ice2 Mad Sports Fan: The Falcons Rise Up!!! 

The Atlanta Falcons Remain Perfect At The Dome!!!

cheese Mad Sports Fan: The Falcons Rise Up!!!Welcome to Monday!!! Listen to today’s edition of The Mad Sports Fan Podcast to get look at the past 24 hours in sports…

Mad Sports Fan’s News & Notes!!!

picture perfect Mad Sports Fan: The Falcons Rise Up!!!Matty Ice and the Birds get it done again at the Georgia Dome, defeating the Green Bay Packers 20-17 to improve to 9-2 on the season. We know they can win at home with ease but their next three are on the road starting with Tampa Bay this Sunday…

Will the Falcons keep their 5 game win streak alive?

Congrats to Matt he announced several days ago that he and former Boston College basketball player Sarah Marshall are engaged and will marry sometime in the offseason.

we run Mad Sports Fan: The Falcons Rise Up!!!UGA and GT played another classic that sees both teams combined for 937 total yards. Georgia Tech’s run game is just STOOOOOOOPID!!! The Jackets picked up over 400 yards on the ground but of course there can only be one State Champion…

Enough said!!!

newton Mad Sports Fan: The Falcons Rise Up!!!Cam Newton put on the performance of a lifetime leading Auburn to a win over Alabama in the 75th Iron Bowl.

Did I mention the Tide were up 24-0 at halftime?

Give him the Heisman Trophy now!!!

After their unbelievable performance versus Alabama guess who the Nation’s New #1 team is?

1. Auburn 2. Oregon 3. TCU 4. Stanford 5. Winconsin

nba logo Mad Sports Fan: The Falcons Rise Up!!!In NBA Action: Your Atlanta Hawks and the Miami Heat are on a collision course for… MEDIOCRITY!!!

Finally… Have you seen this video of LeBron James bumping into Heat head coach Erik Spoelstra the other night? Look at it and decide for yourself it this was intentional or accidental.

You know me I think it’s intentional… Especially in slow motion.


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