judge jack camp Judge Pleads Guilty in Sex and Drug Case



A veteran federal judge who was arrested on charges that he bought and used drugs with a stripper pleaded guilty Friday to two-drug related charges and has resigned his position.


The judge will be sentenced on March 4th.

  1. Leonard W Giddens Jr says:

    Now that is good I think. The fed needs to go to Carroll County and clean up that cesspool, starting with one DA Daily, Coroner Lambert, Pathologist Sperry, Sgt. Lavioa, Inv. Johnson, Judge Duffey, Lawyers Drummond, and Word, and the new addition,Judge John Simpson. These are all conspirators. In 2003 some or all of these crooks took part in a scheme to get a conviction were there was not any to be had. These crooks carved a gash on the side of a dead man’s head to get a conviction. You don’t get any sicker than that. This Simpson came after the fact, but has joined the cover up.

  2. Sarah says:

    Part of his sentence should be loss of all pensions, all of his cases/sentenses will be reviewed for judicial misconduct, and he will spend some time in the penial system, that he was happy to sentence may people, especial young black males for doing some of the same things that he was busted for…

    1. Leonard W. Giddens Jr. says:

      Please don’t think for one minute the state did not know of his Mid Night Creeping. He had their Blessings. It was the Fed that took this crook down. When he could no longer provide the sleazy service to the state, IE upholding the states unlawful convictions. Convictions gotten by the kind of sick sleaze like I have mentioned in my first post. My unlawful conviction had constitutional grounds, yet he died my Habeas Corpus as not having any. He was all part of the cover up of the crooks at Carroll County. What amazes me is how the news media ie AJC, and all the smaller one ignore these facts. I have been trying to bring this to the attention of the public for near seven years now. I have complain to the signature, your Attn. Gen., yes that is all he is, he has no powers, he is just a token. I was foolish enough to think the GBI, at least someone their would care. The public doesn’t have time for what I am talking about until it wounds up on their front door.

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