

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