300 madonna degeneres lc 033110 Did Madonna Compare Bullying to Lynching and the Holocaust? ..Yes!

Madonna made a very bold statement during her appearance on the Ellen DeGeneres’ show.

She says she’s “incredibly disturbed and saddened” by the number of teens who are committing suicide because of bullying.

She also told Ellen that bullying someone because they’re gay is as bad as “lynching black people or Hitler exterminating Jews.”

She says she, too, didn’t fit in with any crowd when she was in school. She felt incredibly lonely and “like a weirdo.”

She says it wasn’t until a ballet teacher introduced her to dancers, artists and musicians that she learned it was okay to be different.

  1. Sarah says:

    These people (caucasions) are attempting to take over the civil rights movement to claim it for themselves. We have the idiot Glen Beck claiming to understand Dr King and what he stood for, Limbaugh and the other right wing wackos claiming that the movement has reached it apex with the election of a mulatto president. We as black people made a fatal mistake during the civil right movements, by aligning ourselves to other peoples cause without first establishing what we wanted. We allowed the womens movement, ran by white liberals to con us by telling us to align with them, them the gays took over, and all the other special interest groups like disabled people, came in and over-took the civil right movement from us. Now we’re a caricature of what was started by us back in the 50’s. Everyone has advanced over us, using what we were beaten and killed for…We always allowed other people to define us, now we are attempting to rebuild a movement that we should never have allowed to be intergrated…Whenever we allowed a white person into our organizations, they always overtake it and restructure it for their purposes. Look at the Urban League, NAACP, Rainbow Push, etc. These group are all funded by whites, and are being used by them with black faces as the fronts. The NAACP backout from the Wells Fargo lawsuit,after they received a donation from them, they also backout of the USair lawsuit also with a payoff. These groups are nothing, if they ever were, anything they were intended to be….

  2. Shinona says:

    Will always Love this woman and her work. She said F the world and did her own thing!

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