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  1. tabby says:

    I didn’t appreciate Janice having that white woman on the show acting like she knows the struggle of a black woman. Before you speak, NO I do not have any children and NO I do not have any baby daddies. Why does everyone think they need to tell black women what is wrong with them. They don’t know us.

    I’m sick of black men having children with black women and walking away, but when they get the white women pregnant, they stay around, even when the find out that the child isn’t theirs.

    1. SSH says:

      It would be nearly impossible to legislate morality. If a person knows that they will not receive any money or assistance for their illegitimate child maybe this would lower some of the out of wedlock births. Essentially, if a child does not have an intelligent, financially sound loving married mother and father in the home most are lost by age 5. Yes there are exceptions to the rule but every child deserves a loving & stable father and mother. Parenthood is a privilege not a right.

    2. SSH says:

      The guest is an African-American woman not a white woman. Her name is Christelyn Karazin. She happens to be married to a white man. I felt she was more concerned about promoting her book and website not the problems of out of wedlock pregnancies in the black community.

  2. ct says:

    Just look at the mom & the daughter in this picture.
    A picture of low self -esteem -no direction or focus in life..
    It’s obvious if u look at them -u don’t have too look to hard to see it…

  3. Loving Life says:

    As I sit here and read these messages, being a parent of 3, I know that I’ve talked to my children about life and responsibilty, My concern is when are parents going to stop talking about what they didn’t have coming up and take the responsibilty and raise there children and stop making excuses not to raise there children and I do recognize as a hold this is not all parents, but the few out here appears to be dominating the good because so much is focused on the negative.
    1.When people stop getting sloppy about responsibility there will be a change
    2. I do recognize there are some out there , that is just simply silly and easy to be deceived
    3.There are those that are fully aware about what they are doing and yet do not want to take responsibility
    4.Now that leave us all in one way are another to a degree of limbo
    5.The number 1 problem in homes, many have chosen to ignore Jesus being the core of the family, and men and women not being in there proper place and without that in place , a lot of this garbage and discord would not be here if we stop talking that is old fashion
    6.I know to many this may seem out of place, when I hear so many putting the morals down, when we had discipline in the homes we did not have this much garbage going on yes no child is perfect, but that is still no excuse not to teach there children, I do recognize that many of us has and have been a single parent, but that is still no excuse yes there was somedays that I was disappointed but that still was no excuse
    7.I refuse to live in fear of any one especially children, but I would love to see more parenting,and once again I do recognize that there are decent parents out here willing to give there children a certain degree of trust as we all must but at the same we must continual to watch our children behavior for the abnormal,
    8.People talk about liberty, what liberty, there are surely two states of liberty, one to serve Jesus and go to heaven and the other serve satan and you can see his works

    Atty. Janice and Davida Mathis

    Thank you’ll for standing as you have and may many blessing follow the two of you, the way i would really like to express , it would not be proper in this manner maybe we can have a session I’m just the clean up woman loving life and I truly give Jesus the honor for my life

    Thank you for your time

    1. ct says:

      If u need JESUS too differentiate between taking responsibility vs bad behavior then JESUS cannot help u…
      People like to interject JESUS into everything -not realizing we all have been endowed with knowing right from wrong.
      The problem is we help to reclaim our family again -we have to get back to talking to each other again -we have to get back to being there for one another again.
      It doesn’t take JESUS too do that -it takes us getting back to family values – if we want it..

  4. Sister Sankofa says:

    We are living in an age where dumbing down of our children is at epidemic proportions yet we do nothing to prevent it. We allow them to watch television shows that portray our sisters as sex objects shaking their behinds for men, showing off their breasts in public, fighting each other in their underwear, using foul language, and in essence being rewarded for bad behavior. They listen to misogynistic music lyrics with men calling them out of their names, and they dance and sing along. What happened to respect? What happened to morals and education? Parents need to take hold of their children’s lives and turn them into the future adults they need to be. When a young girl feels she isn’t loved she is going to look for love outside the home. I GET SO PISSED with people blaming things on single mothers, well I was practically a single mother and I was raised BY a single mother. I still had the fortitude to instill in my children values and love, affection and understanding, decency, pride, self-respect and personal responsibility! Just because there is no man around does not mean these girls can’t grow up being loved!!! Mothers need to step up and stop allowing the world to raise their children. I don’t care if you’re on welfare! Welfare does not mean you’re totally void of dignity and pride!!!! GET UP AND RAISE YOUR CHILD!! Show them love and get them an education! Just because you didn’t do it does not mean you can’t MAKE THEM DO IT!!!! Listen to them and talk to them. Show them there is a better way of life than living in the ghetto and dodging bullets. Women pay more for weave than they pay to educate their children! What’s more important? Until these mothers realize the roles they play, these kids are lost and more babies are inevitable.

  5. Sarah says:

    I hope this comment will be printed and not deleted. I get tired of people always scrutinizing the black community. We are the most criminalized, the most promiscious, we have the most sexually transmitted diseases, we have the most out of wedlock births and also the most abortions. We cannot be giving birth and aborting them at the same time, that is impossible. I need to know where the source of this information is coming from.
    This young lady who was on this show giving these stats is married to, i’m assuming a white man, since she said she is in an interracial marriage. If you want to marry the former slave masters children, go ahead do it, don’t come up with data to support what you want to do. She was produced from a black womb and black seed, it is a disgrace when I hear people talking like this about their mothers, fathers, brothers, and even children. She has a black child with a father who is actively involved in her life. I find it very disingenious and hypocritical
    for her to be talking very negatively about balck womanhood which she is part of. I agree, we have to teach morality to our children, but I see something more at steak, we as the black community is being pushed to accept the homosexual lifestyle andwe are also being pushed to marry outside our race to extend the white man’s gene pool….

    1. ct says:

      I couldn’t agree with u more my sista -at least someone knows what time it is…

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