robheadshot2010 e1290875412206 Rob Redding: Did Your Feelings About Full Body Scans in Airports Change?

Some news organizations and airports are claiming the protests that many people held in opposition of the newly increased and much maligned measures imposed by T.S.A. have had virtually no effect on air travel times. They honestly believe that most people are “OK” with the changes. The headlines tell a different story, and so does this caller…


Two cancer survivors have been humiliated by the unnecessary and overly aggressive security in airports. One was asked to remove her prosthetic breasts and the other, who was carrying a bag for personal waste management, was mortified after a careless T.S.A agent ruptured his bag and left the man covered in his own urine.

While some people are holding their tongues. This caller was different. Listen and tell me if you agree with him or not…

  1. B says:

    Right on!!!! I am NOT in fear of a terrorist!!! We, Black folk are more likely to die of high blood pressure, myself included. Think about what YOU want in your life. Would you be OK with someone doing this to you on the street? Hell no, why put up with it just to fly? The TRUTH of the matter is Muslims did this. So what’s the logic behind checking 4 year old White children?

    1. Sarah says:

      I would be more inclined to check the white man and his children for weapons at food giveaways, unemployment lines, or soup kitchens…The most killings in the US are at the hands of white male supremacists, who did not want peoples of color to progress….Check your history before you start on the muslims…The arabs/muslims have done their fair share of killings, but not as much as christians…The Black Trans-Atlantic Slave Holocaust was started by white christian europeans, killing more than 12 million blacks; the Jewish Holocaust was started by white people in europe who killed more than 6 million people, they thought were not white enough…Before you start calling other people killers, look in your own family tree…

  2. gbw says:

    I agree with John in every point that he made. People are so afraid of the so-called terrorists that they are willing to do anything they’re told to do just so they can be safe. I’ll be driving from now on.

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