redding US Losing its World Dominance Status?

Today on the Rob Redding News Review- Redding talks about the possibility that the US *could* be losing status as a world superpower. What do you think?

Listen here, and tell me what you think:

  1. sirwinston says:

    I will agree with you! Power is nothing unless it is ued correctly and for the right reasons. We have our own people stealing, cheating and doing all types of things, as powerful as our laws are; they fail to go after the big fish but prosecute the little fish. AIG and all of these mortgage companies needs to go to jail for their part in the problems they cause. Now we can send soldiers to other countries and have them fight and lose their lives; but we can correct our own problems right here in America! Something is wrong with this and we have all of these elected congressman/woman, and representatives sitting up onthe hill not paying anyone of us any attention. America people, we all need to wake up and tell our leaders that shape up or get out because this is a new era….we are not accepting poor performance and you all work for the people of these United States of America, not the other way around. If we see no improvement within the coming year, let us all band together and vote them out. They are getting old anyway, its younger generation take the helm and stir-america on it right course. We can do that, can’t we?

  2. Rochelle says:

    I just wanted to know if you think that the people that berate President Obama here in the U.S.A., understand that they are truly making these United States of America look really bad and that if they (white people) for the most part don’t have respect for their President and he is their President also, the world in exposed and it might lead to another country like (CHINA) thinking that they can take over our country? This is my first time writing to you/i’ve never called but I truely listen often. I say that because I am shaking as I am writing so things might not be spelled correctly.

    Also, do you think that Assistant Teachers (paraprofessionals) should be afforded certification because we sometimes do more and are better than some of the teachers?

  3. Sarah says:

    The US lost it dominance years ago. When we got rid of the steel industry, closed our manufacturing plants, what is there to keep us dominant? We only export our debts and weapons of mass distruction. All the technical, and low wage call center jobs are out sourced. You cannot call AT&T and speak to a person in the US anymore. Every item you pickuo has a made in China label, even the seafood in the supermarket are processed in China. If you do not have anything to sell, why should we remain a supper power? We had better learn to speak Chinese and Hindi, because we are being over run by the Chinese and Indian and I do not blame them. They took the time to educate their citizens to put them at the top of the knowledge base. The US prefer to spent fifty-five cents on every dollar to support a bloated military, and nothing for education. We’re not going to fight our way out of this by killing people and stealing their wealth….

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