pulled over by the police 100180482 m Click It Or Ticket In Full Effect For The Holiday

With over 40 million people expected to take to the roads this holiday weekend, police are enforcing click it or ticket. Highway Safety spokesperson Bob Dallas says that seat belts reduce traffic deaths. Dallas also says that there will be no exception for drunk drivers.

State officials say last Thanksgiving there were over 3000 traffic accidents. 12 people died. Half of the deaths happened because people did not have their seat belts buckled. Click it or Ticket is enforced through out the entire state.

  1. Sarah says:

    I would advise all travelers, if you do not have insurance, proper registration, license, and have any sort of pendingor past criminal or civil issues in the court systems that you have not addressed, don’t get into a vehicle and make a cross country trip…The law enforcement agencies will be making big bucks starting from this weekend, all the way throught the new year…These ticket will be double in there fines, to make up for all revenues lost as a result of the real estate forclosure, that these agencies need to run effectively…All minor infractions, will become major…We already know all we have to do is get into a vehicle, and we will be pulled over for DWB (driving while black)…

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