541180684 Pilots Don't Like the Airline "Strip Searches" Either

The holidays are coming, and so is the holiday travel crunch.

Federal air security officials have to convince more than the flying public of the need for new anti-terrorism screening procedures.

Some airline pilots are fighting back against the full-body scans and probing pat-downs.

However, Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitino says the full-body scans will not be as bad as everyone thinks.

The head of the Air Line Pilots Association says he’s optimistic the agency will soon approve a “crew pass” system however.

Capt. John Prater says that would allow flight attendants and pilots to undergo less-stringent screenings.

And a spokesman for the Allied Pilots Association, which represents American Airlines pilots, says he’s still waiting for the biometric identification cards unveiled after nine years ago to be issued.

Sam Mayer says “at the end of the day we’re not the threat.” He says the TSA should “concentrate on getting bad guys.”

  1. Jerm says:

    They are Killing us softly.

  2. faye says:

    Next time fly naked = no bra, no underwear, no socks then put them on in the backrroom. by the way, an explosive detection dog would probably work as well if not better since the current plan excluded persons under 12.

  3. gbw says:

    It’s all a set up and because people are so fearful they are falling for the okedoke.

  4. Sarah says:

    I say we start using Amtrak, and other means of getting across the country…The only way these airlines will listen, is when we boycott them…They went from charging you for extra bags to selling food on the airlines, what else will they come up with to break the travelers? Whenever I can, I will rent a vehicle and travel instead of giving any of these airlines any of my money. We have to put one of the big three out of business to let them know we mean business… Being treated like cattle when we’re the ones sustaining them, is ignorant….

      1. gbw says:

        Amen to Sarah’s comment.

    1. Mi'Yata says:

      I am beside you on this one!!!

  5. Frederica says:

    Ditto to Sarah!! I can’t believe that women like Oprah’s best friend Gayle King says “it’s OK they patted above my breast and underneath my breast.” No TSA worker is touching my breast or between my legs!!! I went to India and there is a modesty curtain all the way around. You walk in one way she puts her hands in and felt my pockets!!! That’s it she did NOT touch my crotch or my breasts!!! No way!!!!!! I will NEVER submit to that unless I have an appointment at an embassy!!! I don’t fly for pleasure and I sure as hell wouldn’t submit to a strip search just to fly from MD to FL!!! No way!

  6. Reedy says:

    Our young men and women are risking our lives for our security and safety. Why are we tripping over a minor inconvenience? I must say I don’t like the idea of being groped by TSA workers but I also don’t like the idea of the next flight I decide to take being blown up.

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