stringer 'I'm From The N.O" Class Dismissed!!

A Clayton County teacher has been fired after arguing with a student.Lori Ashford Stringer was terminated by a three member council Monday night because they say she threatened a student. The student involved was disrespectful and cut her class. Stringer had her fill and confronted the young man in the hall. Clayton County School’s Teresa Reese overheard what Stringer told the student.

Stringer says she did not use bad language. She has been on paid leave since last month.

  1. Shinona says:

    sometimes as a grown up you must get GHETTO with this younger generation… they grow up in homes where mothers speck like this on a regular basis… when you use SAT words and try to be calm they take this as weakness….
    As a Grown up I realized you can’t get mad at a child without respect, go beat the Mama, and yes —- I have had my fill of kids and their mothers…. I found keeping a spray bottle of hair glue removal works wonders on bobble head black women with rude children…. they look funning trying to pick-up pieces of hair

  2. Sarah says:

    She should not have lost her cool. If this knuckle head did not want to be educated, I say let him keep cutting classes, after so many, he will be dropped from the rolls. The jails or the graveyard is wating on him, since he places more stock on not getting educated. We are raising a sorry generation that will have it worst than their parents. There are no factory jobs to go to with a GED. The prisons are waiting for them, they will be paid pennies on the dollar for producing products that will be sold, while if they would have gotten educated and stayed out of trouble, they could have commanded dollars for the same job…

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