newbirth New Birth Responds!

New Birth has finally issued a response to the allegations against the church and Bishop Eddie Long.

The mega church can neither confirm or deny that Bishop Eddie Long engaged in any sexual relations with any of his accusers. And while they say that some of the accusers indeed accompanied Bishop Long on trips, there is no evidence of sexual activity.

The LongFellows Youth Academy, the church’s mentoring program for males 13-18 years old, also filed a response as well. The academy is named in three of the four lawsuits.

The church response also states while Bishop Long has shared hotel rooms with members of his congregation during out of town trips, they cannot confirm nor deny the allegations of sexual coercion against him.

Bishop Long filed a response to the lawsuits filed against him last week. Long denied any allegations made against him. The four young men, Anthony Flagg, Maurice Robinson, Jamal Parris and Spencer LeGrande filed suit against Bishop Eddie Long, New Birth Missionary Baptist Church and LongFellows Youth Academy charging Bishop Long coerced them into sexual relationships by offering trips, cars and apartments.

  1. alwayspraise says:

    Those who claim to be in Christ are so dull how can they not see this deception. This man is smiling like he has the Victory because people love the world more than Christ. Christ is the truth and you dont need evidence that the world needs to know something is wrong or right, you need the Holy Spirit and the Word of God to tell you. Oh foolish Galatians who has bewitched you.

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